It’s 2008, Can We Put File Transfer Down For A Nap And Use Links Pls?

I had this conversation just now:

[20:40] Connie Park: have u seen a pic of my husband?
[20:40] andyfox1979: yeah
[20:40] andyfox1979: he looks indian
[20:40] Connie Park: he’s half korean and half white
[20:40] andyfox1979: wha
[20:40] andyfox1979: let me see another pic
[20:41] andyfox1979: i clearly remember an indian guy
[20:43] Connie Park: you declined
[20:43] andyfox1979: send me a link
[20:43] andyfox1979: dont send me a goddamned file what is this 1998
[20:43] Connie Park: :(


Come on people. It’s not 1998. If you want to send someone a file save everyone some time, upload it once (all kind of photo hosting options, FLICKR is one of the better ones) and then copy and paste the link into the email/IM/website.

My Mom is the worst about this. If my work Outlook is choking on one 18MB email I know my mom is trying to lay some photos she took (and didn’t resize) on me.

These people don’t understand that they can store files online. They probably think they can only check their webmail at home because they used AOL for so many years.


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  1. [20:50] Connie Park: hmm…ok
    [20:55] Connie Park: any other suggestions besides rosarito?
    [20:55] andyfox1979:
    [20:56] Connie Park: you’re such a jerk
    [20:56] andyfox1979: haha
    [20:56] Connie Park: stop posting stuff that I IM you about
    [20:56] andyfox1979: ok
    [20:56] Connie Park: :(
    [20:56] andyfox1979: i won’t do that anymore

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  2. put a photo on flickr every time I want to show it to someone? F that noise. there’s nothing wrong in principal with the idea of directly sending someone a photo (especially if you just want to send it to one person, not the whole world.) the real travesty is that all the myriad chat clients still don’t have a standard way to share files, so you get bogus “declines” like that.

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  3. It’s a pain in the ass uploading every fuckin’ picture just because your computer is slow, that shit takes time and effort. No one else I know has this problem. Delete some of your pr0n or get a memory upgrade, asshole.

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  4. Well, say you’re picture is 1mb and you have 10 friends you want to send it to. That means 1mb times 10 = 10mb of bandwidth upload you’re going to have to eat up. However, if you upload to an image hosting type site like flickr, then you upload once and simply paste the link to your friend and they can eat up the download bandwidth. Generally DSL is asynchronous which means you can download at a much faster rate than uploading. So not only are you slowing down the servers by uploading, but you’re also wasting peoples time by waiting. This is also assuming that your friends receive the image the first time, but since packets can fail you will most likely have to send the image over two or more times for at least one friend out of 10.

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  5. downloading a picture doesn’t require a fast computer…It’s just a hassle, especially if the files are huge.

    Why would anyone want your picture on their HD? Im looking for an important file and i see the dick you shooped into John Mccains hand and something clever in Impact font, yeah, that won’t make me so pissed I go and burn down an orphanage or anything…

    Junkyard and Tom are wrong. If you agree please hurl insults their way.

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  6. meh… P2P file transfers are still very relevant today and should be even LESS of an issue with the ubiquity of broadband internet access these days. Especially when someone is merely trying to send you one picture! You would probably use as much or more bandwidth navigating to a site like flikr and viewing the photo there.

    For albums of photos, larger files or things you wanna show off often, sure, upload them. For one off, spur of the moment situations like your scneario above… why bother to complain at all??

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