People Who Are Always Texting And Checking Their Phones

I used to do this kind of thing a lot.

But let me explain why it’s a bad idea:

The medium has become the message: because you have a cellphone  (don’t judge but– i have a Sidekick) it makes it seem like  you need to make calls. And send texts. And use the mobile IM program. Because you have it, you should use it. Something like that.

I was a bit of a skirt-chaser for a time and had a lot to administer to, but that aside, I didn’t need to be as annoying as I was with it. After the whole medium is the message thing came just good old-fashioned compulsion– and fucking with your phone all the time is a compulsion.

A girl I knew before said that she texted/checked her messages when she was in stressful situations because if she was around new people it showed them, subconsciously, that she knew other people.

Meeting new people is hard, your cell phone and everyone that it’s connected to can be sort of like a blankey. Children use blankies.  The other thing is that what you don’t realize when you’re constantly checking your phone, texting, etc is that you’re fragmenting every interaction and ruining any continuity.

Oh Sorry About That, Where Were We?

So if you go to your cell phone when you get anxious or nervous people will see this and either think that you’re a nervous wreck or that you have more important people to attend to. Whether you like it or not, this will offend people and it will rob you of any meaningful interactions.

If you have this problem, try only looking at your phone once per hour (unless it rings or something) and try to do it in private.

After that learn to turn your phone off while you’re asleep.

Then turn it off when you’re on vacation, or out with your group of friends and everyone is there.

The point is that leaving your phone on when you’re say, hiking, is stupid because if anyone calls–well, you’re hiking– and the conversation will go something like this:

You: Hello

Your Idiot Friend: What are you doing?

You: Hey Brian. I’m hiking

Brian: Oh, cool. Well i’ll let you get back to it.

You:ok bye

Brian: Bye, I love you

You: What? I’m not gay, man.

Brian: well you know, you said you were hiking and I just thought…


You see how useless this conversation was. No necessary information was transferred, and you not only broke up the continuity of your hike, and you also ruined any chances of telling your friend later about the entire hiking trip you took because they caught you in the middle of it. Not only that, but  you made your friend make a homosexual pass at you like some cell phone obsessed cocktease hiker.

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  1. There is nothing more annoying than the Blackberry folks. We have a few of them amongst our crew and they will undoubtedly end up on their phones texting each other or some other gay shit they do with those damn phones. Never mind that the other five people drinking together are all talking to each other and having a good time without the use of a cell phone, those four find themselves ignoring the rest of us and staring at their phones.

    On a similar note, all of this technology is dumbing us down and we’ll pay for it someday. How many phone numbers do you know off the top of your head anymore? I know I only have a few, the rest are all saved in my contacts and I wouldn’t know how to call them without my phone or my computer. I know that isn’t a good thing.

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  2. My phone has been broken for about a week and a half now. It texts, emails, IMs and calls people at random like 15 times in a row. Nobody has complained yet but seriously it cracks me up when I look at my phone and it’s doing stuff on its own. It’s also very annoying at the same time. Like I’ll call someone and the mute button will pop on and off or I’ll text someone and the word will be sent half way through. I guess I just needed to let that out.

    The other comment: People at work don’t refer to their phone as “my cell” anymore. People say stuff like “I’ll check my Blackberry” or “I’ll send it to you later on my Blackberry,” etc. weird.

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  3. Join me in the “Stop Chimping!” movement.
    ‘Chimping’ comes from photography circles, (it’s the act of checking out the shot you just took on the mini camera LCD screen) but I think we should appropriate it for a more productive use.
    Next time one of your friends is texting someone or surfing the web on their phone WHEN THEY SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION to something else (a group decision, a traffic light, etc.) tell them to STOP CHIMPING!!!
    Together perhaps we can stigmatize this annoying habit.

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  4. I have a friend who is always texting the same person whenever I’m around her. Her boyfriend. It annoys the living daylights out of me. She totally zones out on me mid conversation…for a person who’s not even there! It just drives me up the wall, I want to pull a Vesuvius. I wish she would just turn it off when we’re together. I basically can’t say anything because she makes it seem like I’m telling her to choose between the two of us. Even if I think said other person is a fucktard, I’m not saying that. She just needs to give it a rest. I was in the car with her for seven hours today…and I wanted to just crush that phone. I can’t take it!! Rant finished.

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  5. Oh and one other thing; truck drivers are starting to adopt the idea of talking while driving. I almost got ran over like 15 times the other day.

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  6. The other day, a guy was standing next to me waiting catch the bus, and the bus he was waiting for arrived, he stopped, texted 500 miles per hour, and the bus went away, after that he was pissed at the bus driver! FYFingI it’s your fault!

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