Chick Fil-A Sucks

Above Chick-Fil-A, sucking away

I’m not sure why this restaurant exists.

Their crown jewel, the chick-fil-a sandwich is a dryer, blander, mcdonalds chicken sandwich with a tomato on it: for $3.79.

I know a lot of women like Chick-Fil-A because I guess chicken is healthy, but I think women just like to like stuff that costs too much money.

How many times have you heard some housewife go:

I Just gotta have my starbucks.

No, bitch you need to get into the kitchen where that $250 coffee maker is that you made your husband buy from Bed Bath and Beyond and put in a filter— what you don’t have any filters? Use a paper towel. Now dump s scoop of Yuban in and wait a few minutes.

There you just saved $4 on top of the $250 you would’ve lost if you continued to not use that expensive coffee pot.

Back To Chick-Fil-A:

And how about those waffle fries?

Here I have a tip for you guys, cook them until their golden brown like every other kind of fried potato anyone has ever cooked.

I’m not kidding you, their waffle fries come to you in a very light white-yellow color.

I was like uh these aren’t done yet.

“Thats how we make em” the woman said with a self-satisfied smirk.

Well could you cook mine a little longer? I said.

“i’m sorry, thats how we make them”.

Also they’re closed on Sundays for religious reasons which in my book is great since it’s one less day for someone to accidentally eat their incorrectly cooked bland food.

I will say that the people who work there are freakishly nice and I generally assume that comes from the corporate rule book or something because most fast food employees are pissed off or stoned and these ones (I was at the Rancho Cucamonga location en route to a weekend snowboarding) seemed normal and happy.

Overall it is my recommendation that you avoid chick-fil-a at all costs, sure the name is cute but thats about all.

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  1. I work there and yes it does suck. I hate lying to customers with my nice look all the time. I hate my job and i hate having to be nice to douche customers. I am fine helping people out because hell you’re paying for food but when you start assuming that i dont know what im doing after three years well then i get kind of pissed. I Enjoy helping people but when im in a bad mood and i have to look all freakishly happy then yes i hate my job and customers. Let alone the managers are dicks from hell. Religion my ass all the company is out for is money. My dad who is the prayer elder at our church thinks my Owner is a freak and a self-rightous prick.

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    • I worked there for two years, and you’re right about everything!!!!! Chick-fil-Ass was the worst job I ever had in my life. I hated the busybody owner/operator, I was sneered at and disdained by the managers, and the other team members were… well, “idiots” is putting it mildly. And that’s not even getting into the way the owner’s wife would “help” the front line from time to time, getting in everyone’s way, and just being a general nuisance. Not even the stupidest, most ineffectual team member liked it when she came around.

      And don’t even get me started on dumb-ass customers.

      The only redeeming factor in the store I worked in were the sweet, friendly ladies who worked in the kitchen. Nobody but me liked them very much, but then nobody but me actually made an effort to be FRIENDLY to them! But since I didn’t get to have a whole lot of contact with them outside of yelling for more food, their presence didn’t make up for the sheer mountain of ASS that was everything else.

      All in all, I hope every Chick-fil-A in America burns to the ground some glorious Sunday, never to blacken my existence again.
      P.S. And, GOD ALMIGHTY, what is with those retarded cows?

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  2. Completely agree with Brock. (I work there too.) All customers seem to show up with a privileged attitude demanding stuff and we’re supposed to pretend to be overjoyed that they’ve entered the store. Most of the managers are insane, sit down all the time, and get annoyed if they are required to move to help a customer–no, not that! So, pretty much the employees are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Now, I’m a Christian, but I hate God’s name being used to make money. Chick-Fil-A sells themselves as a Christian restaurant. But, this is just a facade. One minute, other employees are saying “Guess what just f’ing happened. I brought my boyfriend over to my house last night, and…[more explicit details to follow].” Then, the next minute, these same employees wish customers a “blessed day.” Yeah, right. To sum it all up, Chick-Fil-A pimps out employees in God’s name.

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  3. Ok so i too work at chick fil a. and i agree. my owner plays christian music in our restaurant. and act all nice to your face. and then they reprimand you and tell you that your not working hard enough when you work your freaking butt off. then they even try to use Bible verses to hurt me. What kinda “christian” is that! I LOVE THE LORD. with all my heart and they tell me that i need to make them Number one in my life i am sorry. this is not my career. and God is number one so back off.. i mean i could go on and on and on. but i have soo much to say i would never shut up.

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  4. Ok, so u randomly got to this website just now. I work at chick-fil-a also as a crew leader. I thought that place was the greatest as i was growing up, but now that i work there i hate it with a passion. The food taste and portion/size is not acceptable for the amount of money that the customers have to pay. Btw, for the record, it seem that every customer that i wait on has to be a spawn of satan. It’s too bad i’d lose my job if i spoke my mind to them. I have to work side by side with the managers, and i do the same jobs they do but get paid the same as a normal team members…I would just like to say that you guys are right about the management. I seem to be the only manager at my store who isn’t a jackass and hates my life so badly because i’m stuck working at a fast food restaurant at the age of 35, and decide to take it out on the rest of my co-workers. I would like to end my rant by saying that i appreciate the hard work that you guys do even though i don’t work with you, because i know how you feel.

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  5. I just started working at CFA a couple of months ago and had such high hopes during my training. I really thought this was going to be a GREAT job.

    Is it some sort of corporate rule that once you become a manager you have to become a tool? All they do is sit around, and if you ask a question or request help serving the guests, you get in trouble! I regularly solo in the drive-thru and that makes it very tough to stock before dinner, but that is exactly what they expect me to do. Run the drive-thru from 2:30 to 4:00 and get all the stocking done.

    I thought the owner was one of the nicest guys, but now all I ever see him doing is micro managing, coming out of the office just long enough to make us all feel like we’re doing a terrible job. The crew works their butts off not just because we’re afraid of losing our jobs, but because we genuinely want to impress the guests with great customer service, but I see the managers and team leaders berate our efforts on a daily basis. Nothing we do is good enough. They all seem to have a different way of doing most of the jobs, so we have to remember who wants something done one way and who wants the same thing done another way, or else we get yelled at for “doing it wrong”.

    It just seems like the managers and team leaders are on a constant power trip, but they’ve already won that battle; they make more money and they control what happens in the restaurant. Why not just be helpful? Why not just let us do our jobs? They have a really great crew, and I don’t understand why it’s important to knock us down a few notches every single day.

    And none of them willingly give us our breaks. We have to bargain just to be allowed to get a drink of water, when they keep their soda or tea at the managers desk right in front of us. One of my coworkers wasn’t even allowed to use the bathroom when she was having her period. She quit last Saturday.

    I loved my job… I mean it, I absolutely LOVED my job when I first started. I couldn’t have been more excited about working in a fast food joint. Now I feel like I was completely delusional when I first started. I just keep my head down and try not to do anything that makes me stand out.

    The food is good, and so is the service, but I feel like the company has really let me down. I’m already looking for another job. Even if I have to go work in a cubicle, it would be better than this.

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  6. I don’t blame you one bit for looking for a new job. Just try to put up with it until u have another job secured. I’ll be out of there soon because im going to nursing school next fall. So im just riding the bullshit until its over, and leaving on a good note so they dont screw me over later on in life. I’m sorry that you as well as everyone else that works for chick-fila has poor management. I just feel good knowing that i am one of the only managers that cares about the team members. You guys rock.

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  7. I am astounded to hear so many of these comments. I am a manager at Chick-fil-A. One thing you have to keep in mind is that each unit is independently owned and operated, so as much as Chick-fil-A tries not everything is consistent. Although some might consider my point of view skewed I am more than happy to work on the front lines or on boards anytime needed. We are more like a family there and we all enjoy the time. Sometimes the work sucks its sometimes long busy days but at the end we still enjoy working with each other.

    I am so sorry so many of you have experienced prick for managers. My operator is one of the nicest guys I know and is very genuine and a great guy. We allow employees to grab a drink whenever they want/need it. Bathroom breaks, just ask and I never say no, just want to know you’re leaving. Don’t think all Chick-fil-A’s are like these stories you hear. This company has a great servant heart and donates millions to many causes and is an example of a way to do business. Out of 1.437 stores there are bound to be some bad apples.

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    • What was the role of your operator? What are his day in, day out responsibilities? He in once a month? Or does he work side by side with his employees daily? Does it seem that he does financially well? I am thinking of becoming an operator. Thanks for the info.

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  8. So, I worked at CFA all through high school and worked my way up to be a team leader for the past two years… I used to love working at that place… But all that was BEFORE I became management staff and saw all the under the table shit that was going on. In fact, I agree with the person that said something about losing your job for speaking your mind. Let’s put it this way, I called my operator 3 days ago and told him I couldn’t do it anymore because he had his head in the clouds and kept making excuses for the other members of management that he has known forever and a day. So, I quit… Well, I go visit yesterday and say hi to the owner and basically I get a silent FU as he turns and walks away… All the GOOD people that worked there said “There is no telling what SHE lied to him about or how bad your name is tarnished now”. Man, i’m pretty pissed… I know for a fact that people were getting underpaid at the store I was at and I was sick of being the only one taking care of people and STILL getting told off because I was “attacking the head manager who had a lot going on”. Wow… And we were told EVERYDAY to leave our personal lives out of that place. From what I know, certain people in that store brought things on to themselves and if anyone should be sulking in a corner it should have been me with my husband, dad, AND brother in Iraq. One injured 2 weeks ago… ): But NO… I went to work and tried my best. I thought about writing to corporate about all of the illegal things I am aware of but after reading online I see that corporate doesn’t really care about it all…

    Sorry, ranting… just happy to see i’m not the only person who thinks this place is full of shit… I’m just mad it took me over 5 years to figure it out…

    Oh, and btw, I wasn’t one of those douchebag crew leaders who sat on my butt and didn’t give breaks. In fact, that is one of the many complaints I had that got me on the head honcho’s shit list. I think maybe I wasn’t like that because I spent 3 years as a regular team member and knew what it was like to get screwed over whereas almost every other member of management at my store spent 3 weeks as a team member before being promoted to managment…

    Well, that’s just my two cents (: I feel better now lol

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  9. i’m sort of confused… at the store I just came from the team leaders were considered managment and we got paid pretty darn good… Is there a difference in the other stores?

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  11. Couldn’t agree more. It’s a bland chicken sandwich. Couldn’t they have used some imagination and put something interesting on the sandwich. Imagine going into McDonalds and they give you a burger patty on a bun and that’s it. It’s retarded.

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  12. I have a great job! I’m 16, and I’ve worked there for over a year, they work amazingly with my schedule and I have never had any problems with my store. The managers do what they can to help us out, I seriously don’t fake it when I’m being nice to customers. They give us breaks, let us go to the bathroom, and we don’t have to say bless you after every customer. It’s a pretty freakin amzing job. I mean, don’t tarnish the whole chick-fil-a name, just because of a few stores. It’s like someone earlier said, they’re run by different people.

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  13. Every Chick-fil-A is independently owned and operated! I have had experience with two different stores…the first was like what a lot of people are saying, full of lazy managers who would rather do anything but help a customer. However, I recently moved to a new store and it is a totally different experience. Sorry if you think we’re “freakishly” nice, but if you weren’t a cynical prick you might consider that maybe you can be nice and happy just to make somebody else’s day a little easier.
    And the sandwich comes with only pickles so you can add your own condiments if you would like, which consist of cheese (American or Provolone), lettuce, tomato, or bacon. You can pretty much create your own sandwich, because Chick-fil-A will do pretty much anything a customer asks. I’ve even seen people ask for a special wrap without cheese and we made it for them. (They are pre-made every morning.)
    So my point is, try not to be so judgmental, because for every terrible Chick-fil-A there are many who live up to the standard and provide excellent service and excellent food.

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  14. I too work at Chick-fil-A as a crew member. However, I must admit i am sorry to hear that all other employees hate their job! I work at the chick-fil-a in the mall, and i have to say it rocks. the managers will work right there beside you. and as long as your work is done (customers are taken care of and everything is stocked) you pretty much do whatever ya want. granted when the owner comes in ya gotta attempt to be doing something (cleaning or stocking) but the truth of the matter is, he doesnt really care what you do as long as the customers come first and they have a great experience at Chick-fil-A. I generally “work” 6 hours a day, however according to the security cam, i typically work 4 or less hours a day ha ha :) so please dont think that all Chick-fil-A’s suck just because you have power hungry jerks for boss’.

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  16. I also work at chic fil a and it freaking sucks!! The managers expect you to be SUPER nice allll the time and when it rains we have to go out and help people with their food to their cars! its BS and people look at me all weird like because i am so nice and i work at a fast food resturant! its dumb thank god im about to quit and have a real job.

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    • Tampa and nordhoff, perhaps? right where they tore down the sizzler, across from in n out and 5 guys? I saw that and had to come home and look it up. At first I thought it was a protest b/c I understand they are anti-gay. It was for free sandwiches for a year.

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  17. I actually think Chick-Fil-A has the best chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had, but my conscience gets the better of me – I can’t eat there anymore because I don’t want to support religious fundamentalism.

    As for some of these comments:
    “A great servant heart” is great religious nutbar propaganda, I’ll give them that.

    “maybe yall should come to cali to see how its done”
    …because Rancho Cucamonga is in Arkansas?

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  18. i worked at chickfila as well! go sucked..being atheist made it worse even tho i hated it..i now have another job and wish i could work at chickfila..not all chickfilas are the owner was nice, and the TL’s helped me alot and would call me in alot becuz they knew i wanted hours..and mcdonalds needs to get over themselves..they simple took what chickfila did and repackaged it.

    This comment was “My Pleasure!” -.-

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  19. I work at Chick-fil-a in Florida and My operator IS The Best!.
    The hard work pays off , we’ve gone to theme parks in orlando many times.
    I am sorry for all of you who hate it because it’s pretty much the operator’s fault, not Chickfila.
    its a great company to wook for.

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  20. I work at a chick fil a and i love the owner and most of the managers there is only one i don’t really like that much but hes not that bad. But all the team leaders are way nice and so are the managers they work right up front with us and they are helpful. We can use the bathroom whenever we want and we can get a drink.

    Like some others have said, each Chick-fil-a is independently owned and operated so each one is a little different

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  21. Hi. I was reading these comments about working at Chick-fil-a and i can say it must be really diffrent for you guys working at the stores you do or its just my store that is very nice. I work at Chick-Fil-A in Raleigh North Carolina in the Brier creek area. and i can say i have really enjoyed working there. I like to think of myself as a kind hearted person who enjoys helping people anyway i can. So to get paid to do something I already enjoy to do was just icing on the cake for me:) My managers are very nice and when i got in a car crash on my way to work last December of 2009 they made sure i was all right by calling me which showed me that they really cared about me. And when i was not feeling well one day they did not get mad at me for me having to leave early. I feel like i am part of a family at my Chick-Fil-A unit and i look foward to going to work each day i have to go in. Now i know a lot of people out there who work in fast food would probuly have a totally opossite view on their fast food job when it comes to wanting to go to work but i am happy to want to go. I could work an 8 hour shift and not complain one bit because i know i made me some money:) and also made a lot of people happy that day. Now this is just my opinon on working at Chick-Fil-A and i dont know if it is because i like to work and my personality that makes me love it but its a great place for any teenager looking for a first job to start off with because it will set values in you that will make you a better well rounded person in your future working career.

    I guess you just have to find a Chick-Fil-A thats right for you.

    Thank you to all who sat here and read this whole

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  22. I am a marketing director for a Mall unit and love this company. I got to meet Truett Cathy and he is still at 88 committed to pleasing the customers. If you don’t like that you should have found another job. This company was founded on taking care of the customer and that is why people pay a little more and love us. If you like being treated as a number go to Wendy’s or McDonalds. I have a great crew and operator so sorry for you guys.

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  23. my chick fil a is awesome! just like the person above we can have drink and bathroombreaks whenever we want as long as we let someone know where we’re going. Just becase you people get mean costmers doesnt make that chick fil a’s fault. you hould just belucky you have a job because theres alot of people ot there that are dying for jobs right now.

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  25. I work at a CFA in Columbus, GA and I just have to say that when I first started working it wasn’t so bad but as I got to know most of the other people working with me it began to change. Most of the supervisors are total douche bags and the manger is a total fake. During the interview he seemed like the nicest dude around the entire mall and I liked the idea of having a nice boss for a change. Well after about 2 months I could tell he was a total bastard.

    One day I’m working the register and some old lady walks up to me. Well i noticed she had a cane as well as what appeared to be severe arthritis. Well according to policy if we aren’t super busy we are supposed to help customers take their food to either their table or their car. Well I asked the lady if she would like some help and she just stares at me like i’m a retard or something then replies with: “What right do you have to ask me as if I’m a cripple or something!?” As if it’s a crime to be nice right? Well for one I believe that having to pretend to be nice to people like that is just stupid. Also right after the storms off all upset my boss walks up to me and starts going on about how i’m not doing my job correctly and how I’m supposed to help little old ladies who look like they need it(while he smirked and basically judged me on how I don’t care about people).

    I for one am currently looking for a new job at this very moment and hopefully if I can find one will be quitting very soon because I’d rather work for a boss who is a douche and at least knows it, then one who pretends not to be even though he is.

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  26. I have been working at CFA for two years and everyone who says it’s based on the individual operator is absolutely correct. I started working there one summer and at the end of the calendar year a change in operators occured. The first operator was an ass, but he was hardly ever there so the managers and team leaders, etc. never acted arrogant and what not and it was an extremely fun place to work. I have some of my best teenage memories on a few summer nights in my first summer working there. However, after the operators changed the Chickfila experience went downhill. The new operator is one of the fakest people I have ever met. He kisses every customer’s ass. And he has replaced most of the management with new people who have realized Chickfila is the rest of their lives and try to act like it’s everyone else’s life as well which sickens me. The new managers are complete douchebags and I have never wanted to be violent in the past but some are just asking to be hit. Chickfila is not my life and I am so much smarter than I am treated there. Thank god I got a new job and will be quitting in the next few weeks. It has become a complete shit place to work for.

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  27. Like everyone is saying, each Chick-fil-A is operated by a different person and, depending on the operator, this can be a good or bad thing. In my case, I think it’s a bad thing.

    It boils down to making money. Yeah there happens to be a pretense of being a “Christian” restaurant, but from what I have experienced at my store it’s anything but Christian. Being a Christian, this irks me the most. Instead of Christ-like, it’s more about making money.

    Another thing that I have seen that has really bothered me is how the GM fired one of the team leaders. Apparently, this team member made a couple of mistakes in catering and got fired. This team member was with Chick-Fil-A for several years, and instead of correcting the mistake or delegating those responsibilities to someone else, she got fired.

    I honestly think she got fired for finical reasons. We were somewhat slow at the time and paying her that extra money when you had someone else that could replace her (which they did) waiting in the wings made it all too convenient for them to pass up the opportunity. If she got fired for making a couple of mistakes, then it shows a lack of loyalty to the employees. If she got fired because it could save them some money, then it not only shows a lack of loyalty but it shows the true nature of what they are about.

    This is just one incident that’s happened to people who have worked there. A lot of people that are working there are getting disgruntled, including me.

    Another thing is the dishonesty. There is a post online at my seminary that says that there is a potential to make 9.00 dollars a hour after 90 days. All the seminary people that work there that have been there past 90 days haven’t received that raise.

    I understand the key word “potential” but it is said in a way that makes it “highly probable.”

    Another thing that goes on is micromanaging. I understand that we are employees and we should take our job serious, which we should, but there comes a time when the line is crossed.

    There’s some other things that could be mentioned, but I think I’ve said enough.

    Is this were a job that just wanted money and was honest about it then I wouldn’t mind it as much. Since it’s a job that hides behind the veil of “Christian Virtues” while not displaying those virtues, the realization of what it truly is sinks in deeper and can cause resentment and bitterness.

    Trust me I’ve had bad jobs, but lying about who you are, especially when you try to rope-a-dope people into believing that you are “Christian”, makes it even more appalling.

    There are a few reasons I stay: 1. Because of my co-workers. I get a long with all of them.
    2. Surprisingly, they are good about working around my schedule.
    3. Most importantly, for the time being, this is where I think God wants me to be at.

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  28. man oh man. i totally disagree with the OP. chick fil a fries are mostly always crispy. yes, every once in a while you get soggy ones, but this occurs with every fast food restaurant, especially if you go there after a rush where they serve you the leftover fries instead of making them fresh. what i really like about it, though, is that i am a creationist dissing, evolution loving atheist and the christians serve ME. i will have my chicken sandwich AND have my evolution taught to your bible thumping kids. i also just got my FREE spicy chicken sandwich and boy.. it was HELLISHLY hot!

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    • lolz…you know lotz about teh interwebz according to your comment

      i’m sure everyone here got fired for their rants o_o

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  30. Oh I forgot to mention, the OP must be damn fat, McDonald’s uses fake meat, including, (Pig, Horse, and Chicken) Ass, Lips, Feet, etc. Disgusting eh? I guess not, 75% of the people that cry about being 500 fucking pounds eat that shit right up. Not to mention, I mean why should they be crying? Right after they get done wiping their tears they run down to the nearest Fast Food Restaurant and order 4 Big Meals, and 2 Shakes… Way to go America, way to go. You make this country Proud! … And HUGE. It’s a simple mistake, wait no it’s not… Take a fucking diet, run till you can’t breathe (Shouldn’t take long) and then drink some water, there’s your mistake… You can do none of the above. You’d rather eat your god damned food in your lovely bed watching TV wishing you could be as skinny as the people you watch. I just love laughing at the society around us, every day life is really amusing.

    Again, Take care.

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  31. HA! its not just me then. I’ve worked at 2 different Chick-Fil-A’s now and while i have certainly worked at other bad establishments, i think what irks me the most is the fact that they think they are any better or different.

    The food is good… but HIGHLY over priced. And the best excuse ive ever heard for that price hike is, “well, its specially treated premium chicken.” Its a lie, but whatever.

    The work environment is just as bad as any other fast food restaurant. Sure, some Operators or Managers are better than others and others really suck… but Corporate is the real jerk. They truly only care about their bottom dollar. They are so disconnected from their employees its sickening. I’m convinced that if a customer came in and shot up one of their establishments, they would not only stick up for that customer (afraid that they will go and tell 7 other people about their poor CFA experience), but they would give them some Free Coupons and then fire some of the maimed employees. Corporate definitely doesn’t care.

    And you don’t dare speak up if you disagree with a business practice because you are threatened with termination around every corner.

    And then there are ON CALL days…

    “What are those”, you ask? Those are the days that you are not scheduled to work, HOWEVER, you are not allowed to make plans in your regular life because CFA might need you at some point during the day and you have to be prepared to drop everything and come in. Oh, and YOU are also the one who has to call and check to see if you are needed… they don’t call you. And if you forget to call in, you get fired because they count it as a, “No Call, No Show.”

    Forget that you weren’t even scheduled. You basically ARE scheduled in case they need you… but you don’t get paid. How is this not illegal…

    I hate working at CFA. And i hate having to be nice to idiots and douchebags. I am belittled at least 5 times every day by some customer… and i can’t defend myself. Ive had Racist and Sexist things said to me… but i have to keep a smile and ignore it.

    This isn’t a Christ-anything establishment… its a fraud.

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  32. First of all, Kristina isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. Actually she is a dumbass. Obviously, if everyone knew Chick-Fil-A was hell to work at, we wouldn’t have got jobs there. I was encouraged by family members to get a job there because the company was founded on a moral standard, which means if the owner operaters do things RIGHT, the employees won’t get screwed over. However, Chick-Fil-A’s are franchised out and the individuals who end up running them are a mixed bag of nuts. I got in with one of the bad nuts, and man does it leave a bad taste in your mouth. Also, half of the customer base is a bunch of self-righteous pricks. A bunch of fat rich ladies and soon-to-be fat rich ladies ordering a fried chicken strip salad with extra dressing, a large fry with MOUNDS of Chick-Fil-A sauce, and a large bucket of sweet tea with a brownie. Then you hear them talking about how they love how healthy Chick-Fil-A is… Newsflash! That garbage is going to make you fat just like the other fat, self-righteous Chick-Fil-A queens who can barely fit in their cadillac escalades. They feel better because the place advertises alot about health and because it is based (quite loosely) on Christianity. Then they go right on ahead and gorge themselves into meeting God early. Some women find it really easy to convince themselves that what they are doing is smart, and its kind of scary. I am a college student, a military servicemember, and I spend the rest of my time working at Chick-Fil-A to pay the bills. However, a good percentage of the customer-base has this idea that because I work here I am some dirtbag teenager whose parents made me get a job, and my only goal in life is to save for an x-box or some shit. They will ask me a question I know the answer to, then roll their eyes when I start to answer and yell for a manager only to hear them say the same thing. Being a team member is like volunteering to get peed on for minimum wage. I have worked at several restaurants, and Chick-Fil-A is the only place customers will talk down to you and treat you MORE like crap, while at the same time you are working harder and being perfectly nice all the time. My operator uses micro-managing at its worst (cameras everywhere, the whole shabang), and is one of the fakest people you will meet. He definitely expects us all to think working at Chick-Fil-A is the most important thing of our lives. Upon returning to work here after boot camp, I can honestly say that it is really not important. How am I supposed to be convinced that some fat witch in a she-suit and man-pants getting her chicken salad sandwich done to her perfectionist standard is even close to important? I would love to see all of them sent to boot camp and the ever-living shit kicked out of them. Thats my two cents, but it won’t buy you a shitty chicken sandwich with a pickle. Nope, those are four bucks.

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  33. I see that I am not alone in my hatred for what has to be the most hypocritical company in existence. I will start by saying that I do not now, nor have I ever worked for CFA, I have never been that desperate, in fact, I think I would rather live out of garbage cans like an alley cat than spend five minutes working for the tyranical managers from hell that seem to populate this little corner of damnation on earth.
    How do I know about this you ask? Well, my stepdaughter worked for Truett’s Hell, I mean, Grill. First there were the on call days, this is where Truett’s Hell basically holds an entire family captive on the off chance that they might, maybe, perhaps, once in a blue moon, want their victim, I mean employee, to come in and work for 3 hours. Either schedule a person to work or don’t, if you want them to be held hostage, pay the ransom, it’s called on call pay and it’s what legitimate employers do when they know that they don’t know how to write up a working schedule.
    Next came the ridiculous notion that added responsibility should come with no added compensation. A “promotion” just means that you have additional layers of management berating you in front of customers with no back up, no escape and no raise. Wow, what an honor. I think the prisoners at Gitmo are treated better and have more rights. From what I have seen, the management team at Truett’s Hell is compromised of sadists, misogynists and imbeciles, and Mr. Cathy can count on me to never, ever darken the door of one of his over priced torture chambers now or in the future. If this is a Christian organization they have a very poor way of showing it.

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  34. It is sad to see, such companies mask themeselves behind such corporate politics,CFA like most companies started off with a good company model, and system, then like most companies do, they get bigger and more corporate. The problem is no matter how their mission statment may have a basis on servering others the bottom line is all about money. Wal Mart is the same companies will tell people all the time how great they are to work for, and what they believe in, but the bottom line is they only care about the bottom line and that my friends is sad. Use to be different back when these companies where smaller,now times have changed.

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  35. Well guys I’m back! Well after being the start of all this rant towards cfa management, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. Let’s start from where I left off. Well I went on to work an extra two years at chick-fil-a. I became a manager from all my hard work and was finally getting noticed after about year 3.5. Got a raise increase (which cfa requires after a 6 month review) then was refused a review or raise throughout the next year and a half which then resulted in my leaving the establishment. Well now I got a new job am in college and am doing great. After leaving chickfila I after my first year in college I found a new job. This job is so much better than cfa. They focus on employee satisfaction which in turn make the employees want to do better and enjoy putting on a smile for the customers. It is not nearly as busy as cfa which causes the employees to become more relaxed and involved with the customers. After one month of working there I was immediately promoted to the manager at my location and assistant manager at the 3 other locations my owner owns. I am getting paid double that of chickfila and am finally getting noticed for the hard work I do. I can choose te hours I want since I make he schedule and most of the employees can do all the work I do minus handle the money. The only reason I even came back to this post is because I recently went back to my horrific cfa and the owner asked me if i could come back and help out for black Friday. I laughed and was kind of frustrated because cfa is still asking without giving. All they do is take. Why Is it a non Christian company can notice hard work and dedication but cfa can’t. Yes I’m a Christian and lead my own small group at my church. I now see that Gos used all that hard work to grow me so that he could bless me for persevering through the rough time. Guys don’t worry. God is there an he can see that your having a hard time. Believe me five years at cfa is horrible and I will never let my kids work there when I have em. I can see my immature nature in my first post and I apologise. Butbif you guys can go out looking for a new job, believing God is in control, then it will work out. I’m having such a good time right now. I still go back and feel bad for the friends I left behind. It’s funny though most of he people that have quit are now the happiest people I know because we still keep in touch. Many of them have great jobs and we can all laugh at how horrible that job was. Well guys I hope you can make it through the worst job. Believe me, it may not be the hardest work at cfa but emotionally it is draining due to all the lies. Oh to finish up… When I quit my boss asked why an I told him that I was sick of lying to all the customers by saying it’s “my pleasure” because it is obviously not. It should be it’s our pleasure because then your relating to the company and not making it personal. It’s like “oh my mom just died but don’t worry serving you a sandwich is ny pleasure! :)” – I had to smile!

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  36. Like Brock I quit Chick-Fil-A. I started a new job and it’s a whole lot better. The atmosphere at Chick Fil A was getting bad. The tipping point was when I was lied to about getting a promotion. They told me that all of the positions were filled, only to find out a month and a half later they gave it to a girl that had only been there for about 3 months.

    After that, I quit. There was a lot stuff I saw happen up there that was wrong but got swept under the rug. Being lied to from a supposedly “Christian” company was all I could take.Good riddance.

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  37. I currently work @ Chick fil a. I used to love it, now I hate it. I despise almost everyone else there.

    They schedule me to work at 4, but because we’re not busy, I get to sit in the breakroom until 5:30 doing nothing, and then don’t get a break. What’s worse is my Operator is sending his pawns, the General Manager and Team Leaders to do all the dirty work.

    The General Managers daughter works there and gets special treatment.

    The Owner comes in once every night to grab a gallon of lemonade, and might stay to help the understaffed kitchen through the 15 minute rush.

    The best employee they had quit this week, and he was darn right to. I just need to find a new job.

    I have problems with one or two other employees because they are lazy and get away with it on the job.

    There food is good though, overpriced, but good. You can ask for well done(almost burnt)fries if that’s your preference.

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  38. Continued

    I Could get over it if they actually paid me something. I work 4 nights a week scheduled for 3-5 hours each night, but it’s always less. I hardly can pay the gas it takes to drive there for that amount of time.

    I don’t mind closing or anything either, I’m a worker, I can work.
    But they never let me clock on or schedule me enough to make up for holding me back.

    If there is any law against this inform me, because it seems Its legal.

    Don’t say we’re lazy or whinny babies, because my chick fil a sucks, and it seems many do. From July-October I loved working there and loved to come in and be an awesome employee. From November on I’ve come to see the bottom line and it’s not treating employees with respect.

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  39. I would never work at a chick fil a again. It would have to be my absolute last option. I’ve been gone for about two months and I realize how much chick fil a demands from their employees.

    That place operates too much like a cult for my liking.

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  40. First of all, Chick Fil-A’s priority is about serving the customer with a positive and helpful attitude while providing a quality product. Everyone here sounds exactly the same! You have to do what to help customers? Take their meal to their car? Say my pleasure? You guys are actually complaining that a restaurant wants to do good for their customers? Everyone complaining should work for McDonalds or Burger King because you all are obviously not Chick Fil-A material. Chick Fil-A is not a normal fast food job. Chick Fil-A demands so much more from every area of the business. Honestly the bottom line is treat those like you want to be treated. Do you want average service? Do you want lousy food? If you do, GO TO MCDONALDS!

    ***And by the way I know that the majority of the people complaining here are angry teenagers who are not getting the hours they want.***

    You know why? Because I see it all the time. Because you have this attitude and operators hate it. Operators will weed out these people by cutting hours (and by the way its totally legal).

    And if you are a customer or employee that just hates Chick Fil-A food, hate it because you don’t like it. Not because of religious aspects or whatever else you can find. Chick Fil-A food is so much better than any other fast food. Yes, the Chick Fil-A sandwich is a single patty on a bun but have you ever seen how its made? McDonalds’ is frozen garbage! Taco Bell beef has a grade lower than dog food! Look it up! Try and compare these restaurants with Chick Fil-A, you can not. The religious aspect of Chick Fil-A is the funniest part to me. Its like you guys think that you are being preached to when in actuality you are not. When you are surrounded by a Christian company you can easily feel that something is different. Something that you are uncomfortable with. As a non-Christian or someone that is not religious, this makes it seem that there is an underlying pressure to conform! There is not! People who want to live their life one way will always feel uncomfortable when a person or corporation says differently. That goes for a Christian in a non-religious company too! The difference is that Christian companies like Chick Fil-A get the most scrutiny for their beliefs. Although many Christians do work at Chick Fil-A, they will never pressure anything. And they shouldn’t. If you honestly have a problem with your beliefs conflicting with Chick Fil-A’s, you should find another job.

    Also, I agree with those that said each Chick-Fil A is owned differently. This means that each Chick Fil-A is also MANAGED differently, all the way down to the newest employee. That goes the same for ANY job that you work at. Do not try and say that Chick Fil-A as a whole treats you bad, there are some good managers/owners and some that treat you bad. Its business and its life, suck it up or move on.

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  41. Don’t you mean, “Cook them till they’re golden brown.” Personally though, you must be going to a bad Chick-Fil-A. The place near me seats you at a table and brings the order to your table for you. The food is always fresh and delicious. Since when does a Chick-Fil-A sandwich come with a tomato?

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  42. I’ve worked at Chick-fil-A for 2 and a half years. I think all of you guys work for the wrong operators and managers. I love my job and Im going to continue working all the way through college there. All of the managers
    At my job are cool and willing to help you out and the operator is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and they pay all of their employees very well.

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  43. I work there as a manager. I started out as a crew member, then team leader, then to a managers position within a year. I love my job and my co workers. I even love being in the cow costume! Great place to work!!!!!!

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  44. I work at Chick-Fil-A too, and it’s the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. The owner only comes when he feels like it, and randomly questions you on why you do things a certain way. He proceeded to yell at me for wanting to carry (Heaven forbid) a garbage bag across the parking lot to the dumpster, rather than placing it in a huge bin made for ten garbage cans. Why? Because the customers would see drip stains on the parking lot! Clearly that would stop any customer from coming to Chick-Fil-A, garbage stains in the lot, right?
    He constantly insults me, telling me he thought I was smart. Yes, I’m second in my class at high school thank you.
    That’s not to mention when I have to close. I’m supposed to somehow mop all the floors and clean all the bathrooms while knowing when to run to the front to take customers’ orders!
    I’m going to quit this week I’ve decided. Autobell and AMC theaters seem more promising.

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  45. I agree with Cow! i have been working at chikafila for 9 months and i love it there! you all have just been to the wrong stores..

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  46. I have worked at the Chick Fil A in Pompano Beach, FL since it opened in December of 2009. At first I was excited because I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of people who worked the front counter/ drive thru with me. Within 2 months of working there, however, I began to hate Chick Fil A with a passion. The operator of this store, Seth, is awkward and puts up a fake facade when dealing with both customers and employees, not to mention that he rarely comes into the store for more than maybe an hour. This store has more team leaders than team members, which means that the ” Managers” do nothing while the few others pick up the slack. The managers they have there are some of the worst spoken people I have ever met. They speak a mumbled English/ ebonics language which I struggled to understand.

    Meanwhile, there is no question that a few employees are given much more slack than others and the pay is terrible no matter your position in the store. I would give almost anything if I could go back in time and not apply to work at Chick Fil A.

    My final note, it seems to me that the quality employees are quickly disappearing and only the scum of the area want to work there. These people have no ambition to ever leave the store and I honestly feel sorry for them because, frankly, it sucks to work there. The managers are rude and act as if the schedule is the Holy Grail which cannot be changed. I guess their punishment is that they are losers who will be stuck working at this dirty (yes, this store is disgusting) fast food eatery for the rest of their sorry lives.

    P.S. Rumor has it that Seth, the operator wants to open another store because this one has been so successful, too bad corporate does not realize that anyone could have been the operator and the store would have been successful. The location is what brings the money, not this operator.

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  47. I currently work at a Chick Fil A and I absolutely hate it! You guys are right about everything. The food is too expensive, the work is boring and mundane, and being happy all the time is impossible, especially when you’re dealing with stupid customers who don’t realize what a meal comes with and looks all around the store for the drink fountain, when it’s right in front of them. I have to ask every customer what they would like to drink, because they are too stupid to tell me themselves when they order their food. Our owner is an absolute B*itch. All she does is show up randomly, get in everyones way in the front, then retreat back to the office where she stays for the remainder of her time there. Then, she leaves an hour later with a bag or two full of food and drinks for her and her kid. We have another manager who happens to be the owner’s cousin. He’s a dick in all sense of the word. He just bosses people around and you will always find him in the back snacking on the fries, fruit or nuggets, without gloves on. That’s right.. some guy’s bare hands has been all in your food. We have another manager who I like to call the annoying little monkey, because he’s about 4 ft tall and won’t get off anyone’s back. He constantly tells us what to do WHILE we’re doing it. He doesn’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt and tells you every move to make. Oh, and heaven help you try to joke around with your co workers. I guess Chick Fil A looks down upon laughing and having a good time, because you will get sent home if you do. CFA only benefits the customers (and not even that with their jacked up prices) and no one else. That whole chain is a joke.

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  48. No, I do not like the way Chick-Fil-A is run. It’s sad and depressing. but as long as they make good sandwiches, they’ll get some of my business? Why? Because they’re a RESTAURANT, not a church. I don’t go for their views, I go for their chicken.

    However, I may increase the amount of times I eat there once they stop being a bunch of pricks.

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  49. I’ve never worked at Chick Fil-A. However, it is well-known that they are a Fundamentalist Christian organization. That alone would stop me from going there. Christians have an agenda—no two ways about it. Since I don’t share their imaginary world, I say CFA can go suck cocks in Hell (provided that Hell really exists, which it doesn’t…).

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  50. THANK YOU! whoever wrote this article is so right! Their food ISN’T THAT GREAT! there! I said it too! I actually told someone at work the other day that I hate Chick Fil a and she literally looked at me with this shocked look on her face and said “that’s like hating God!” No,no its not. Chick fil A and God are NOT one in the same, regardless of what the people here in Atlanta would have you think.

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  51. I am not surprised to hear all this. I know someone that works out of Chic fil as a contract person out of the headquarters and says the restaurant operators talk down to her and are mean and hateful and think she is lower than regular employees and tell her so and that the corporate employees act as if they are perfect and are supposed to get things done immediately. Some Christian testimony.

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  52. You all sound like a bunch of whiny kids that can’t get the hours they want. Every fast food place is staffed with whiny kids with shitty attitudes that want to be on the schedule but then show up all pissed off because they have to work (OMG!)instead of sitting around with their Bieber hair-cuts checking their cell-phones every second while acting like a total pile of crap. And get off of your soap boxes about the Christian thing. In short, just get over it or get a frigging job at Taco Bell where your crappy attitude and Bieber hair-cut will be welcomed.

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  54. I agree that chick fil a is nohing but a big joke trying to run a fast food resuarnt. the all of the managers are total assholes and dick heads that they will do nothing to help out but complain I work at the Valley View Mall location and it is like hell and the food sucks big time and it is way too greasy and I and my family do not go their any more because of the horrible service and it always dirty tables all the time and the food always make me sick to eat uit is just full of BS big time if you live in Roanoke, VA do not eat at the in Valley View Mall go to the chick fil a near walmart it is a little better but the food is way too exspensive for what you get. bottom line it just plain sucks

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  55. I HATE CHICK FIL A!!!!!

    They give $4 raises to the managers, but only 50 cents raises to the kitchen crew??/ What the F&ck is that? And then they expect us to work without a break for 9 hours straight… f&uck that!

    If you only knew all the f&cking my manager does with 18 yr olds…don’t let the “military” training and discipline fool you. Complete idiot this manager.

    From South Florida

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  56. I worked at Chik fil a for a while. Kitchen crew for all of it. I’ve worked at another ‘chicken joint’ at one point, and I can tell you right now that Chik fil a does have fairly high standards for a fast food chicken place.

    Personally, I don’t think the food is bad tasting, however, I’ve seen the way the food is handled and I must say, I’m disgusted. I rarely, very rarely, at there, and when I did I had to make absolute sure that I made my own food every step of the way. Despite the fact that I was just a ‘grunt’ crew member, and not management, I had higher standards than anyone else in that restaurant with the exception of one of our assistant managers and the store operator himself.

    Unfortunately, Chik fil a (from an employee perspective) is all about being a ‘family’. The employees don’t come to work ready to do just that, work! They come in to goof off and socialize. Sure, during a heavy rush everyone works just as hard, but where is that commitment and work ethic during down time when we should be cleaning up or, god I don’t know, preparing for our next rush so we aren’t holding on food less than 5 minutes in.

    With the exception of that one assistant manager, no one at that store was ever dedicated to improvement. Personally, I strive for improvement. If we aren’t improving day after day then what the hell are we doing? The status quote just isn’t enough, especially when you’re getting hit on critical violations during health inspections.

    As mentioned earlier, the store operator did have high standards, however, he was to concerned about treading on anyone’s toes to push for improvement. If only he knew how miserable everyone there is all the time. Sure, they all get along and goof off together, but not a single person there looks forward to going in to work; as a matter of fact, they all dread it.

    I’ve worked at a really nice restaurant before, but it wasn’t that way before I started there. I got in, got promoted, then worked on turning that store around. Everyone hated it at first, but once they saw how efficient everything was, and how much cleaner it all was, they started to love their jobs.

    This is a lesson that ‘softy’ managers need to learn. If you’re more concerned about whether or not all your employees love each other than the operation of the business, then damnit you need to find another line of work.

    Now, as I said earlier, I think the food does have a good taste. Also, the service is good (not excellent). Also, the employees seem to get paid a decent amount, at least at the location I worked at.

    However, for those of you bitching about pay, all I have to say is… really? You’re working in fast food! You’re generally working with people that are god awful stupid and most of them are down right scum bags. There is literally nothing, absolutely nothing, below fast food in terms of employment. Shoveling shit takes more skill than working in fast food, so if you go in expecting more than minimum wage… you’re a dumbass. Only, at Chik fil a you’ll be pleasantly surprised because they pay moderately more than minimum wage. Just pray that it’s enough to put up with the bullshit. It wasn’t for me.

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  57. I see all these comments and can only be glad this company has never seen a penny of my money. Employees are so valuable, as a manager at a completely different company, I worked very hard to keep my employees happy and it pays off!!! Maybe if some jerk manager reads this I can knock some sense into you.

    1. Happy Employees are ones that work for you for a long time, they are well trained and more efficient than having to keep hiring new people.
    2. Happy Employees WANT to be helpful: pick up shifts, help you organize stuff, recruit their reliable friends, and go home thinking you are someone they look up to.
    3. Happy Employees PROMOTE your STORE! Not by kissing customer’s butts, but by talking positive about your store to others. Welcome to the internet age, stuff gets around pretty darn fast.

    The shell on this store has cracked and now this place is oozing with negative reviews. Maybe its Karma for how the corporation has treated their most valuable assests – The front line staff.

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  58. Since a bunch of dumb ass mouth breathers sit around now and hate Chick-Fil-A actually makes me want to eat there every day, 3-4 times a day just to feel as far away from this waste of time you all put down onto ether about this. Get a fucking life you all and who the F cares anyways?

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  59. Maybe the shitty employees complaining should go to a temp agency and get a job in a wearhouse so you don’t have to deal with customers who pay your bleeping salaries. Prepare yourself, when I came out of highschool I didn’t have to work in fast food and if I did, I didn’t make my bed than blame customers for my shitty decision.

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