Hillary vs. Obama, Is Hillary A Racist Or Is Obama A Sexist?

Someone over at Antiquiet.com wrote a pretty good post titled Let’s Just Keep Shitting On Black People And Women .

bill and hillary clinton racists

I left some long winded comments, but I want you people to go there and read it and leave some comments also. Please leave comments here too so that I can attack your hastily cobbled political beliefs.

Because I just don’t notice that kind of thing,  It didn’t occur to me that Senator Obama was a black guy and Senator Clinton was a woman, but now that a trusted news source has pointed this out (antiquiet.com)  I’m starting to get the feeling that the Democrat Party did this intentionally.

Because i’m not sure if it’s worse to be a racist or a sexist, i’m not sure who to say i’m voting for. For instance, if i’m hanging out with some people whose go-to conversation is the stupidity and unnecessary greed and evil of President Bush (strange how one can be a motard AND diabolical, btw) I usually have to pretend that i’m a Libertarian. This is not because i’m afraid to stand up for what I believe in, I just hate when some person whose political education consists of a few Michael Moore movies and some episodes of The Daily Show starts shouting at me. Liberal Democrats are otherwise pretty openminded and peaceful so long as you agree with them.

Your comments please.

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  1. Angela: Condi would’ve been an excellent pick for that, but she’s probably too smart (and not enough of an attention/power-whore) to want to run for office

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  2. Political talk can sometimes come between friendships or relationships. I avoid it like the plague.

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