Bahraini Princess Meriam Al-Khalifa Is Divorced And Hot

I was watching 48 hours today (the news program, not the Eddie Murphy comedy) and it says something about a marine who married a Princess/Sheika from Bahrain and then whisks her out of the country.I think middle eastern chicks are really hot so of course I tune in through the commercial break.

So it turns out this marine is a Mormon, and a colossal prick. While you’re watching you see what a sentimental dope this guy is, reading greeting cards he had sent Meriam, etc. I could tell she thought this guy was a total creep she just wanted out of Arabia. Let me clarify that this chick wasn’t some scared little arabian coquette, before or after leaving Bahrain. She spoke english perfectly and seems like she really likes getting into mischief (I can tell this by looking at a picture or video, if you’re considering a woman for marriage send me in a pic and i’ll tell you).

I’m keep watching this story unfold (48 hours takes the slow boat to china in telling you a story) and while Meriam isn’t totally my type (she’s a little bottom heavy and top light; pear-shape would be the nice way to say it) she is pretty frigging good looking. By this point i’m super pissed and then it says in a faux-sad voice “Meriam and Jason had gotten divorced”  because of pressure from her family and that she had “plunged into the Las Vegas Nightlife”. Man, I would’ve liked  to plunge into the Las Vegas nightlife with Meriam.

If you’re reading this, and you’re Meriam, or any other Middle Eastern babe and you want to run off with an American guy, I guarantee you your parents would be way more pissed if you ran off with me than with some square mormon marine.

Also let’s give a round of appluase to dbag Jason Johnson for yet another embarassing loss in the war on terror and the US reputation in the Middle East.

MIddle Eastern Guy: My friend, those weak Americans cannot even keep their women out of las vegas nightclub. She probably dance with chocolate face basketball man on regular basis ha ha.

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  1. I dont see any hotness, except a big nose and strange shape of head and yup, shark teeth?!! She is not beautiful, just a typical girl!

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  3. How funny that you say Jason is a Mormon Square, I bet he would kick the shit out of you. I know him well and im going to post this knowing he would be pissed off at me if i did but oh well.. Meriam is far from a respectable lady, what a joke. Second, none of you loosers know anything about anyone, you cant even comperhend the truth of what really took place, but you will soon.

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  4. yeah you and jason sound like big pussies who practice UFC on each other; you dont even spell jiu jitsu right you tard.

    Meriam is probably not respectable, i can live with that. After all, she was a vegas club skank for awhile.

    I will soon?! what do you mean ju jitsu douche?

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  5. Wow how sad. I really thought it would be a good ending but I guess not. Being of foreign decent I can GUARNTEE you, homegirl saw a free ticket out. Ever heard of Russian mail order brides? yeah 3yrs of marriage, a green card & they are OUT. 99% of foreign bride marriages are FAKE and these girls will go to any lengths to get what they want. What is sad is that Jason’s military career & life were ruined over some teenage girl. But she will never be accepted by her family & possibly be hurt by them. In the end no one won, too sad.

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  6. Not bad andyfox1979. i’ve read several of your posts over just as many serving of booze and they are entertaining but reveal a bit more about yourself than you may know. Like most of us, you just yearn for attention and accolades. You deserve to have them but what do you really want to do with your abilitiies?


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  7. hey mustachio.. this is actually a pretty common thing that people say to me, that when they read the stuff I write I seem “sad” or “unhappy” or “angry”, I should address it.

    It’s called honesty. Yeah sometimes I am one of those three things, but not usually for very long– but I’m open about it.

    Despite all the things that suck, life’s pretty good.

    I try to be honest about how I feel on this blog and yanno, I exaggerate or get more pissed off about something just for fun, but most of it is just me being myself, which is something you often can’t be in polite society, corporate America or California. It’s an outlet. It’s funny when I meet people who have read this site they all think I want to talk about things that suck, when I actually have a lot more to talk about than just that and because I burn through most of that kind of stuff here I don’t really have a huge interest in it.

    Most stuff that’s honest is fun to read. And when you’re being honest with others you feel pretty good.

    Me, i’m trying to be straightforward (only rarely exaggerated) with whomever lands on this blog. Most my friends read it. A lot of strangers read it.

    I think that most people who think i’m a certain way based on this dumb blog are projecting. I’m not a stupid person. I realize what this blog’s grand topic is. I understand what a simple person would extrapolate from that.

    What do I want to do when I grow up? Gosh I don’t really know.

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  8. I’ve actually met her…through a mutual friend. She’s really into the gay club scene here in Vegas (hanging out with gay men, not being a lesbian). She was introduced to me a few times and I couldn’t stand how she acted like she was a princess who didn’t have to remember she’s met me TWICE before. She sucks and she’s not “hot” in comparison to many other Middle Eastern women I’ve seen. Sorry.

    Oh yeah…here’s her MySpace. 😉

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  9. none of u know the real story, only her close friends know everything… jason johnson was really abusive to her. she had to run away many times from him.. he was a suiciadal basket Case and often threteaned to kill the both of them together. he was very controling of EVERYTHING and dont forget he was the Adult..she was only a sheltered Teenager!
    its too sad she had to learn the hard way… last time I seen her was 6 months ago, she is doing just fine. shes always been good ever since she left his ass. their seperation was NOT mutual, the girl ran away from him and asked for a divorce 1 year later. none of yall know the truth.
    she is 26 today and from what ive seen, she’s pretty independent =) and may I add .. a very happy girl.

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    • In 2009 when you posted this, she couldn’t be 26, because according to Wikipedia, she was born in 1980. I was born in 1980 and I was 29 after my birthday. I wanna know how she could take 3 years from herself so I can do it too!

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  10. I knew meriam back when she lived in bahrain.. she had a good life here..big house i heard rumors that she was abused by her family or something, that never happened i know her family very well they are very nice people they would never do something like that and they actually wanted her to come back she refused. Even though she refused they still visit her in Orlando, Florida i saw them together. U talk about how hard it is for meriam and jason but what u dont know is how hard it was on her family they were criticized by everyone.. she has five sisters, one was 9 years old when she ran away imagine how hard it was for her to wake up in the morning and discover that her sister is no longer there anymore.

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  11. Khalid, thanks for this info. If you run into meriam can you tell her that i’d like to go on a date with her? When her and I are dating and Jason calls i’ll be like all deep voiced and heroish and be like:

    look dude, the lady is with me now. what you guys had is in the past. we make love very passionately. we love each other jason.

    Something like that, I haven’t worked that spiel out but I have a lot of time and a good imagination. Thanks again.

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    • MarkB

      I read Meriam went back to Bahrain after 911 because of death threats on her life. It is sad she left her family to find a free life, but in reality the Morman way of life was probably just as restricting in ways. I hope she returns Bahrain to find true love again.

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  12. We all can remember our first loves. You have to remember she was a highschool senior. No matter what parents say at that age..if you believe you love someone you will move hell and earth to be with them. Though she may not be back at home, that may be the safest choice for her, We don’t know.
    It is always sad when a love that seems so promising ends. But we each grow up and what we want when we are 17/18 are very different once we hit our mid twenties. They had everything stacked against them and despite that they managed to live a real amazing love story and adventure. If love ends for what ever reason that only means there are greater things fate wants for us in our lives. She is only 27 years old and has plenty of time to find an even better love story to live. As far as the wisdom she could lend to other women in her situation she can be a comfort. She is a beautiful woman, despite some of your comments. Its amazing how easily it is to judge others so harshly when behind a computer. No I do not know her or her lifestyle, that’s her life. But I will say this I can imagine she has alot she wants to acomplish in this life she comes across as someone with a strong will, no matter how the relationship ended I am sure she will live a fruitful life. Live and Let live people.

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  13. all i have to say is nobody anywhere should get married until they are 30, and should wait to have babies for at least two years after that. :)

    We would have much fewer broken families, yes? This doesn’t solve the issue of honor killings, of course, but I like to think we are making small progress there as well with all the focus being on the middle east for the past decade, and stories like this bringing awareness to the issue.

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  14. First of all I know the both of them and let me just add my two cents.. Jason never threatned to kill the both of them thats just some crazy story she made up to get people like you to side with her, and may I say she has done a good job of that.. Meriam has never told any of her friends about how she destroyed her mother-in-laws marriage by having an affair with her husband behind everyones backs. Jason’s family took her in and Meriam had sex with Randy on many occasions which led to Jason’s mother filing for divorce. Jason isnt divorced from Meriam yet but its evident she has told a bunch of lies about him and his family.. A trial date has been set for his divorce and then the truth will comeout about how sick she is and how she is a lier…

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  15. On the 4th of May 2009 at 9:00am the Princess and her Jason have a trial date set for their divorce. It will be held at the Clark Courty Family Courthouse located on Pecos and Eastern.

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  16. Julie thank you for that information.I am one of those who beleived on lies that Meriam said.Im very close to her and we were even together this evening.
    She works in a store at Caesars Palace and everyone there have the wrong info on her case.I will attend the trial on that day to hear more.

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  17. Ok, so let me get this straight, she´s a HO, and he´s an abusive son of a bith. She slept with her husband´s father and fucked every dick she saw or what? I saw the movie two days ago and got curios about the real story, damned, I should´ve stayed with the happily ever after story instead of the story of the ho and the ass

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  18. lizzie, what movie is this? I’ve never seen it. Does it really say she banged her husbands dad? and every dick after that? What?

    Not mine. Sadly. Not mine.

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  19. That’s all here say what her friends said of him. And where do you get off call him him a Prick. The man sacrificed his career in the Marines and whisked her away from a cruel barbaric life. I guess this is what he deserved, after all he is just a commoner and a man in love.

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  20. That’s all here say what her friends said of him. And where do you get off calling him a Prick. The man sacrificed his career in the Marines to whisked her away from a cruel barbaric life. I guess this is what he deserved, after all he is just a commoner, and a man in love.

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  21. I’ve seen her a year ago on the streets of Manhattan (midtown) telling someone on the phone in Arabic “It’s my life and I live it the way I want it”. at the time, it was a shock for me, as an Arab, to see a Khaleeji (from the Gulf, by her accent) woman dressed as she was and being on her own.

    Didn’t know she was Meriam until later though ….
    but anyway, this has got nothing to do with the story … but poor Jason what a fool :-(

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  22. First of all I don’t know her or him. Lets just get that out of the way first. I think he’s done quite well for a mormon. Most mormon parnerships are decided by spinning a bottle.
    If she is indeed a princess then this guy will almost certainly find out where she has buried the treasure! Then who will be laughing? I like this site alot.

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  24. oh well i really like that movie alot. ive seen that once its long time ago….how about me im an army wife and its a kinda the same story for me and meriam but hell to the no i dont divorce my handsome husband, yeah well im not a princess but im the queen of tjs

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  25. i really like that movie………ive seen that long time ago.. but how about me im army wife and hell to the no i dont like and meriam kinda same story except im not a princess but for my husband im the

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  26. you liked the movie and your corny story so much you commented twice under two different usernames.

    So what is your story?

    If it’s corny save it for another site as I swear the readers here will tear you to shreds.

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  27. well ..i was quite intrigued by this discussion and would like to join in..Im a bahraini woman living in bahrain..and there is no talk whatsoever about what has happened to miriam are they officially divorced now ?? does anybody have any recent pictures of miriam? all the ones or the net are quite old…has she moved on with her life? i just wanted to know if she considered contiuing her education, working etc. if she is still in the states??

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  28. I know Meriam very well, after she got divorced she was working hard supporting herself. I had dinner with her one time and she was scared because stupid mormon ex bf was trying to sue her and get money out of her, supposedly he heard that she got millions from her family, which was not true, otherwise she wouldn’t be working at the Versace store. She didn’t want to go to the media, she didn’t like attention. Jason did, in fact, that prick wanted to run with the same luck as Aladdin but it didn’t work, this is the real world! All he wanted was money money money, that’s why he started selling the story of their divorce to the media. He just wanted to become famous in any way. I met him a few times but never engaged in a conversation with him because he was an arrogant prick. In the other hand Meriam was a very sweet girl who happened to grow older and discover freedom…Oh and let’s face it!! If you’re young and married and you move to Las Vegas, be ready to get divorced, because your girl will love the scene here. That happens a lot, I’ve seen it a lot of times.

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  29. Yesterday I watched this movie at home, and i loved in my opinion merian al khalifa that girl is very courageous, and her history is so beautiful.
    But in that moment I like what happens if her. Is she became to her house in Bahraini. If her stay in New York I just to say Good luck for you girl, forever, because you are a exemple for the world!!!!
    If any person has some notices about this girl could you please give-me. Because I am very interested!!!
    Pedro Paulo Abellan

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  31. Just saw the doc on 48 Hrs. Hard Evidence. She’s not hot, teeth, nose, needs to lay off the baklava, ie. kinda chunky. But I would still bang her at Midnight in the Oasis.

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  33. u r really an idiot and need to get a life. u have been on this site about 10+ times. go do something else. and get a life. i feel sorry for meriam now though. i really hope she understands she did wrong and asks Allah (SWT)for forgiveness and goes back to her family. it is not too late to go back to the right path as long as a person is still alive. i hope she is begging for forgiveness from Allah (SWT)

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  34. I saw the movie a few times and it was on today and I thought to myself look them up and see what the real people looked like, Man I saw a gullible looking guy and a girl who looked pretty manipulative,hmm not surprised they got divorced,too bad though, but it looks like he got played.

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  35. Gotta love internet tough guys. He’s probably a pre-pubescent, botched post-op transvestite.
    It’s great when internet tough guys meet IRL toughguys and end up getting fucked up. I don’t even care about the girl anymore, this has turned into another example of human stupidity. Is Allah trademarked now?
    It’s ashame we can’t redirect these idiots to /b/
    Anymore internet tough guys?

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  36. The saddest thing here is people catching feelings and getting angry or defending someone who doesn’t remotely care about them, whom they won’t ever meet and who probably doesn’t want to meet them either. People are sad, strange, idiotic and fragile little things.
    Seriously who gives a damn? Not I sir, not I. The people who came on here arguing and angry are idiots, plain and simple.

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  37. Here is the turth everyone. Meriam is a pathological liar. She is nuts and delusional in a princess fantasy world. She lives here in Las Vegas for over 8 years and she still can’t drive. She is anti american. She is not a sweet person. She is a great actress who should get an Oscar for best actress in the entire 21 century. Imagin meeting a sweet girl ( so you think ) and just wanted to save her. You really believed her stories and you feel for her. Look up her myspace page. All her friends are beautiful people and superficial. None of them are ugly or even normal looking. Meriam still thinks she is a princess here in America. In many ways, she still thinks she is above than everyone else. I don’t hate her because she is anti american. I feel sorry for causing so many people with pain and suffer. I feel sad she is still trapped in her fantasy world. I witness this too many times about her. A pathlogical liar is someone who tells way too many fake stories and they really believe them in real life. That is meriam! I am not putting her down. I speak from experience.

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  38. how ugly some of you can be. why do you care what he is religiously? or why do you care as to what she looks like? and the guy who wrote this little ditty to begin with sounds like the biggest creeper ever. whatever happened between them happens everyday. people fall in and out of love. most people arent still n love with their first loves, but that doesnt mean they never loved at all. and say she did go out alot and maybe that contributed, whether its right or wrong, you’re not married to her and it sunderstandable when you think of living a life of constantly pleasing other and having to uphold someone elses standards of a good person rather than your own. i think its sad now a days that people only go online to judge. an opinion is one thing but to be devoid of any human compassion or understanding is another.

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  39. I could help but feel a little schadenfreude here. I would see local girls throwing themselves at Marines all the time when I was on Okinawa. It hardly ever works out because these girls eventually figure out that 1. these low-ranking grunts don’t earn crap, 2. many of them are dumb as dirt and once out of the corps, they’re not what one would call “skilled labor,” and 3. many of them are raging dbags, as you’ve already pointed out. Unfortunately, they usually figure it out after they’ve followed the aforementioned dbag back to the states and have alienated family and friends back home.

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  41. The princess and the marine…iv watched this movie for the 1000th time was SUCH an amazing beautiful story…. it makes me cry . The ending though… sucks soo bad…. i had hope in love ,and all that ended when i heard they filed for divorce. it sucks… Oh and btw, ugh, the princess in the movie , looks like 10x more hot than the actual meriam. Oh, and the actor Jason WOWZY . he looks amazing in the movie… the real life meriam and jason…not so (Y) ! so 😛 im not sad afterall !! HAAH i love marisol nichols and Mark-paul !

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  42. I learned this story just tonight while I was surfing you-tube. You know what, Meriam sets both a good and bad example to the rest of the arab women. Good because she fought for what she believed in and decided against all odds to be with the man she loved. This is what love and life is all about. It is about being able to make decisions and be responsible whatever the outcome. Bad because as per reports (my research too) that she had been out of control of her night life in Vegas-no restrained. She must have had a hard time adjusting to a place that is totally different from where she grew up.

    But, I love the girl’s courage, bravery and inner strength.

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  43. Meriam must be insane as was poor Jason – and there is a truth to many of the comments here. The only diff is that she was a ‘distant relative’ of the royal family, not some poor farm worker or even a middle-class worker in some less-fortunate country. I fully understand her desire to leave, as (no kidding) a lot of cultures are opressive. But… the Las Vegas scene? Come on people – it’s a sleazy, superficial world. I guess that’s where she belonged all along. I don’t feel sorry for her at all! I do feel sorry for Jason who it seems truly loved her. He was her ticket outta there…:(

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  44. What happened to Meriam al-Khalifa after she returned to Bahrain after divorcing the American Marine?

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  45. I just saw the TV movie about her, and Mark Paul Gosselaar is a million times hotter than the actual Jason Johnson. I don’t know about laws in Bahrain, but it seemed to me that she was of legal age when she ran away with him.

    And it breaks my heart to hear that their story wasn’t a fairytale after she arrived to America..

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  46. While traveling through the internet I was unfortunate enough to run across this blog.

    The blog doesn’t bother me, by the way. It’s some of you people….shame on you. Some of you speak of Meriam’s morals as if you were in her inner circle and some talk about Johnson.

    Neither of them is really remarkable…like the rest of us they are just trying to find their way in life. She just happened to be a spoiled rich kid who wanted freedom from a life that she found unexceptable.

    If she did become a barfly, a gambling addict or sex addict in vegas is none of our business…get a life and live your own. You’ll get further ahead.

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  47. the princess surely love that marine but maybe its common to americans they just cant keep a commitment, the sacrifice of maiam is useless after all!

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  48. She is not real princess just a distant relative of royalty. that’s like calling fergie royalty.

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  49. I must say the blog post is merely useful for everyone else reading it since the information and knowledge it contains is vital. I like the article! Excellent job! Keep sharing such beneficial information through your websites.

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  50. Well Marriam i think you should realise that you put your family in worng position , i can see how your father emir and your mum suffer god with them it is not easy to loose child , i hope you are mature now and you can think about your future

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  51. I spent 15 years in Dubai and travelled to Bahrain many times, what Miryam did was very very brave. Heartbreaking for her and her family. Thats Love it knows no bounds. Sometimes it works sometimes not. You jokers who think she did this for anything else are stupid. You dont know Middle Eastern culture at all. Good luck to both of them. 😎

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