The Occupy Wall Street Movement Is Really A Very Stupid Thing

You were probably wondering where your favorite misanthrope was while this latest hippie bullshit du jour was going on. I was where all of the people who were occupying Wall Street weren’t: at work. Honestly, I was hoping it would just pass and I could ignore it, but it seems to be picking up some steam, and this has put the pen back in my hand. This is the logical  illogical progression to the previous Tax The Rich! movement of a few months ago.

Like most hippie bullshit the goal is unclear but the enemy is omnipotent. For people who need a movement to follow behind, the best ones are those that will never end. What exactly do the 99% want? I’m not totally sure but I think they want the 1 percent’s money, preferably directly but more realistically filtered through the government.

A friend pointed me to a rather hilarious website today called WE ARE THE 99 PERCENT. This sheds some light on the wants of the 99% from the 1%.

Here is an example photo from this site of many photos like this with transcriptions underneath:


In this photo above you see a woman who was allegedly impregnated 5 times by one of the 1%ers, forced into a mortgage and is actively being snubbed by landlords.  I don’t mean to be unsympathetic or glib, because I really do feel for this woman on a human level, but I can’t imagine that this pitiful attitude is helping her or her 5 (!!) children.

  • How does she know that no landlords will rent to her?
  • Why is she looking at renting if she hasn’t been evicted yet?
  • Surely she can work some job?
  • Certainly there are government programs for a single woman with 5 children.
  • In a sense though, and I mean this compassionately, what message does it send to people like this if we blame the rich 1% for this woman’s impressive series of missteps?
  • Why does she think it’s their fault?
  • What help could this woman be given that would give her lift off and not just encourage her to make more mistakes or wallow in the rubble of her missteps?

Here are the wants of the above 99 percenter:

  • To not be fed lies
  • For her degree to find her a job
  • To not be in debt, depressed or struggling
  • No more unpaid internships
  • Not live at parents house
  • Stability
  • To not worry everyday
  • To have been foretold that life would be this way (difficult)

Seems reasonable. Let’s move to the next one.

Above is a man who doesn’t realize that there is no debtor’s jail and he can simply stop paying his credit card and save the cash. Of course that would mean that he wouldn’t be entitled to more credit cards (pretty good thing actually for someone who is broke) that charge him high interest rates which is probably why he doesn’t do what I just suggested. Also he’s not wearing any pants.

Former Idaho Senator Larry Craig upset about situations that i’m 100% certain didn’t happen overnight. There’s a tube of Elmer’s glue on the couch behind him. He looks like the type that likes the taste of glue from time to time.

This is a common thread and the irony is appalling: people angry that they paid a lot of money for an education and aren’t being paid corporate salaries to pay off their loans. Again, like credit card man above this chick should forget about that debt and start living. Smile, you just got a free $75,000 education. People in other countries who must have money to go to college would gladly step into your shoes, except they probably wouldn’t pick the dumb major that you did.

More education bubble woes. I’d wager that her “dream degree” was not in English. How is it the rich 1 percent to blame that she chose a degree that is not in demand? Having a child seemed like a great idea for a graduating senior?

This just in: students are usually poor and must make sacrifices for 4 years in order to get an education.  Up next: boiling water is hot.

Below this photo was this information supplied by the lady in the photo:

With no choice by to work for my mothers business, I have given up all hope in pursuing my dream. I never thought I’d be in this situation at my age. My parents moved here from Pakistan and had me and my brothers here in America hoping to raise their children in a better economy with opportunities and fulfilling dreams. But all we have gotten is grief and struggle. If we all stand together, we can change it all!!! NYer’s join me and on Wednesday October 5th at City Hall Downtown Manhattan, for a march to stand for OUR dreams!!!

Poor girl has to work for her mothers business— wha what? Her mother’s business? Hoping for  better economy and opportunities and fulfilling dreams?  Wait, so the Wall Street guys don’t want a better economy? They like a shitty and volatile stock market? Oh my god this is maddening.

Ok i’m done. I didn’t even handpick these . Go to that site and have a look for yourself.

The really frightening part of this is that all of this is just pure and simple envy. Sure there’s a lot of rich people in this country and sure they do evil rich people stuff sometimes, but every single one of these pictures are like examples of exactly what not to do. These people are mad that they have student loan debt without considering how fucking lucky they are that in this country you don’t need to be rich to go to college. The economy sucks because of the stupid mistakes of these exact types of people, not Wall Street.  These people felt entitled to a house and easy credit they only planned to pay off if they sold their house for twice what they paid for it. Too bad everyone had this idea and nobody was able to sell anything or pay back anything.

$30,000 in credit card debt? At $20,000 did it occur to them to stop using the credit card? This is insane that this type of thinking is considered some kind of progress.

i'm the 99 percent too!

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    • No, I am not one of the 99%. I am not a whining, snivelling pussy who is afraid to work for my wage. I enjoy having a job. I enjoy paying for my house that is worth less than I owe. I enjoy paying back my families student loans. I enjoy paying off the credit cards that my family used. I enjoy paying taxes to a government that I don’t agree with right now. Why? Because I am an American and understand that I am responsible for the choices I make. I chose to take out my mortgage. I chose to open a line of credit and to use the card for purchases. Because I made those choices, I am responsible to pay back the money I owe.

      Boohoo, it isn’t fair that I make thousands, while Buffet makes billions. I’m not jealous, it motivates me to try harder and to make more of myself.

      I’m guessing this entire post went right over your head because I didn’t blame anyone else for my situation.

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        • You seem more uninformed than anyone else here. Clearly we know that they are protesting the bankers— WALL ST. as you put it. It’s easy (and also stupid) to say that there are 1 Million people worldwide who support this. We live in a world of 6.8 Billion people. I’d imagine you could find 1M of anything in a worldwide populace like that, although I doubt your number still. Most of the Occupy crowd is an amalgam of all kinds of far left fringe movements who come out to any and all protests. It is an indication of nothing.

          Otherwise your comment says not much of anything and still doesn’t put forth a purpose or mission. “Protest the bankers”. Yeah, ok.

        • Ah, the “Fox News is stupid” retort! A modern classic! A liberal’s favorite automatic jab. No thought required. It’s really that easy to refute and shame your non-liberal opponent. So original, so meaningful. Yeah, you’re all just a bunch of Bill O’Reilly watchers. Burn. Almost as good as the “Do your research” retort: “This is good.” “No it’s not.” “Yes it is, do your research.” “Damn, you’re right, it is good.”

          Gotta love “All you idiots who thinks…”

          There’s definitely over 1 million people against the Occupy movement. What’s that mean?

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          • @Lisalamar: You’re right. I didn’t “prove” why those people depicted above in the photos are stupid. But I’m not sure if it’s something that is open to proof–it’s not science or math, you know. Maybe the best I can do is to say that it is stupid for people so vehemently to expect others to care about and take responsibility for poor decisions they have made. Perhaps you disagree, but it is very naive for you to expect me to “prove” such a claim though “something factual.”

            I would also add that it is not very intelligent to read things that are not there into your opponent’s claims. This is called the Straw Man fallacy. (You should Google it.) Examples from your response are the following: “‘United’ we stand right?” (I never said anything about being united); “patriotic as the rocks…” (I never claimed to be patriotic). And that nonsense about Justin Bieber–well, it just makes me realize that I would be wasting my time trying to communicate with you if it weren’t so damned entertaining.

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  1. Ah, classic form, Andy. Nice balance of photos and commentary, like ol’ times. Just the kind of post to put the miso back in misanthropy. God, people are stupid.

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        • I take it you didn’t mean to reply to my post above, as what you say here has nothing to do with my post. (Man, are the English skills of all 99%ers this atrocious, or is it just 1.5% of 97% of them?)

          I am the 108%

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          • Again – Relayer aka Misanthropy Yesterday. You don’t want your readers to know that if they comment, YOU will be the one coming back with a comeback. Aww what’s the matter? Can’t handle readers disagreeing with your site? That’s what this is about right? We talk about what we hate right? Lol

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  2. I was wondering when anybody was going to ask HOW these people seemed to get themselves into such dire economic situations. When is anybody going to call them out on their bullshit, the fact that they probably live beyond of their means, that they have more children than they can afford, that they probably weren’t financially stable enough to buy that big house and make their mortgage payments? As stated above, nobody held a gun to their head and forced them to mess up their lives.

    I’m a part of the 1% that wants Americans to take back personal responsibility. Let’s start taking the credit for our mistakes, and learning how to get on with life and make better for ourselves rather than pointing the finger and the blame.

    I’m part of the 1% because my husband is gainfully employed by one of those corporate beasts, and I got a degree that was useful and am making a living. At 25 and 26, we have been home owners for over a year in a neighborhood that we could afford, in a house that was below our initial budget, and we are comfortable. We don’t live like millionaires simply because we aren’t. We don’t blame other people for our mistakes. We’ve both been through periods of unemployment and we are also paying back student loan debt — nearly $1k per month. In two months, after four years of those nearly $1k payments per month, we’ll be done with them — it’s called paying back the money you borrow, because it’s not something you are entitled to! Our debt will be gone and we’ll only have our mortgage to deal with. We don’t use credit cards, we save, we buy used cars, we follow a budget, we appreciate what we have and we live on what we earn.

    It is truly that simple. At 25, I’m the 1%. I work hard for what I have, and I take responsibility for my own shit. You want a better life? Make it for yourself. Get off your ass and free yourself from the blame game. Get over the feelings of entitlement and go get a job.

    Thanks for your post.

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    • “I’m a part of the 1% that wants Americans to take back personal responsibility. Let’s start taking the credit for our mistakes, and learning how to get on with life and make better for ourselves rather than pointing the finger and the blame”

      Really? Thats a powerfull statement. Turn that around to the institutions ( I wont use the term corporation, you guys seem sensitive to that) who used money to buy influence to create laws that allowed them to gamble and piss away our money, only to be given it back with MAJOR tax breaks and incentives to try it all again.

      I agree… Work hard. Be responsible. Live within your means. Pay your bills.

      And demand that career politicians and greedy corporate scum bags do the same… problem very easily solved…

      Stop pointing fingers at people less fortunate then you. Because you are less fortunate then someone else and they laugh at you too… Only “they” are YOUR boss…

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    • You may not always be part of the 1%. I suppose you realize that…and I suppose when you experience downfall–as we all do–you also won’t be blaming others!

      We all have some fortune that is inherited–intelligence, health, a WWII generation that built all the infrastructure for us, etc. As well as other things we have to do on our own.

      I think the 1% meme is terribly ill informed precisely because it doesn’t distinguish between the retired couple with $400,000 in the bank after a life of savings, living on a fixed income, and a small house in LA that inflated to a million bucks, from the real problems in the economy. Not a net worth of $1.4 million (top 1% of assets). But the disconnect between wages and long term economic sustainability.

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  3. Rest of us need to make demands of the so-called 99%:

    poor people need to work
    poor people will get paid through the free market based upon what employers are willing to pay – this is how it works with everyone else so you can thin of this as new equal rights amendment!
    poor people need to start both working AND paying taxes
    poor people need to stop littering… trash on the side of the road always comes from shitty cars
    poor people need to shower daily
    poor people should stop being so damned fat, they are draining money from the economy through excessive healthcare costs
    poor people should stop crapping out an excessive number of kids they cannot afford… and then not investing the time to teach their children how to be constructive members of society
    when poor people find wealth, they need to invest as opposed to blowing their money then whining about it
    when poor people do get a prominent job with authority, they need to stop abusing their powers to push an agenda beyond the scope of their job… this includes nearly every HR person in corporate america, most of the federal and state govt employees in our country, and the wealthy liberal elite that run the banks
    poor people need to stop blaming others for their situation… every group of people has faced hardship in the evolution of man, it takes a very special kind of human to whine about it for hundreds of years as opposed to stepping up to the plate

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  4. “Whaaaaa…it’s not fair!” Bow many of these cuddly infants voted for the obvious latte’ Commie, Obama? Or will vote for Conservative Republicans, ever?

    No, they’ll just vote for Progressives, who promise them the same things that got them exactly where they are today, and then progressively worse.

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  5. Not sure what makes these folks think that times past have been all that easy…. It seems to me that we’ve been through difficult times before, and that those who well, spent their time wisely came out of those tough times in pretty good shape.

    As for who should pick up the tab for all of those who have made stupid choices… It surely “ain’t me”! I had a single mom at a Meet Your Congressman deal years ago cry about the need for housing assistance…because she was forced to live in an apartment! Well… My comment to the Congressman? Don’t expect me or those of us who didn’t make stupid choices pick up the tab, thank you!

    From what I can see of those who claim to be the 99% – They don’t represent even 10% of the population…..

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  6. Not sure what makes these folks think that times past have been all that easy…. It seems to me that we’ve been through difficult times before, and that those who well, spent their time wisely came out of those tough times in pretty good shape.

    As for who should pick up the tab for all of those who have made stupid choices… It surely “ain’t me”, nor those of us who are busy taking care of our families!

    From what I can see of those who claim to be the 99% – They don’t represent even 10% of the population…..

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  7. I’ve just stumbled on this post, but can I just say: THANK YOU for writing this.

    I just sat through an entire news program watching the OWS “leader” as he smugly dismissed politics and proclaimed that he’s “doing this” for EVERYONE. He made zero sense, but the internet is busy kissing his ass for being so bold and “putting those pundits in their place once and for all!!111!”

    I work hard every single day at a job that I am overqualified for, that pays me so little I have to live at home. But I love this job and what it represents, because I am paying off the loans that I took out for my useless degree, and someday I will be stronger for it. Stop whining, hippies. Get a job.

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    • “I work hard every single day at a job that I am overqualified for, that pays me so little I have to live at home. But I love this job and what it represents, because I am paying off the loans that I took out for my useless degree, and someday I will be stronger for it.” You are overqualified and under payed and you aren’t pissed off?? You’ll find that the only thing that you have to look forward to is retirement – if you’re still around til 65 of course. Have fun dying a poor fool who “work(s) hard every single day” to pay off a loan you probably took out many years ago.

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  8. For erasing debt its pretty simple if you dont wana be in debt dont get a loan its how banks make money, the whole point is you dont have the money to pay you borrow it and pay it back later the people sittin in wallstreet put themselves in there situation lifes hard but you have to work for what u earn they just want a handout are to be free there worried about the 1% of the rich and corperations but the corperations provide jobs, and make it so while there sitting there they can tweet on there nice phone which would be out of reach without the terrible cooperations, besides that i thought the idea of america and its greatness why immgrants even come here is the thought that anyone can come to are great country and with hard work and determination can become wealthy and make somthing of themselves, yes times are hard but a bunch of people doing nothing will not fix are change anything ,there are thousands maybe even a couple million followers but theres 312,326,000 people in America and there not even fraction they wont change promote themselves in a way that doesnt hurt are interfere with the lives of others and vote when its time they need to realize a government without congress is a dictatorship and stop forcing there beliefs on others because alot of us want change but over different issues and sitting causing a mess is not heltpin im open to any logical/rational debate

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  9. I would call this spot on, outside of the hippie statement. This isn’t hippie; this is lazy, entitled and coddled people that believe that they shouldn’t have to do anything and get paid for it.

    Go out and get a job! If there aren’t any where you live…move!

    Great post here!

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    • Just please don’t move to my community. We have enough lazy entitled coddled narcissist hipster and trustafarian ideologues already!

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    • Spoken like someone who has a job paying $50,000 a year or better that believes everything the government says. I’m not sure if you have ever taken an economics class or not but it’s a proven known fact that the actual unemployment rate is significantly higher than the stated rate. The so called 1 percent that are supposedly paying your salary and mine are not investing their money here because they can make a bigger profit elsewhere. I’m not saying I totally agree with the movement but we should all at least think about it.

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  10. Great set of posts. good for nothing lazy hippies, nobody told you to go buy a fucking 80 inch TV on credit or to have 5 or 6 kids that you cant afford.

    fucking asshats

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  11. Finally someone says it like they see it. While
    These entitled fucks are out there protesting the unemployment rate and bitching about all their debt they could be at least looking for a job? Day labor? It makes no sense. I’m 21 years old going to college too, but managed to stay out of debt because I had a bright idea that work, pays! No fucking way what a concept. These people realllly need to take a step back and fall off the edge of the planet. Why should I have to pay for lazy entitled people that had every opportunity and potential I had/have??????

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  12. 1. “Why is she looking at renting if she hasn’t been evicted yet?” You would wait til you were on the street to start looking for a place to rent?? Are you that much of a fool, Mr. Writer…
    2.” Smile, you just got a free $75,000 education.” Free things do not need to be payed back, once again Mr. Writer you have proved your lack of understanding and poor taste in humor.
    3.”This just in: students are usually poor and must make sacrifices for 4 years in order to get an education. Up next: boiling water is hot.”
    How many sacrifices have the 1% had to make? Not too many eh? Not even willing to pay their fair share of taxes wouldn’t you say??
    I could go on poking holes in this article but I’ll leave it at this.

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    • “How many sacrifices have the 1% had to make?” What? Oh, I think I know the answer. It’s 3, right? 3. The 1% have had to make 3 sacrifices. But you’re on to something here: 3 is not enough. Oh no, it should have been like 111 or something, just like the rest of us 99%ers. “Fair share of taxes.” Fair = the Tooth Fairy. Now think about that for a minute before you turn that cute little thumb down at me. “Poking holes?” You have done nothing of the sort. Certainly poking, Mr. Commenter, but no penetration, no depth there! But I bet it still feels real good to believe that you have made a hole, doesn’t it? 😉 Otherwise nice post.

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    • I agree that they 1% probably have not had to sacrifice financially, but sacrifice and struggle is what make us who we are. Many spoiled kids, as a result, have no sense of self or what they’re made of, other than their money and privilege.

      Why does it seem more and more that this whole movement is just plain envy? It’s like liberals hate rich people, yet are obsessed with money.

      Someone once said (too lazy to google) “Tell me what you hate and i’ll tell you who you are”

      • The top 1% of net worth in the US starts at around $1.4 million.

        For a couple in their 60s in SoCal, both working all their lives, living under their means, and saving, that would equal $400,000 in retirement savings, and a modest house in a nice neighborhood that gentrified/inflated to $1 million over the course of their 30 year mortgage.

        For you to say that they never made sacrifices is judgmental, wrong,

        This is part of what’s wrong with OWS. A bunch of idiots who don’t even know how economic reality, financial reality, and reality reality work for real working adults.

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    • “How many sacrifices have the 1% had to make?”
      I don’t want to attack you, but this is the way the world works. When you have something you usually don’t have to sacrifice anything. It’s been like this in America for hundreds of years.
      Farmers have food to eat.
      Dentist’s kids have nice teeth.
      Seamstress’ kids have their socks darned.
      Rich people’s kids have money.

      It’s not fair but we deal with it. I’m in med school (with $350K in loans at 6.8%). I have more student loans than anyone you know, I bet. I’m not complaining about it. I’m working my ass off so pay them. I’m not going into a specialty that I want. I’m going into one that’ll pay off my loans. I left 2 jobs that pay $60k/year combined to go back to school. Life’s hard. I deal with it.

      Everyone else has to make sacrifices: Go to school (and live in the student ghetto and eat like crap) or get a job. No one is forcing anyone by gunpoint to go to college for that “dream degree”.
      Go get a degree that’s marketable! Shouldn’t parents tell their kids that? Why do I have to be the one to say it?

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  13. Thanks for the insightful, sensitive article. You’re right, every single person negatively affected by the economic climate in North America is a stupid irresponsible hick. You hit the nail right on the head: the unemployment problem isn’t because the infrastructure is crumbling, it’s because people are fucking fat and lazy! I have food and a place to live (like most of my fellow posters), so those pesky complainers should just get back to starving to death.

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    • The infrastructure is crumbling because you have used it all your life, as your share of the multibillion-dollar inheritance of infrastructure built by the WWII generation’s labor and wages. But you never paid for your share of it.

      The infrastructure is crumbling because your generation chose debt to buy things, and inflated college degrees in stupid programs, over working, paying taxes, and building your own net worth up.

      Instead, you wanted to live like millionaires all your life, and your parents enabled that attitude. You gambled on Wall Street funny money and serial bubbles. You lost. Bank of America and Chase and all those evil bankers couldn’t possibly have done what they did, and destroyed the economy, if you hadn’t voted with your wallet and your ballot for the bubble economics model.

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  14. I love the last pic. Poor lass had to give up her, wait a minute, let me go back and read that… that’s right, her pet!! Oh shit. This is golden. And a one page resume at 28 years old! Other side probably just looks like this: “SKILLS: Blaming and bitching. REFERENCES: My Mom.” I think rich people should give her just enough money so that she’ll never complain or want anything ever again. No, really, I do.

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  15. Second to last pic: She’s smart, a 3.8 GPA after all. And then THE question, the essence of the madness, the driving presumption: “Why does the government fail me?” It bears repeating: “Why does the government fail me?” One more time: “Why does the government fail me?”

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    • Only this current generation would ever think of advertising their GPA is a statement of their superiority to other people and entitlement to the class status they think that should automatically give them.

      The rest of us know that a person’s value is only what they demonstrate it to be in their efforts in real life. Not their performance in the trumped up diploma mills that churn out more and more bubble degrees each year.

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      • Why do the 1 percent require these degrees? I’m a firm believer that if you know how to do something then you you know how to do it. Why do corporations want everyone to fit into a cookie cutter mold and have degrees? Again, it looks like the 1 percent just might be a little at fault for our current situation.

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  16. Notice there are no people who survived the Great Depression holding up any of these stupid signs? These morons should take my grandmother to lunch. Health insurance? Try being orphaned at 8 yrs old because no diptheria vaccine existed and having to raise your infant sister alone. Try walking to school IN THE SNOW in Montana during winter. Try owning only 2 dresses for your entire wardrobe during Depression. Try not divorcing your neglectful husband until all 3 of your kids are legally adults and you no longer have to support them.

    Being alive is not a guarantee of happiness. Happiness and stability are luxuries and a benefit for some of us during our journeys here on Earth. To be happy and comfortable are not the point of our existence. We all have a specific divine job assigned to us during our time here on Earth and whining is not in the job description. Grow up and be glad you have more to eat than sharing one egg and a head of lettuce for entire day for a family of 6….and that was a lot during the Great Depression.

    Lose the cell phone and bunk up with 3 roommates. Be glad whereever you live most likely has plumbing and locks on the doors.


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  17. Real bums can’t take pictures of themselves and post them online. God, they’ve failed even at begging.

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  18. Is it true that this dumbass lives in Australia? The moron lives in and benefits from a socialist country, and then he criticizes Americans for wanting what he has taken for granted all his life?

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    • The owner of this site is a socialist Australian yea. Everyone else here are dumb Americans fighting with each other hahahahaha!!

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  19. Great piece, great comments. I’m a retired economic policy analyst who hit the job market in the late 1970s–after the oil embargo, just in time for two recessions. Also come from a very poor family.

    So I avoided debt (but still got a Ph.D.), lived in small cheap apartments till I’d saved enough to pay 60% for a house. I didn’t reproduce till I could afford it (then decided to start a business instead). I lived under my means no matter how little I was earning at various times, my #1 monthly budget item has always been the line for savings. During the fat times of the economy I saved, saved, saved even when I was between jobs. (I saved money out of my unemployment checks!)

    So while I have deep concerns about how this nation’s economy and banking sector has been managed, particularly in the past 30 years, and especially the past 12, I also watch this OWS stuff just amazed by how many people involved blame others for the problems they put themselves in. What a bunch of entitlement-minded chuckleheaded narcissists!

    You got knocked up five times…then divorced…and you aren’t going after your ex for support?

    You took out $70,000 in school loans expecting to be rocketed into the High Wage Class immediately?

    You consider it a drawback to be a first generation American…but who has the option of working for a family business?

    You took a 30% credit card, ran up debt on it, and are now facing your failure to have looked ahead to what that would mean, and you won’t default because you’re trying to protect the possibility of getting more debt later?

    I’d say that the biggest engine of rage for most OWSers is that they planned and expected the economic bubbles of the ’90s (tech) and ’00s (housing) to make them rich. They planned their lives around that. It didn’t happen. Now they are really mad because the new alternative is digging themselves out. Taking responsibility. Starting over.

    My parents were Depression generation. They would never appear on that wretched vomitous OWS Tumblr page. They would just have dug in, dug out, started over. They did it multiple times in their life. The idea of blaming others or asking for handouts would have given them a fatal case of hives.

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  20. PS–I saved for a house and bought my first one in my late 40s. I didn’t leave college and grad school expecting “the Government” to hand me a house, never mind one whose Value Always Goes Up.

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  21. I am a 99%, and I only say that because I don’t have over a million dollars! To all those ” occupy wall streeter’s,” if you really want to make a difference then ” occupy Washington”!!!! It’s not wall streets fault that the government gave bailouts to fortune 500 companies, who took the money with a smile, and still outsource our jobs and keep raising their rates. The rich are rich because their smart and know how to manipulate an already very corrupt system. While your at it ” occupy” credit card and loan companies because their getting away with legalized racketeering. Again, because they know how to manipulate the system. If you want to be heard and want change then “occupy Washington”. It’s their corrupt and backwards system that drove this country into the ground ( thanks bush). Tell it to congress who’s members are laughing all the wY to their bailed out banks, and are still taking private jets to exotic vacations and writing off gifts from tiffany’s on their taxes. WAKE UP!!!! Put the blame where it belongs!!! “occupy Washington and congress”!!!!!!
    Signed , a mother of 4 who’s tired of all the rhetoric bullshit!

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  22. I’m with you brotha. The true silent majority that stays focused on what has to be done day to day. On the bright side, the odds of these folks succeeding at assaulting the 1% are extremely slim. Hell they haven’t succeeded at anything else, what are the chances this will be the one thing they can actually do?

    But oh the irony if it were so…

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  23. im 42 with an 8th grade education and now a proud 1%er.
    when i was 24 i knew there was no safe spot and started my own business to generate dough. no corporation, company or person was gonna take care of me, and i knew that, wheres that mentality now…? just gonna wait till someone hands out money? i have been fortunate and have an attitude of gratitude. I came from nothing, zero, doughnut and have made many sacrifices have put myself in this position. WTF are these folks thinking? people dont just give you shit, stuff, things, money
    come on? are you serious? I worked my ass off to make a pile of dough and I’ll be damned if I will give it to anyone as a handout, you would do the same thing 99 guys. just cuz you havent made yours yet doesnt mean you deserve others who have made theirs, its out there for all of us who truly want it.
    this is America, you have opportunity that others only dream of. so get off your butt and go get it!

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  24. kicked out of high school, kick out of the military, in and out of jail 5 times, drugs, no college, etc…

    then i cleaned my act and realized it’s up to me to make the changes for a better life.

    i’ve got a job, no debt, great benefits, healthy daughter, great car, great place to live, no baby mom bullshit…
    i’m not rich by any means, i just learned how to manage life without it spinning out of control to the point where i have to beg rich people to give me money.
    i make my own money, and i don’t need hand outs.

    i went to visit that website…aside from the woman with the 60 pound tumor (she’s gotta be the .001%), everybody is just whining, complaining, looking for a handout.
    if all these people are broke, how do they have internet/phones to take and post pictures of their sob stories?

    cut the shit people, get off your ass, get dressed properly, and go find a mother fucking job. it’s not as hard as everybody makes it out to be.

    your husband makes $75 a week under the table? chances are, he’s here illegally…. otherwise, i know mcdonalds just hired a lot of people. check them out.

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  25. thank you! i will have 100 000$ debt. but i think this occupy wall street stuff is so dumb. the reason my parents are struggling and are so poor is because they were dumb with their money. it is the reason why 80%of the 99% is poor. im not good at math.
    and i hate how they are demonizing the 1%. not all of the one percent is evil. a lot of the one percent is upper middle class. they are taxed so heavily because they are counted in that bracket. it is the upper class of the 1% who dont pay taxes(or hardly any) but need to pay taxes.

    things are effed up yes. but this occupy wall street is such a dumb way to fix things.

    WHY are you bothering people who live there? the “bad” people only work there. bother the bad people at home or something.

    ANOTHER NOTE. my friend is a struggling student. her mom is so poor that she is staying with friends. she can’t sleep because of the loud hippies of the occupy movement. she has to go stay with her mom(2 hours away) just to get sleep

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      • @LisaLamar: please do not use other commenters usernames as your own (i.e. Relayer). If you’d like to comment to them click Reply to their comment and if you must, type @Relayer before your comment. Otherwise it looks like you’re trying to make it seem like they said something that you are saying.

        • Aww, shucks. No harm done. Judging from her post above in defense of “Matthew,” I think that she just really likes my ideas and wanted to pay tribute. Granted, this “1% makes up 1%” horseshit is a poor way to do so, but thanks for the effort.

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          • @Misanthopy: Why are you commenting on your own post as Relayer? Seriously like Relayer comes back to read responses to his posts? Or do you want it to look like you actually have supporters? How desperate!

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  26. I got kicked out of college 15 years ago and never went back. I had no student loans, Ive gone through 5 jobs and 2 total career changes since I left school, Ive opened my own business twice, Ive paid and continue to pay my own health insurance, I have ONE amex card that I use for everything- that automatically gets paid in full every month, Ive rented an apartment since I was 25 and never was late with my rent, i paid all of my utilities too. I just bought a house and am doing it on my own. I live within or beneath my means. I put gas in my car, but Im cautious about how much I drive, I buy groceries, but I look for coupons and buy essentials, and yes, sometimes I skip a meal, I go out here and there, but nothing crazy, Its 54 degrees in my house right now bc I dont want to get raped on my gas bill, Im wearing a hat scarf and thermals typing this, I shut lights off, I do my own oil change, I price shop my car insurance, Im not bashful that Ill eat ramen noodles and bundle up if I have to. I made $30k last year, and hope to break $60 this year with being a freelancer. Want me to keep going? Point is that if you want to, you make it work, Theres no shame in living within your means, man up. One thing I will tell you, you wont catch me sitting around on my ass pounding a drum and pedaling a stationary bike to charge a battery being all pissed off bc the guy in the suit walking down the street makes 200xs more than I do. Good for him, im sure he worked hard, got lucky or whatever combination made things work out like that. Im not going to cry about it, and I certainly am not planning on going and making things worse for myself by either a) not doing anything, or b) living like an irresponsible idiot like half of these cry babies are.
    One more thing, if you really HAVE to cry about it, why not go park your ass on the whitehouse lawn, after all, its the socialist liberal administration that half of these idiots voted in that made half of this come to fruition. WAKE UP dumbasses!

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  27. Do any of you really understand what is going on???Do you realize that whether you are 99% or 1%. You have joined the political distraction and sucumbed to name calling and judgment.Open your minds,the beliefs you so easily blurt out are not even yours, they are the ones you have been handed down by your parents, your churches, your schools, your spouses, your friends, your government. If you were really thinking for yourself you would have no problem with others doing the same. Stop holding on to your righteous beliefs about what others should and should not do. Think, research and open your mind it could possibly change your life and those around you. Be glad that there are people willing to ask questions and not accept the status quo, Otherwise you would still believe the world is flat.

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    • Interesting point about opening your mind. How are you sure YOUR thoughts are your own? That you aren’t simply repeating what you hear?

      Maybe you research, maybe you think, or maybe you have some other convincing answer. But what about the people who you call close-minded. How do you know they are not like you? How do you know they’re not open minded?

      It’s really worth thinking before pounding out your argument.

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  28. This whole thing is steaming pile of crap, the protests that is, you bring some valid points. These people should be busy occupying jobs or doing something useful instead of protesting over mistakes they made in life. It’s easy to blame those who were just that little bit more intelligent than yourself. Takes all that weight off your oh so burdened shoulders.
    I mean shit protest over something worth while. Honestly other than being slightly annoyed by the 98.9% who are morons I don’t really give two shits. Get second jobs, spend wisely and do something about your problems other than bitching and blaming others.
    The 99% are said individuals with no defined goals or real reason to be there.

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  29. This is stupid!!! I don’t see the difference with the people holding the signs and the commenters down here who are also sooooo anxious to tell their ‘struggle stories’ -minus the pics (theyre just too scared to show their faces) Fact is no one cares that you work hard all your lives and make a $40,000 or if you got a degree and no job. Sure none of the commenters down here talking crap are asking for money but neither are the people holding signs that they are condemning. Dumb Americans. Your whole country is stupid and blind and this site proves it. LMAO

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  30. I think occupy wallstreet is stupid, but u are a heartless prick. I as rich as the top 1 percent, then getting taxed extra wont make a difference you’ll still make a lot of money. FYI taxes are lower than they’ve been in years, all your being asked to do is pay the amount you used to pay before bush lowered taxes.

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  31. I must ask you to take a bow. Seriously, this is one of the most..uplifting things I have read in a while. I agree with you 120%.
    To show how this is affecting student’s lives and how these lies that people who worked hard and made the right decisions are responsible for $30,000 credit card debt, a mother with 5 kids, etc, my Gifted english teacher hung up a 5 page essay on Occupy Wallstreet from RealitySandwich, one of the stupidest and most supportive websites of the occupy movement on her wall in class and made us all read it. Now, due tomorrow, is an assignment she gave us friday, to analyze an essay from reality sandwich. She is forcing us to expose ourselves to that…garbage. But, oh, I’ll dissect those essays…

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  33. To deconstruct your article:
    “This just in: students are usually poor and must make sacrifices for 4 years in order to get an education.”

    “These people are mad that they have student loan debt without considering how fucking lucky they are that in this country you don’t need to be rich to go to college.”

    Actually,not true. Almost all developed countries, besides ours, have a public college education system that allows anybody who has finished high school to go to college, meaning they can focus on their jobs and live relatively well while still in college. The countries where you have to be rich to get a college education are poor, third world countries. So, saying you’re “fucking lucky” to not be living in a country where you have to be rich to go to college is like saying you’re “fucking lucky” to not live in a country where there are constant civil wars and famines.

    “$30,000 in credit card debt? At $20,000 did it occur to them to stop using the credit card?”

    This I agree with. People should just stop getting credit cards and use cash money instead. And they may have stopped at 20,000, but, news flash, credit card companies charge interest. The longer you go without paying your bills the more money they will charge you. Google it (and, yes, before you say it you can call up the company and tell them to close your credit card account, which will stop interest from accumilating, but often companies will not comply for whatever reason and you can’t do anything about it.)

    “Above is a man who doesn’t realize that there is no debtor’s jail and he can simply stop paying his credit card and save the cash.”

    Yes, it is true that there is no debtor’s jail. But the corporations control the government. Let me repeat, t-h-e c-o-r-p-o-r-a-t-i-o-n-s c-o-n-t-r-o-l t-h-e g-o-v-e-r-n-m-e-n-t. If everybody starts ignoring their debts and they tell their bought and paid for politicians to make a debtor’s prison, there will be a debtors prison.

    I’m done. If you people like living in a hierechel corporate system where you pay off your loans in 15 years and people are never free to pursue their passion and you keeping your jobs are based on the whims of a corporate boss you’ve never met, then, please, go right ahead. Keep calling all protesters “hippies” and saying they should go get jobs (many of the protesters have jobs, are not “hippies”, and are missing work to protest for something they believe in)just go live somewhere else. Nobody wants you in this country. Shoo.

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  34. Oh, by the way, I also don’t agree with the occupy movement. They’re doing good with some stuff but they’re also very stupid about some other things.

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  35. Think about it for a second. Why do we have to get second jobs when the top one percent is, and has for years, made billions off the poor?

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  36. I don’t understand the hatred for Wall Street. I would think any group wanting to make this kind of statement would march on Congress. They are the only ones who can fix ANY of the messages I read above. Moreover, why can’t this 99% find a clear and consistent message? I’m not in the 1%, but success doesn’t keep me down, it is congress taxing the crap out of me. I’d rather strive to be in the 1% than bitch about being in the 99%.

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  37. Okay this is why it is all really stupid. We went to a war in Iraq to get more oil. We didn’t get any oil. I support my vets, but we didn’t get any oil. Now these colleges created this occupy scheme because of the economy. It seemed like the 60’s thing to do. The thing is every time you read about Homeland Security and how evil it is, it is from the same Hollywood moguls that are supporting Homeland Security while proclaiming they support Occupy Wall Street as well. Check out fake documentaries like Exit Through the Gift Shop with Shephard Fairy or Top Priority The Terror Within…notice how the woman from Top priority also was a stunt woman for Charlie Sheen Films. Hollywood is making fake documentaries and we’re supposed to believe any of this crap. The jokes on all of us. The stupidest thing about Occupy Wall Street is they don’t stop to think that they are financially backed by the same jerks that are creating a Homeland Security College in Los Angeles which by the way has more dismal job prospects then a humanities degree. Its all complete circus freak bullshit and has been since the war started. In fact a lot of this activism crap the colleges are teaching was put in place right when the war took off…catching…No one wins…its better just to tune out or take it up the butt from uncle sam on one end and universities at the other end. The only American alive and having fun right now is Charlie Sheen.

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  38. We were fighting terrorists and now we’re so angry we’re fighting ourselves…nutty bs and I have a bs. Also, THE OCCUPY SYMBOL is FROM A SHOW CALLED ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS its the PARALOX episode in which Jennifer Saunders proclaims that gay people should fist across america. The slogan is FISTING ACROSS AMERICA gays aren’t taking it lying down anymore. Not sure anyone from OCCUPY is tuned into their mascot or even paying attention to their message.

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  39. @Misanthropy Today:
    I do not even know how I came across this site because I was trying to gather “intelligent” information for school about the Occupy movement. Quite frankly, at first glance, I was able to recognize this site as a hate blog with misleading, bias, and inaccurate information.

    It is apparent that the majority of your readers (aka: commentators) are uneducated people who do not understand their United States political system. They made this quite obvious by submitting replies which included their life resume and generously exposing their poverty level incomes. Which by the way, in order to be a 1 percenter, a person must be generating an income higher than the remaining 99 percent of the population. The 1% is made up of around 400 of the wealthiest families in the world and they are billionaires, trillionaires etc.

    You do have a few selected readers who appeared to actually understand the Occupy Movement as a protest against the bankers and corporations, but someone has gone out of their way to try to discredit them by giving low ratings and therefore, hiding the comments at first glance.

    I found these comments to be disturbingly sad that these Americans fell for your setup and really believed that Occupy was about wanting free money or handouts from the government. Because it was not. It was about the mortgages that were unjustly foreclosed on by banks while those same banks asked the government for a bail out (using our tax money to bail them out). It was about the unfair tax system where a large corporation has so many loopholes with deductions, exemptions, and tax credits that they end up paying a lower rate than an accountant. It was about wanting the government to stop letting corporations have a hand in making the laws to benefit themselves only.

    Every single comment that was accurate about Occupy was hidden. Which I am sure this comment will also be thumbed down by you and hidden as well. Who knows. You may not even decide to post it.

    Since Misanthropy Today is actually a hate blog, the vast majority of your readers would need to require a lack of intelligence to easily be manipulated. Prejudice is being provided with a platform: your website.

    Above comments indicate that you are an Australian and this is a hate blog that you have created to feed the hate amongst Americans, thus keeping them blind and divided.

    I have taken some screenshots of your readers’ replies that I will be using in my paper as examples of misinformed viewpoints to demonstrate the misunderstanding that your readers believed about OWS, the main misconceptions being: occupiers had no jobs, occupiers wanted free money without working for it, and the biggest misconception is how non-supporting OWS readers believed themselves to be a part of the 1 percent because they have a job.

    Don’t be a drone. Do your homework and learn the truth. You are part of the 99% also.

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