Internet History Lesson #43: Hello My Future Girlfriend

“Hello my future girlfriend, this is what I sound like”

These words haunt all who hear them.

In the old days, internet memes weren’t made as deliberately as they are now. This is a great example. I wonder what this kid is up to now. With the confidence and bedroom voice like this i’m sure he’s pulling his share of wool.

Most people who have experienced this particular meme did so through newgrounds extensive library of flash parodies. It originated as a yahoo page in an attempt to get a young mulet boy a girlfriend. Though the original site has long since been taken down, it has been preserved by for all to see.

I miss you, early days of the internet.

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  1. He actually turned out to be gay. Check the forums on the site you linked, they post his myspace there, and he’s gay.

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  2. See, shit like this are times when I hate having a common first name. By the way, I went to his MySpace posted by andyfox there, and it lists his orientation as gay now.

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