Is Paula Abdul On Drugs?

I’m watching American Idol and Paula Abdul is a blathering mess. She eye-humps every male performer, looks like shes going to cry, and then gives them all the same compliments. She’s definitely drunk but also probably on drugs.

If I had to guess i’d say shes on the following combination:

  • 4 tequila shooters
  • 1/2 gram of cocaine
  • 1 sleeping pill (ambien brand)
  • 2 valium
  • 2 shots of nyquil

Man how do they let her on stage like that? I wonder if she’ll bone another contestant this year? If so, let that contestant be me.

Also I want to add that I like when the contestants cry during their interviews.

Aw trying to be famous is all hard and hurty.

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  1. 4 Simon and the rest not to notce they would need to be on something. To be honest she is the only real entertainment on this poorly edited,manufactured cheese fest. She gives hope and credibilty to all drug users.We already know who they wanna win, the very poor Axle Rose scream alikey. Go FOX

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  2. Barleypants I wholeheartedly agree. This show has gotten so cheesy. After everyone ripped the whole bring your parents to the gameshow gag they stopped that but you still see those slackjawed yokels out in the audience, crying and drooling.

    Hope and cred to all drug users. ha ha

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  3. Have a look at everything she’s been through from a reliable source, and you’ll feel regret for your postings.

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  4. Every time I watch American Idol Paul Abdul always seems to have glazing eyes like she is drunk or on something. She always messes up her words, I would like her to be honest and let people know if she has or has not got a problem with addiction because she never use to be like this

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  5. Oh yeah, she´s definitely using some hard core shit, that´s why they had to to have a fourth judge cause this one just loves her crack!

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  6. I don’t usually comment on these but I have to agree! she looks completely out of it!

    Her speech has become very strange too.. She doesn’t give out advice anymore, rather than saying fortune cookie quotes such as:

    “Your path to greatness is around the corner”

    Simon Cowell even looked around and said what?

    She won’t last much longer on here I recon, not with the new arrogant judge on there (Forgotten her name, I just call her young paula.)

    Anywho, bored now.


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  7. Ass-up on a throw rug willing to do anything for approval, or digging through your purse for love-me’s, it’s all good to me, Paula. We all want you to protect yourself from your daddy issues after we’re finished.

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