Marine Corps Language And Slang Lesson Part 1

Marines practically have their own language, whether you know it or not. This strange language tends to confuse and confound civilians, hooahs, and zoomies alike. The usually insane amount of swearing tends to offend most. I figured I’d share this with all of you clueless ones out there. If you have virgin eyes/ears or are easily offended, I suggest you not read this suck it up. I’ve been a reader of Misanthropy Today for a while and I wanted to contribute something. Outside the military circle, people know me as Rob and I’m a Marine stationed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.


Here’s a compiled list of words, phrases, and facts that I’ve collected over my brief adventure as a US Marine:

deck – floor or ground
bulkhead – wall
scuttlebutt – drinking fountain or gossip (not too commonly used)
portholes – windows or glasses
head call – to “go to the bathroom”
hatch – door
head – bathroom
go fasters – running shoes
racing stripe/retard stripe/fag strap – glow strap (used for PT)
cover – hat
rack – bed
overhead – lights
OORAH – What Marines say. The most kickass phrase that can be used in nearly any situation. “Kill Hadji babies!” “OORAH!”
inkstick – pen
suck – mouth. “Shut your fucking suck, recruit!”
penis peelers/dick skinners/paws – hands
moto – motivation/motivational “That’s moto.”
squid – Any member of the Navy
zoomie – Any member of the chAir Force.
moto material – Porn!
moto call – the punching of one’s clown, often while checking out some moto material
7 day store/shoppette – a convenience store (known as a 7 day store by Parris Island 3rd Battalion Marines. [Oorah!])   “Let’s go down to the 7 day store.” “What? The shopette?” “Yeah. That.”
Grrwee – The exaggerated crumpling of another Marine’s cover (hat) while emitting a vicious “GRR”, then  animatedly throwing it as far as possible with a high pitched “Wee!!” (Gotta love Hollywood Marines!)
The word “fucking”- replaces the word “um”, “well” or “please”
fangs – teeth  “Wake up, shit, shower, and brush your fangs.”
clusterfuck/gagglefuck – unorganized mess  “That’s right. Let’s make one huge gagglefuck.”
blue falcon – buddy fucker. A Marine who is a selfish bastard.
hooah – A term for any Army personnel, named for that strange hurling sound they often emit, even when unprovoked. / Trying to say Oorah with cock in mouth.
moonbeam – flashlight
motivator – A highly motivated individual who seeks to motivate others with his motivation which exists even in sleep. Everything to a motivator is motivated, i.e. motivated PT, motivated nap, motivated head call, etc.
motard – Someone who is highly, yet stupidly motivated at all times. Motards often travel in small packs and are often seen being overly moto about something small or ridiculous, usually shouting “Oorah” or “Kill Hadji Babies” frequently and loudly, even when nobody is around. They have no off switch and two volume settings: Loud and Motard Loud.
“Cock and balls!” – a phrase screamed when the person in front of the formation is not using their man voice, signifying they should reach down, grab hold, and sound off. Never to be used when the person in front of the formation is an NCO or higher in rank, lest ye favor a thrashing about the head and shoulders.
Ninja Punch – Another way of saying NJP which is short for NonJudicial Punishment.
UA – Unauthorized Absence. Many know it as AWOL. Marines do not say AWOL.
CFK – Combat Fighting Knife. Marines do not used bayonets. This is not World War II.
boot camp waiver – Any Marine who generally sucks at life (as a Marine) (used in a semi serious/joking manner)  “Damn, that facing movement was heinous!” “Yeah, he must have been a boot camp waiver.”
shitbag/shitbird – Any Marine who completely sucks at being a Marine and would sooner fuck everyone around him than do like he is supposed to.
Napalm – It sticks to kids.

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