Lake Tahoe: Various Bodies And Other Items Floating At The Bottom?

I’m going to Tahoe for a wedding  this weekend. This is probably the fortieth wedding i’ve been to in the last two years, and I really like weddings, though it’s reminding me that i’m getting to “that age”;  but I don’t want to talk about that right now.

I want to talk about a story I heard on a fishing boat there a few years ago. This guy named Chuck owns and operates the charter service, does a pretty good job helping you catch big trout and tells some good stories.

Now I’m not sure if he told us this story just to make the experience richer or whatever, but after a few searches I see that it’s a well-known story and there’s not much definitive information about it one way or another. Since I know some pretty intelligent people read this site (2 subsribers from Harvard, 1 Caltech faculty and 1 regular reader who works at NASA) I thought i’d repeat the story and get some feedback.

The Story: 

A relative of Jacques Cousteau once obtained a permit to explore the bottom of Lake Tahoe, with it’s average depth of 1,000 feet (304M). Because Lake Tahoe sits on the border of the states of California and Nevada it’s governed by the federal government (common practice to avoid states bickering over bodies of water, parks, monuments, etc).

According to Chuck, Tahoe’s land and especially its’ water is a bureaucratic mess: 

  • The US Forest Service Is In Charge Of The Shores Of Lake Tahoe
  • The Coast Guard is in charge of the surface area of the water
  • Dozens of municipal and state water associations are in charge of the water underneath the surface

Because of this, in recent times there’s been trouble when a helicopter or airplane wants to scoop up water to fight a nearby forest fire: nobody is sure whom to ask permission.

Back to Cousteau.  Sometime many years ago Cousteau’s relative (I have an idea, let’s say it was his Son so I dont have to keep typing Cousteaus Relative!)  was able to talk California and Nevada (and presumably the federal government) into allowing him to explore the bottom of the lake, possibly to look for Tahoe’s Loch Ness monster, Tessie. He would then write a report or use film footage to make a documentary. This detail was fuzzy.

So Cousteau’s relative makes the dive and a day later comes to the surface and is very shaken up. After much pressing he finally says that “there is no monsters— everything I saw I could explain but it was the most horrific thing i’ve ever seen.”

According to Chuck and therefore local legend, Coustea’s Son descended several hundred feet and saw nothing unusual: fish, rocks, various crap floating around— lake stuff. After continuing his descent to around 1,000 feet Cousteaus son began to see an appalling scene: a floating graveyard of perfectly preserved human bodies, fish, boats and ordinary items thrown in too: apples, signs, furniture.

Cousteau’s submarine went right by a perfectly preserved Washoe Indian from the 1800’s, wearing a leather loincloth and looking like he should be standing in front of a cigar shop. This indian fella was staring right into Cousteau’s submarine.

At this moment, Cousteau had seen enough and came to the surface.


Ok. So I think this is possible because there are some parts of the ocean where its so cold and anoxic that fish don’t even have fucking eyes, so I can believe that it’s possible. On the other hand, if this was the case wouldn’t every fish that ever died (and wasn’t promptly eaten) be down there? And also, if there was this terrible scene down there it would be like the highest grossing documentary ever filmed if someone went down there and pointed a camera at the indians and olden furniture and all.

Imagine if there was like an ice cream sandwich floating around down there all perfectly preserved. How funny would that be.

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  1. This is a variation of a popular myth. The original myth was that Jacque himself went down and actually filmed, and when came back up he said, “The world isn’t ready for what’s down there,” and never released the footage. Many speculated that what he saw was a watery mass grave since the area was once notorious for mob activity.

    The Nevada State Library and Archives has stated that there is no record of Jacque Cousteau ever having visited Tahoe, much less having mounted an underwater expedition.

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  2. Dude! I have heard this story too and it creeps me out! I am going to Tahoe tomorrow…….. I don’t think I can go swimming! I heard a story about a woman’s body that came to the surface and they thought she was a recent drowning victim, but couldn’t figure out who. Then, someone noticed her bathing suit looked odd. Turned out she was from the 20s, but had been perfectly preserved!

    True or not, I am already too freaked out…. always have been. Spookey Stuff! Let me know if you hear any more!

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    • I work with a Butte County search and rescue employee who has direct second hand knowledge about this topic and this is what he had to say: He once did a search in the Tahoe area and through working relations was introduced to a long time fire chief in Tahoe. This man confirmed that he had himself responded to the lake on a report of a “floating body” in the lake. What he found was remarkable. In the water there was a Native American Indian female fully clothed in traditional ceremonial dress as described by Custeau or whomever. This is not a joke people.

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  3. There are a lot of the same stories about Lake Superior. It’s so cold and deep
    no one will ever know what’s down there. The saying goes “The big lake never gives up her dead” Not stories about murder victims, but plenty of boats. Jacques Cousteau did actually go there, tho, back in the 70’s and they did find wreckage of the Edmund Fiztgerald.

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  4. Skinny smoking french scuba fruit sees corpse at bottom of lake tahoe….finds it was his reflection in port hole

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    • Fat drunk american faggot writes comment on random blog…. finds he can use his hands for something else than masturbation.

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  5. my dad lives in tahoe and since i was 10 yrs old, i have geard this same myth. i wouldnt doubt there being perfectly preserved bodies down there. after all, the lake is 68 degress yr round at the surface, imagine how cold it is 1,000 feet down. there are probably many old indians down there as well as horses, cattle and probably some old mobsters. the governmant should launch a huge clean up of the lake bottom and see what they can find. i doubt we would be told exactly what they would come across. but still interesting thinking about twhats down there.

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  6. I have lived in Tahoe for 12 years and personally know Chuck. This is NOT a myth. There are literally thousands of bodies down there and they are perfectly preseved. Chuck, the man in question, has pulled up a scalp and a forearm and sent them to UC Davis medical lab for carbon dating. They were from the middle and late 1700’s. Also, the lake is a chilling 52degrees fahrenheit in the summer. It is totally logical to think that the depth of 900ft. or more could be only one degree above freezing. Skeptical? Go to the lake with a thousand feet of line and a weight. Let it sink to the bottom and pull up what you can snag. If you don’t have th balls, just leave it alone, because you really don’t know.

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    • Right on Chris! I know Chuck to and he isn’t lyeing. Our families grew up together and you won’t find a better honest man and friend than Chuck Self! People do your research…Drop your line like Chris said if you have the guts too!

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  7. I just got back from Tahoe today. I too went on the same boat with the same “Chuck” and heard the same story. I was trying to find some details about this story. Evidently I will find many versions but no answers.

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  8. ok i have heard all the stories….my great grandfather had grown up on lake tahoe for his whole life…our family still lives there to this day. im tired of all the pricks that say there arnt preserved bodies of kinds at the bottom of the lake. recently a group of divers and marine biologists created a underwater sumbmerciable water craft that goes down to the deepest depths possible. They(at the moment)are planning a voyege to the bottom to prove all the stories true… will be funny if the extreme leftist liberals will allow the news to be broadcasted when they find the bodies. trust me there are things down there that will bring back the dark thoughts of the past

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  9. doug i love that you think the liberals will be pissed when they find dead bodies down there. it’s such a non-political issue, but when it comes to liberals you can’t ever be too sure.

    keep me posted on how that exploration goes.

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  10. I live on the North shore of Lake Tahoe and have heard this story forever. The lake is so deep and so cold that when bodies sink, they often do not come back up. I find this story very plausable, if a little exaggerated. I can’t wait until we can see some footage of whats really down there.

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  11. I find this story facinating (and I hope we get to the bottom of it)…ha ha! What if the whole floor is littered with bodies of old dead liberals or relatives of Pelosi or Boxer, and the like. who knows
    maybe at last we will find Obama’s birth certificate.

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    Here’s Obama’s birth certificate… sorry to ruin it for you. Pretty easy to find too. Verified by Hawaiian officials and by newspaper announcements from when he was born.

    Oh… wait. I meant to say that it was a conspiracy set up by Nancy Pelosi. She had fake newspaper announcements created in Hawaii in 1961 because she knew that 50 years later he would be the liberal leader of the 21st century.

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  13. I live in Tahoe, Everyone here, the “locals” know this defiantly isn’t a myth and were so used to the idea i dont get why everyone thinks its so shocking. Its dumb to be scared to go swimming and wakeboarding, these bodies are a thousands of feet deep.

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  14. Sorry Andrew did not mean to touch a nerve. Please
    forgive me. Have you ever been to hawaii? and or
    Chicago?….Getting back to tahoe I would not be surprised if at the maximum depth of the lake we actually found signs saying “YOU HAVE NOW REACHED THE ABSOLUTE BOTTOM OF THE LAKE TAHOE REAL ESTATE MARKET!” Along with some old dems holding obama signs Ect…Ect…

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  15. Andrew, that was a “copy”, not the original. Why does he not produce the one and put an end to this.

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  16. And by the way I have skied in Lake Tahoe and done some swimming and it is cold. I was told that it stays between 48 and 52 most of the time.

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  17. Wow, I just happen to find this page. My father and brother live in Reno, NV and we went up to Tahoe for several days and went boating and swimming, had alot of fun. I came back home and someone i work with told me about stories she heard about whats at the bottom and I found this page in my research, Im very interested and gonna skim some other pages to see what I find. I been told that perfectly preserved chinese people where down there, from a past war, I dont remember which one sorry, maybe u can fill me in. take care

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    • Chinese? From a past war down at the bottom of that there lake? Ohh, that must have been the great Chinese/American “Rair”-road conflict of 1825 where we kicked China’s ass and made their people build our railroads.

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  18. i’ve been visiting lake tahoe all this week. my dad told me that there was a womans body found floating around the surface in the 1960s or sometime around that. i wasnt sure if i believed him, because my dad likes to prank me a lot. soon i noticed that this ‘story’ interested him so i started to believe him. me and my bff desided to look it up on my daddys laptop. thx so much for posting btw, i couldnt find any other site that seemed to care. i think that anyone that says its just an old fishtale is afraid that an underwater graveyard is very possible indeed. :) i think that its foolish to say that theres no way dead ppl are down there, even though the thought freaks me out since i was just swimming in there 2 hours ago. in conclusion, i believe that there is at least one dead body perserved down there (or more… a lot more o.o)

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  19. I live in Omaha,Nebraska. Did you know that there are also reports of a ghost wearing clothes from the 19th Century,floating,just underneath the surface of the water? I’d love to take a mini-sub down there an take a look around,for myself! But Tahoe’s Loch Ness Monster is real,though. In fact,the locals call it “Tessie”. I’ve also got a question. Do you think it’s possible that Tessie could be a plesiosaur? Please tell me wether you think that’s possible,or not.

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  20. If only the Mythbusters would send a camera down there this would not be a myth anymore. But i guess they have no balls or just like stupid myths…

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  21. And bottles and cans.

    Maybe there’s a wormhole or a stargate down there.

    I think, I’m going to put a porkchop in a jar of spring water, and then in a coffee can in the back of my fridge which is cold enough to freeze water at times. I’ll check it once a year and I’m guessing it won’t look like a porkchop in 20 years.

    Lake tahoe is filled with water, not formaldehyde. Decomposition I think would be slow, but not absent completly. The pork chop test will tell.

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    • Think for yourself. do some research on the studies of “nessie” and compare to the possibility of “tessie”. Obviously the locals would have a story like that. Communities next to large bodies of water always do. it is fun to think there are large lake monsters in the world but lets be reasonable. Anyway, do you think you are going to get a serious answer from anyone visiting this site? Apparently there is no verifiable evidence for any of these claims yet.

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  22. I don’t have an opinion about why no one has addressed your insightful concerns over corpses you seem to believe have been floating just beneath the surface of Lake Tahoe since the early 1900’s. I have no idea why some may not respond to your hypotheses, which appear to imply thermal layers (thermoclines) operating to prevent decomposition and provide buoyancy. Since the waters of Lake Tahoe are quite clear, it also seems your theory encompasses a way thermoclines bend ambient light to obscures certain objects such as floating corpses. I don’t have opinions on any of these matters because they are beyond part of my education. It does seem your theories must be consistent with what you believe is a significant knowledge of physics, and it seems you believe you can accurately calculate these effects several hundreds of miles away Lake Tahoe (eg, in Omaha, NE).

    To me, your hypotheses seem somewhat like how space travel was so accurately calculated even before it occurred. In other words, I’m impressed with your math. Accordingly, what I do have an opinion about, is that your hypotheses seem to reveal a unique, 99th percentile intellect, one which I can only admire from the safe distance of my own intellectual mediocrity. Understanding this imbalance, the question becomes why our unresponsiveness leaves you frustrated or annoyed. Can you appreciate your own brilliance and be generous around our lack of it? Stated otherwise, what is really being obscured by your apparent frustration, Mr. Marcus, corpses in a lake, or a genius from himself? And I ask you, Mr. Marcus which is the greater tragedy?

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  23. of course there are dead bodies, there are dead bodies in lots of lakes, the bigger the lake, the greater the body count (not that i researched it or anything it just sounds logical to me)
    but the picture of the indian could NOT be real… a dead, drowned indian wouldnt be standing on the bottom of a lake like he’s posing in a museum, and thats exactly what the picture looks like.
    maybe if he was laying on the ground with his hair and clothes messed up, i would find it more believable…

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    • umm like my name says im not bright but i aint dumb…well my dear try to RE-read the post…but umm i dont think its the ACTUAL native man in the picture…i think the writer put it in as an example…so maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe…you should um pay attention lol they said the native had a loincloth, and plus, this native is fully dry lol wake up buddy

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  24. I live in Chico
    and I too have heard this one

    This is a variation of a popular myth. The original myth was that Jacque himself went down and actually filmed, and when came back up he said, “The world isn’t ready for what’s down there,” and never released the footage. Many speculated that what he saw was a watery mass grave since the area was once notorious for mob activity.

    The Nevada State Library and Archives has stated that there is no record of Jacque Cousteau ever having visited Tahoe, much less having mounted an underwater expedition.

    – word for word including the quote ” ” word for word
    i agree that we should get a petition for someone to
    go down there and check it out.
    record all of it. and let everyone see with no
    restrictions or censorship.

    too prove once and for all if it’s true or not.

    i think it is.

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  25. Wow if these reports have an element of truth attached to them, that would be jaw dropping and utterly incredible. Perhaps what is needed is to copy
    the expeditions that have that have dived explored the “Titanic”. Submersible robotic cameras. The only
    problem being are the horrors that possibly await as
    the camera reveals those mysteries far below.

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  26. Visiting Pyramid lake this week and read that bodies have been discovered there that drowned in Lake Tahoe. This is disturbing but naturally I’m fascinated. Any thoughts on these supposed river channels that run underneath?

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  27. There are no preserved bodies in the Titanic and that’s in colder, deeper, saltier water. Same for sunken submarines etc, only the bones remain, so what’s so different about Lake Tahoe?

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  28. I’m no expert, but I think you will find that the ocean hosts many preadators as well as scavengers that have teeth,and unless they are quite elusive, Lake Tahoe does not have any. Here’s an idea: Can’t somebody build a crude, pressure resistant, watertight container to house a mino style camera, tether it to some good quality fishing line along with a capeable flashlight AND DRAG THE GODDAMN WATERS!

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    • There was a link to another posting which revealed that crayfish are quite abundant in the lake tahoe area. i did not care to research the capability for crayfish to exist in depths of up to 1000 ft. However it was suggested that any available flesh could have been consumed by these and other fish.

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  29. I and my wife honeymooned in Tahoe 5 years ago and we fished with Chuck, great time great guide. I have followed this story since we heard it on that trip
    It makes for a wandering thought process kind of like staring into the stars at night and trying to imagine what’s out there, Its nice to know there are still something’s we haven’t been able to dig up or screw up. Look at the dang mummy tombs being dug up all the time, leave the poor people in there graves.
    Although the mystery of the depths and the human nature of needing to learn more will eventually be opened as long as self will is around. So hop on board we are sailing to the edge of the ocean to see if it is truly flat.

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  30. Well I sincerely hope they do go down there. America say hello to your dark past.
    All that aside it’ll be of great archaeological and historical importance. Lake Tahoe definitely isn’t bottomless, that’s kind of idiotic. I’ve seen some scans of the topography of the lake.
    I hope it is a mass grave to be honest. Due to the wealth of information the bodies will hold, especially if perfectly preserved. Which I highly doubt.
    The presense of bacteria would logically indicate that decomposition would occur, Bacteria can survive on the ocean floor and in volcanic environments remember.
    Then, for the conspirifags, the quote ‘the world is not ready for….’ usually indicates bullshit. If we’re ready to maim and kill eachother in the most horrific ways then we’re ready to see bodies.
    A final thought……
    Though it would be a somewhat sombre and macabre scene, you go down and there are 1000’s of bodies perfectly frozen in time in an upright position almost as if an army of the ages is standing before you. I can imagine it each of them with that unblinking stare, watching. Marching through time.
    If this was the case, it’d be a sort of monument to the achievements of the human race. Death and destruction frozen in time.

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  31. I just Contacted Alexandra Cousteau … We’ll she if she has any useful information to offer.

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  32. I live on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. Yes, lots of stories, even in the school that my children hear from the teachers. I read the blogs, I swim in the lake, and even know that it is documented truth about the “rat Pack” and the Mafia up here and being hidden out at Crystal Bay before the Government found out.. The Railroad wars, the water rights war.. Hear it all. It is one of the most beautiful places to see. I live right by the coast guard. They are here for Rescue people! It’s a huge lake, and there is even a small tide that you are more than welcome to watch with your own eyes. Sometimes it looks like an ocean.

    I personally, like to spend alot of time researching the possibilities of preserved bodies. And from what I’ve read, people need to stop comparing the Titanic and Ocean to Lake Tahoe. Read from real Scientist on just how there really is more than likely an ability for preserved bodies in Lake Tahoe. The depths are beyond 1600ft. Divers don’t come close.. And very little equipment could do the job as well.. It’s fascinating, and could be very true.

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  33. There have been many accounts of bodies from the past floating up to the lake’s surface. I grew up in Tahoe, and unlike the Tessie story this one has some mirth. My brother was working for the sheriff’s department when he got a call of a woman floating up at Emerald Bay in late 1800’s/early 1900’s clothing…The idea is that since the oxygen level is pretty low at such cold depths, the bodies decompose very slowly, so I suppose that after they get a certain amount of gas from the decomposition process they are more buoyant and that is when they come to the surface…also there are supposedly the Chinese that worked on the railroads, and some people with cement shoes. Maybe there has been no evidence made to the public because of mob fears/bibes…either way, it is pretty interesting. I have heard a lot about fishermen pulling up body bits as well… there are supposed to be quite a few in Tahoe Donner as well…

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  37. Okay, the depth really doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that bodies don’t decompose in Tahoe, its a lack of certain bacteria needed. Also, bodies DO NOT FLOAT in Tahoe. The beginning of decomposition is what causes them to float. Since they don’t decompose, they don’t float.

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  38. I am a French citizen and worked for the Cousteau family for several decades. I am the Godfather of several Cousteau grandchildren. I have personally viewed the film taken at the bottom of Lake Tahoe and confirm that the stories are ABSOLUTELY TRUE. The bodies resemble wax figures; there are many, many of them. Mr. Cousteau- in his will- ordered that his film not be released to the public until 2015. So, it will become public in just a few years.

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    • I am a personal family friend of the Grand children of the Dallas police chief that investigated JFK’s assasination. They stated that what he found out America was not ready to hear. He indicated in his will that he wants the shocking information released to all citizens in 2013, so we just have to wait a couple more years and you will know all!

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    • Now this poster has finally (and unwittingly) produced a plausible scenario. Plastic or wax sculptures / mannequins could be made neutrally buoyant, such that they hover just below a thermocline. They would be virtually unharmed because the water would not penetrate the plastic/wax for many years / decades.

      Signs, furniture, and apples? I’m guessing these would be on the bottom, except for apples. You can’t make real apples sink.

      Unfortunately, real flesh would decompose fairly quickly. Enzymes and bacteria that are always found inside the human body would begin the process as soon as the body shuts down. Dead bodies begin to float because they become bloated with gas created by bacteria that is inside the body before death. In fact, the bacteria in your intestines starts to rot the food you eat before you absorb all of the nutrients. You don’t need large fish or even crayfish to start decomposition. Any bottom feeder will do.

      On top of that, flesh absorbs water. If you could somehow kill all of the bacteria and bottom feeders in Tahoe, the flesh would still be falling off the bone after a while. (Try the pork chop suggestion above for a few weeks, and you will question the term “well-preserved”.)

      Dead bodies? Sure. Maybe lots of them. Maybe there’s a whole gang of railroad workers, chained together (“tricked” while in chains to go get paid? Really?). Maybe there are some victims of a mob hits, scorned lovers, or a boating accident. Maybe some frontier justice (because drowning them is cheaper and easier than building a gallows).

      Thousands of perfectly preserved bodies, and one spontaneously floats up after ~40 years? Retarded. If you believe that tale, I would love you to contact me to help get my gold bars out of Nigeria. I just need your bank account info, SS#, mother’s maiden name, and signature on this power of attorney document…

      But what do I know? Maybe aliens are using an advanced gravity control device to hold the bodies under. And maybe they have some sort of death ray to kill off any flesh eaters. And they regularly wash away the detritus falling from above so that the bodies aren’t buried in silt, dust, leaves, dead fish, fish dung, motor oil, fishing lures, beer cans, etc. And the washing process doesn’t harm the already loose flesh.

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  39. i was born and raised in Tahoe (south lake)and i grew up hearing these stories.
    here is my warning, be careful who you beleive when they say they are officials or whatnot. weather it was Jacques Cousteau or not, the government immediately seized any and all footage.
    personally i feel that it is quite possible for bodies of Indians of countless bodys the mob dumped in north lake to stick around.
    this reminds me of the woman that drown in lake Tahoe and they found her body in pyramid lake. i believe there are many underwater water ways that could possibly stretch for miles in any direction that could carry or hold the frozen bodys of these individuals. whatevers down there the government doesn’t want you to know.
    feel free to contact me with your theorys or thoughts at

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  41. Well folks they have just found a well preserved body of a diver that had been 270 feet down for 17 years. So there may be some truth to some of these stories.

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  42. the story that i heard was that cousteau saw hundreds of dead chinese railroad workers chained together. didn’t hear that they were floating or anything like that. just that they were drowned in the lake after being tricked into boarding a boat to cross the lake and collect their pay. they were pushed into the water and drowned instead. the railroad killed them rather than pay them.

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  43. Ditto above. They just found a preserved body in the lake that’s been down for 17 years! Funny I just read all the above posts most of which were positive we were idots for thinking crawfish and the like would make it impossible for a body to remain preserved over long periods of time. All the psuedo scientists talking about decomposition rates and gases, etc. “An intelligent person knows when they don’t know”. The truth is out there…..bwahahaha!

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  44. Yes, they did find the perfectly preserved body of a diver who died 17 years ago. Can’t wait for the documentaries. Yes, that would be a great Mythbusters episode Do a quick search of Donald Christopher Widecker, 44, who sank on July 10, 1994!
    Crazy stuff!!!

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  45. Some of these comments are so hilarious to me. “The world” is well-acquainted with mass graves and atrocities, so how is it “not ready” and why would Jacques/his relative/the government be covering it up? I don’t doubt there are plenty of bodies down there but you guys with your elaborate theories are being a bit silly and/or gullible.

    Seriously you guys should read what you’re posting, with the way this discussion is going I’m honestly amazed no one’s stepped in to post their pet theory about he discovered Atlantis or a frickin’ spaceship or something.

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  46. ADIPOCERE… nasty stuff that happens when a corpse immersed in cold, alkaline positive water just is PICKLED and basically turns into soap. In most cemeteries it is THE single most recurring reason workers quit after a exhumation, I bet most people would. in fact recently in Switzerland a corpse from the mid 1700 was recovered from a lake and guess what, the adipocere was starting to mineralize to the point of beginning to fossilize the body, just like some dinosaurs in museums. it is a perfectly natural and very common chemical process, that is why the bodies actually stop decomposing and eventually slowly turn into … fossils.ösch/Papers/803327/_Brienzi_-_the_Blue_Vivianite_Man_of_Switzerland_Time_since_death_estimation_of_an_adipocere_body

    by the way there is the diver’s corpse story

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  47. I saw a creepy, spooky things while back there was an Erie light,it was underwater and it was changing colors every now and then it was moving around to, I couldent sleep the rest of the night. Can anybody please tell me what it was?

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  48. Ok I’ve done some studding since yesterday on this and I’m starting to wonder if it was a ghost. What do think, a spooky light hovering underwater, moving around at Clark Canyon Dam in Montana?

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  49. How come all the spooky things have to happen to me, oh ya, hi I’m back again, a month later, I just remembered that my grate grandpa once told me about a town at the bottom of the dam that they flooded it for irrigation, a family didn’t hear the news though, and drowned in their sleep. But, their spirits arose from the dead and draged the people that flooded the town down to the bottom of the lake. Their spirits haven’t rested yet, it’s an old legend but I think that light is one of them. In fact I was riding in the car by there earlier today and I blacked out and thought I heared vieces in my head I woke up and they sayed I was staring straight ahead and was muttering, like I was fighting with myself. They said it has happened before.

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  50. I am building a camera exoskeleton at the moment, it is in the design phase. I will send it to the bottom of lake Tahoe in 2013. I am working on locations within the lake I will send it any suggestions?

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  51. Hello guys. I have read all these comments and it is very interesting. My dad was in a boating accident in 1986. When searching for his body and 2 others- them nor the boat could even be found!! Here it is 27 years ago and still nothing;-( was just thinking since there is so many locals on this comment site that someone would know of a person or have a contact number who I could get in touch with to see if there has been any sort of info. Would really like to speak with someone. It is hard loosing a family member but loosing a family member and having no body makes there to be a lot of questions!! 573.690.1453
    Thanks in advance!!

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  52. Nice to see so many believers. What an intriguing mystery. I too wonder why the Federal Government(who owns the lake) hasn’t given in to curiosity and funded an expedition or why Discovery/National Geographic/Travel Channel haven’t requested permission to do a documented, filmed dive? I think we all have a right to know the truth about what’s down there and if for no other reason, closure for families and locals.

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  53. Oh almost forgot to ask. Is it a coincidence the Tahoe Lake is “owned” and under control by the Federal Government and has it always been since we purchased it from Mexico?

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  54. When I lived in Tahoe in the early 70’s there was a missing un identified body pulled up by a fisherman. They showed a sketch on the news of a women dressed in like an indian of the early 1800s. They thought she had maybe been to a costume party and fell in the lake. They were trying to find out who she was! Then they figured out she was actually a 150 yearish preserved corpse! I remember it well as was pretty weird. I was telling someone about it when I found this site trying to find out if there was something on here about it.

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