Weekend Update: Art, GoogleG1, Global Warming, Drinking, Birthdays, Furniture

On Sundays I like to paint pictures or make art. Today I’m painting some wooden lawn furniture that I found in disrepair but am going to revitalize it.

Here’s a photo of a painting by Van Gogh called ‘old man in sorrow’. You probably feel bad for this guy because he’s just an old man and his life hasn’t gone the way he wanted it to, and he’s lonely, but I assure you he was a bastard through much of his 30’s and 40’s and you shouldn’t feel bad for him at all.

1. Google G1 Phone

I started a site about the Google G1 Android Phone called, GoogleG1.org. Basically i’m interested in using and writing about this phone, the problem is I don’t have one of these phones to test out. I refuse to buy one. I know if the site starts getting some traffic they’ll send me one for free (Nokia had sent me an N series phone after I wrote bad stuff about the iPhone).

This is making me so damn pissed. I’ve written about 5 online retailers and i’ve gotten radio silence from them.

So, if you know anyone who is a cell phone retailer or online retailer tell them to give me a phone and i’ll give them free ad space on the Google G1 site for life. I can show them an ROI chart, and they will make their money back for sure.

2. Global Warming

Remember how I said I thought Global Warming Was Fake hippie yuppie bullshit? Check this out:


3. Drinking Towards 30

I am now at the point where I can only drink one weekend night per weekend. I’m 29. The next day I feel toxic and can hardly even muscle down the most mellow of drinks, vodka tonics. But it was my friend’s birthday. Say happy birthday to Erica. If you’re single, send her a naked pic of yourself; Just how she likes to get to know people.

4. Birthdays
I’ve been to a few birthday parties recently where key friends didn’t show up. Birthdays are important to people. The tradition behind birthday parties is because in olden times they thought your soul was more susceptible to evil spirits and you needed your friends around you. Fuck your previous plans. Get your ass there.

5. Furniture

As many of you know i’ve recently moved into a house. I’ve lived in apartments and condos for my entire adult life. I need furniture. If you have anything nice i’m prepared to pay up to 50 american dollars for it. Put links of photos in the comments below.

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