Is 4chan dead?

Oldfags have been saying for years that 4chan is dead and that newfags are ruining it.

I think that while they’ve been saying this for eternity, they may be right soon.

Let me explain:

4chan was once comprised of the “bad boys on the internet”, and they often did behave in ways that outraged people and made images that people thought were disgusting.

But like with anything else, soon the rebels cause the mainstream to shift in their direction. Then the rebels have to shift further in a direction that they may be uncomfortable with, and instead of finding a new place to hang out, simply realize that 4chan was apart of their youth, and that the mainstream accepting your youthful passion is a sign that your youth is behind you. Mission accomplished.

They move on to other things like business, IRL sex or actual friendships.

What happens to 4chan? Well it subsists on rehashing old memes and lols, sometimes directly, sometimes by imitation until it is no longer a forum for a very certain kind of joking, nastiness and snarkery but instead a museum for such things. A repository. Archive the good shit, let google crawl it and put a lock on it.

Who knows. I outgrew 4chan a long time ago, and I think it is full of newfags now, but maybe that’s the circle of life and 4chan will be fine: every fag is new once.

Here’s some chans:

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  2. oh man that sucks, if 4chan is gone i might have to go an hero. i loved that site, it kept me busy and i guess its better than giving it to the governments but getting rid of 4chan would be a bad move on moots part i think, if he was suied anon army and all the /b/tards out there would call the lawyers and ask for battletoads 2

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  3. Damn, I wasn’t crazy about 4chan, but without it, all the 4channers are going to spill over into other sites and ruin the internet (ok maybe not) but its really annoying on other sites.

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  4. He won’t be successful in Japan. The competition here will eat him alive.

    And when his money is gone, the girls will be, too. He’s better off importing yaoi for horny fat girls.

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  5. you guys are dumbasses.
    MrCervix’s comment was copypasta. that exact paragraph has been posted a shit load of times. raptor fuckin’ jesus, people.

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  6. Dead because ALL the furfags and whiny little fucks can’t handle a little bit of humor and reality.

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  7. The circle of FAIL is almost complete. Anime porn is also neither funny or arousing. Shit just go find a real japanese chick. I was never part of 4 chan, I discovered it way to late. Anon are by far the best thing out of 4chan. Anyone like Mudkips???

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  8. i am sad to report that 4chan, much said “dead” b4 now, is now truly dead. Not just on 4chan…all over the tubes.

    earlier today, or, actually, about 2 days ago, a cat was severely disrespected. This, in the past would have caused…ahem…”that place”…to shit brix..instead, i found no more than 2 threads over 12hrs…and most of those threads were filled with infighting and trolls…the media coverage over recent (sad) raids has destroyed what was. /b/ is done. (say it, ass. say “rules 1&2”. THEN GO TO YOUR MIRROR AND CHANT “IT’S 2006. IT’S 2006…” there is no 4chan anymore. just a fukt place of underage b&’s, no respect, and fail

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