Steve Is Starting A Website!

Steve is frigging hilarious. The funny thing is, he’s probably also serious.

[15:05] recordscankill: i am starting a website

[15:05] AndyFox1979: <div class=”steves website”><hr />
[15:05] AndyFox1979: whats your website about
[15:05] recordscankill: exactly
[15:05] recordscankill: about something no other website is about
[15:06] recordscankill: well, on a level that many other simmilar websites are not on, lets say that
[15:06] AndyFox1979: like a mindblowing website
[15:09] AndyFox1979: man im on hte edge of my seat
[15:09] AndyFox1979: tell me what you GD website is about
[15:13] recordscankill: its for sober dating
[15:13] recordscankill: ever single site thats on the web related to sober dating looks like its created on geocities and is aimed at milddle aged people
[15:13] recordscankill: i am going to make a younger version
[15:14] recordscankill: and then become an alchy, start going to meetings and marketing my site 100%
[15:14] recordscankill: then i am going to quit my job, but keep drinking
[15:15] recordscankill: cause i am charging fuckers 29.95 a month like because the site has already weeded out all the fuckers on match, with their blah blah blah personality tests.
[15:15] recordscankill: ex-drunks dont care about personality, all they care about is meeting someone who isnt going to tempt them at any point in life with a vice they have previously kicked
[15:16] recordscankill: to ex alchys who are serious, will be much better than an ex alchy and a “non drinker” cause that non drinker will become a drinker come… new years, or a death in the family, or their birthday, then were is ex-drunk left?
[15:16] recordscankill: watching the person they match up with so well personalitywise, tossing back the rough stuff, while they are left to battle their demons on their own!
[15:16] recordscankill: its bullshit man
[15:16] recordscankill: and i want to cash in on it

Marketing his website at AA meetings! Haha.

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