When Did Firefox Start To Suck So Bad?

Not that long ago Firefox was the best thing on the planet. Remember laughing at your fuddy-duddy coworkers or friends still using internet explorer? Well since you drive a Datsun I guess you’re used to going slow.

Looks like the joke is on us.

At work this week, my firefox browser crashed an average of 6 times per day. When I say crash I don’t mean that it froze up, it does that about 100 times per day. I mean a hard crash.

Would you like to send an error report to Mozilla?

Shit why not.

Connecting to error reporting server……. Checking status of problem (haha)… Error reporting complete.

I should add, I push my computer and software very hard.

At work I usually run the following applications:

  • Outlook, 5-10 mails open at any given time
  • Excel, 3-5 spreadsheets with 100-200 lines each
  • Word 2007, 2-4 docs
  • Notepad, 1-2 .txt docs
  • Gimp 2, for 4chan and reports and stuff
  • Firefox, 5-15 tabs open
  • Core FTP Lite, a very nice and light FTP client (also free)
  • Sometimes iTunes, or the like

At home I run Windows Vista (dual booted with Ubuntu linux, which is another story) on a HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop. While my home computer is far superior to my work computer, I don’t usually push it as hard:

  • Windows Mail (some light child molester mail client bundled with Vista, 1-2 mails)
  • Firefox (2-3 tabs)
  • Limewire
  • Core FTP (ibid)

Yet, Firefox still breaks down like a hooker at church.

I’ve found a few possible reasons for this:

  • Firefox cannot handle AJAX based web apps (such as meebo) along with other ajax or javascript heavy sites, such as Google Analytics or Youtube
  • Firefox’s tabbed system is flawed and feels like it’s leeching resources (ram and bandwidth) from the other tabs whereas IE appears to almost open a new instance of the program in each tab, if that makes sense.
  • Because of the above leeching, Firefox often gets confused and doesn’t move smoothly between tabs (sometimes even puts content from one tab onto another—yay meebo chat in Google Analytics!)
  • Firefox was built by open-source hippies that look like ones below:

The photo above is an honest to goodness picture of the people who wrote “Python For Dummies” (for extra credit, research the woman on the right’s polyamory interests–i’m not kidding). Thanks to Tannaz and her internet ninja skills for resurrecting this image for me.

Protip: to find original pictures of really authentic looking programmers (not the stereotypical joke pics) kindly phrase your google image queries thusly: “<any programming language>+ expert”.

Back To Firefox:

I did a few tests using IE vs. Firefox and the results speak for themselves:

These three tabs (meebo running, blog editing, video playing) used this much RAM:


Now IE, same tabs, same actions:

80k, thats more like it. Notice something funny though. I had closed all the tabs in Firefox but my homepage (Yahoo.com) and it was still burning 208k! Who says the Firefox memory leak was a myth? If so, can you explain this to me?

The sad thing is, the cult of Firefox and all the “it’s faster, it’s better…” talk has affected me because even in the face of all this, I’m writing this using Firefox.

This goes to show how effective counter-culture marketing is. Look at VW, Apple, American Spirit Cigarettes for further examples.

Any browser recommendations? If someone says Konqueror or Safari I will go Bakersfield Chimp.

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      • Firefox does suck now. And its getting worse. That’s fact. Doesn’t need to be posted anonymously on 4CHAN for you.

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        • He wasn’t responding to the article, he was responding to the guy right above him.
          You see that comment up there? The one that you have to click to see because it was incredibly immature and poorly written? Yeah, it’s best to actively encourage people like that to remain on 4Chan because it keeps them all in one place. It’s the same principle behind prison or a Freshman Lounge in high school.

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  2. nice to see the mozilla dev team stopping by.. the crashing happens on my work computer, which is a desktop from Dell bought through our corp account. It is not a slow computer. Firefox fails.

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  3. This is probably a vista issue. I run Firefox with a similar load to what you’re describing across two computers, the XP platform works fine, the newer, supposedly better computer runs Vista and it sucks monkey balls.

    I hate to sound like I’m bashing micro$oft, but this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve played badly. (Do you remember the trouble you had playing embedded WMV files the first time you used Firefox?).
    I have a lot of vista problems, the worst coming from screenwriting software Final Draft. For some reason, it takes two minutes to load or save a file, 30 seconds to search, a serious lag on the scrolling. It’s junk. Utterly frustrating.

    I blame vista. Not Firefox.

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  4. mungo, i’ve used final draft on XP but not on vista. I think for what it does (basically a word processor program with built in formatting and a few throwaway features—text to speech, etc) Final Draft is too clunky. Especially for the price $300??

    I agree that vista causes problems but I don’t think that firefox is off the hook completely. Vista doesn’t decide how ajax and js are handled, firefox does. This is a problem and until the firefox people admit that it has flaws it wont be fixed.

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  5. Uh oh, you said the magic word… dell. I will say firefox is a memory whore, but that is because of the way it stores websites to make it faster. But the reason your computer and programs crashe is because it is a dell.

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  6. Geez dude, what the f*ck did u do to ur comp?!?
    My firefox on Vista runs about 48mb – 80mb, and i use it all day basically.
    Im guessing u have a memory leak or spywear/virus on ur comp =S

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  7. Browser recommendation? Opera

    It’s fast, reliable and even with the 50 tabs i keep open at any one time, memory usage doesn’t go past 200MB. Plus it has a bunch of features built in(without having to hunt down plugins) many of which might not seem like much at first but once you start using them you’ll never want to go back. Mouse gestures, fit to width, disable images, block content, trash can(for accidentally closed tabs), user mode(for unreadable websites) to name a few.

    Browser compatibility isn’t as much of a problem anymore as more websites seem to have gotten smarter with their web design. But i’d keep Firefox/IE around for those few websites and use Opera the rest of the time.

    ps- I had the same problem back when I was trying out firefox. I had 2 tabs open but one was to some crazy effect heavy website. My computer was slowing to a crawl and i checked the memory usage for Firefox: 600MB. =_=

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    • OPERA SUCKS DONKEY DICK AND ALWAYS HAS FROM THE BEGINNING!!! There are SO many problems with that browser, I could write BOOK on it!!

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    • You are a retard. No where has it ever said, “thou shall use the worst privacy leaking browser pile of shit browser or burn in hell”

      psycho religious moron.

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  8. As much as I champion firefox, I think I might have to go back to the devil IE. I am getting memory usage of up 350mb but im sure dumb ass vista plays a role in this…..firefox is too sweet though.

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  9. ive got a gateway laptop, vista, 1GB and an AMD turion (not the x2)
    i have firefox open all day, avg 10-15 at any given time, i also have a ton of add-on, pretty big ones
    at this moment its using 270k lol, but it runs smoothly, no probs
    also at this moment IE is using 26k (literally 10%)but it runs like crap. i got one tab open and everything i do, it lags
    whats the deal
    anyway, numbers are the whole deal, and i love FF

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  10. Strange here’s my memory stats:

    firefox: 294604
    opera: 164084

    ubuntu edgy, 512k ram, PD 2.8×2 GHz

    I’d suggest you try opera

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  11. Yay Safari! I hate to say it fellow smug Mac users, but we aren’t in the clear on this mess. FF crashes constantly on both my 15″ Leopard Mac Book Pro and my little 12″ Tiger Mac. I happens every time I load my blog, which worries me. Today I tossed out all the unneeded widgets and links to see if it made a difference. It didn’t, but now my blog looks cleaner than ever (uh, yay!). Can you guys load my blog without crashing on FF? -Mike (myrightwingdad.net)

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  12. You are all wrong, it is a hardware issue…though the Mozilla developers do admit instabilities in Firefox. Disable or disconnect burners, cards, or other peripherals (besides the mouse and keyboard of course) and you will find the culprit.

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  13. FYI, Firefox has SUCKED MOOSEBALLS on a Mac for the last 2 years or something. I can’t remember when it started to suck, either, but it is fucking annoying!

    1. crashes at least once per day, usually 2 or 3 times

    2. inexplicably, URL field becomes inoperable. solution? New window. Not new tab; that doesn’t work. Close the window and open a new one. Problem solved. What the FUCK? Happens several times per week.

    3. slow. Yeah, it’s not that fucking fast anymore… even with the pipeline hack or whatever it’s called where you adjust the preferences.

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  14. Use Opera. It’s fast, reliable, and has few security holes. Sure there are a few quirks, but that’s becuase they have the guy who invented CSS writing it.

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  15. I have the same problem on an hp pavilion dv6000 and firefox is crashing like crazy, and much more frequently than once a day. It’s NOT a hardware problem like some naive people said (obviously), I’m pretty convinced that it’s a Vista problem like smarter people pointed out. I run Firefox with 3 windows and 15-20 tabs on my ancient ibook G4 without a problem, it NEVER crashes there. Heck I’ve even thought that M$ might have made it so that Firefox runs crappy on their system, who knows.

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  16. And yeah right now I’m on Opera which I decided to download after 3 months of suffering the Vista-Firefox BS. Just out of curiosity I typed “firefox windows vista crashing all the fucking time” on google and reached this blog.

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  17. I’ve noticed that Firefox has been crashing a LOT in the last few months. Three months ago or so, I had no problems at all with FF. I recommended it to everyone. Since then, something must have changed. I wonder if it’s possible to go back to an older version of FF before they screwed it up. Right now, I am writing this from Opera because FF is unusable.

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  18. Heh. Absolutely agree, and I also understand your “Open-source hippies” comment VERY well, I’ve written a few similar articles :) (Though they are in German).

    When I was 16 years old, I also found open-source software “cool” and loved to be “different”… but since I need to get work done in order to earn money, I prefer software that just works :)

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  20. The Internet Explorer 7 interface has FF beat for elegance. Opera’s tab management is superior. FF’s unsorted bookmarks feature is pretty nice. Firefox just barely beats out Opera for me, and the main reason is ad-block plus. If you come at Firefox from the perspective of not wanting to like it because it’s the peppy open-source underdog, the only killer feature is the plug-in ecosystem. But it’s enough that I use it, despite Opera being nicer for a number of things I like doing. (I like dragging tabs out of the main window in Opera, and I also like making windows really narrow; in Firefox, there’s a bug that makes the horizontal scrollbar disappear when I do that.) IE7’s big lose for me is no good ad-blocking. The web is incredibly annoying without ad-blocking.

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  21. I agree that firefox started to suck, but its not because it consumes a lot of memory (and when we talk about memory, all of you should write “M” instead of “k” – yours 200k is really 200Megabytes) but some real bugs, which they refuse to admit. Like parsing Ajax an JS.

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  22. strangely I don’t have a problem with either IE6 or FF at work. and I have double the stuff open you guys described – 4 FF browsers with 5-7 tabs each, 1/4 of those playing flash games; 25 excel spreadsheets at 100k-8M each, Outlook with a stupid message checker every 10 seconds it seems, company software connecting through a firewall to a different state, word, powerpoint and adobe – all day long, on a 4 year old Dell laptop. no problems. I can get memory on FF or IE up to 350M with no problems, but around 400 things go a bit whacky. this all on XP.

    now, on my home desktop dell XP, I had same results. until I went to IE7. what a piece of shit. that frickin thing crashes every 2 seconds and it takes 2 minutes to change pages half the time. I’m too lazy to reinstall 6, so I just use FF.

    given that no one on this chain is really using any serious memory, my guess would be vista first, then company software running in the background, then virus stuff.

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  23. Noooooo—wrong! The guy on the Mac that says everything is reliable is probably only staring at his browser and not running anything else. Firefox does all this weird crap on my Mac too. And it ONLY STARTED after I upgraded to (2 was ok until the new upgrades started). IT SUCKS! I’ve tried all the workarounds, uninstalled and reinstalled extensions, did the “known issues” tour, blahblahblah. IT STILL SUCKS!

    The javascript “unresponsive script” issues it’s developed are making me ca-ra-ziest. The 2 fixes I tried worked until about 15 minutes later. So I put things back to defaults. Didn’t make any difference at all.

    It did not have these problems before and the sites I’m going to haven’t all upgraded to the latest tech. I’m hearing there a Youtube problem? I actually don’t have the problem with Youtube, really just the javascript bull on most sites, and images loading. So it’s something else. Like FIREFOX SUCKS! Come to think of it, there has been a significant degradation in the last week. Anybody else get that?

    Firefox should be stewed…we need a new browser that won’t let us down like this.


    Opera seems the most promising answer to this problem. I agree with prev. poster about the compatibility issues. But it’s getting to be a big browser now…

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  24. G5, 8 GB Ram, Leopard. I have never, EVER, had the pleasure of experiencing Firefox running well at all. I am a developer and I think the add-ons and tools are priceless. If they could just make the browser actually run smooth that would really rock. My friend has a G5 2 years newer than mine, way less ram, not much faster, and it runs great on his machine, similar specs.

    I want to punch Firefox in the face…. I honestly can barely stand it. Tiger, Panther, Leopard, no difference.

    Symptoms: very slow. slow to start. slow to quit. takes about 5 seconds just to select text ion the url bar. pasting text in various areas takes forever.

    I run all Pro apps, CS4 Apps, Final Cut… everything runs great on this machine, everything except Firefox.

    Safari may be a little behind in some areas, but it makes up for it in innovation, eh… at least Safari works and runs smoothly.

    cheers !

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  25. Dont get me started on how much FF sucks on Ubuntu! (or linux in general)… got forbid you it a flash site.. or some heavy AJAX app… your CPU will be at 90% at all times!

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  26. My sister accidentally upgraded the firefox to the latest version(3.0) and EUH !!! It totally sucks ! .My old browser(2.0) took about 3 seconds to fully load up, while this new shit takes about 7 seconds and I’ve 3 GB of RAM.

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    • You’re complaining about 7 seconds?

      Do you really have such valuable time that 7 seconds out of your life is that important?

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  27. firefox has turned into a piece of shit. i’m running the stable, crash-free linux distro here: ubuntu… and well crap. crash freeze fuck. then the updates come and replace every goddamm change i made.. firefox can fuck itself.. godspeed to chrome.

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  28. I hacked FireFox2 and hacked the pending updates away. I have a pretty “DECENT” Dell, and it works fine for the whole day. I know, dells are man cheap, but it works great.

    FireFox2 is for the winners.

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  29. P.S My computer barely has more then 200Mbs of ram. And it only eats up about 20mbs of ram on a cheapass Dell. Beat. THAT!

    P.P.S Wait until Firefox 4, something better will happen?

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    • LMAO well no it didnt, 4 is ugly glitchy and half the add ons don’t work, I’m still on 3.6 and not leaving it. now 5 is out, what a train wreck. They are right firefox does suck now, stay with 3.6 I’m still running it to this day and have very little problems over any of the others. Always loved Firefox but it never was with out its charm.

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  30. I agree, it is vista. We upgraded to vista ultimate, and vista started out allright, but now it is sooo freakin slow!!!! Mozilal crashes like a slug trying to race in the winston cup, YEah i said WINSTON CUP!!!! woohoo ! ;^D

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  31. The problem is NOT with Vista this time (although Vista qualifies as it’s own hog with no help from Firefox.)
    We use all XP machines at work and they were all sucking up gobs of memory with Firefox 3. We tried Chrome and were not impressed. We downloaded Opera and everyone loves it. Right now I got 6 tabs open and it reports 74,000K usage – extremely compact compared to Firefox which can gobble up over 200,000K with only 1 tab open. BTW, all of our PC’s are finely tuned (we are all Engineers and CS geeks) so we have no spyware, viruses or peripherals affecting this (contrary to the silly remarks earlier).

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  32. Firefox sucks d1ck like a $10 dollar wh0re. I might as well 5uck off Bill Gates if I’m gonna put up with the amount of suckage that firefox has now.

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  33. I feel that ie is a lot better and faster then firefox, Fireshit takes hours to start up and ones it does start up it crashes and shows me report error dialog, i try to send the error report but then crashreporter crashes..the shit simply fails at failing.

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  34. Uhhh… my Opera uses 208 megabytes of RAM… ok, I have 20 tabs open, and 4 gigs, so I guess it’s OK, lol.

    FireFox used to be good, now by each release it feels fatter, slower, and more annoying. Everytime I use it, I feel like it’s 1990 again. Everytime I start FireFox it prompts me if I want to download this and that update to extensions, and if I say yes it will be a blocking download !!! I DONT CARE, I WANT TO BROWSE THE WEB, for fuck’s sake, that’s why I clicked on you in the first place, idiot browser.


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  35. using SmartSniff (nice free tools from nirsoft.net) and wireShark, i found something crippy and upsetting more than annoying.

    about every half hours, firefox will contact google and transfer your private data (it is encrypted, means it must be sensitive data, yet they dont want you to know what actually it is). i’m pretty sure that this maliciously attitude in nature, will one time hijacked by one smart kid as spreading vehicle for his trojan/virus.

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  36. I’m not using Vista. Comments refuted! Weird fanboys. Even IF Microsoft sucks (and it probably does), FF can still suck!

    Anyone know if there is a good browser that isn’t awful and malware prone?

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  37. buh-bye firefox. Ever since Chrome launched you have let me down time and time again. The romance was fun bu now you error out even on the nytimes.com And I gotta have my times.

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  38. its firefox it happens all the time. VISTA IS A GOOD OS NO MATTER WHAT SOME PEOPLE SAY. If it doesnt work on vista how is the Microsofts fault? and Firefox 3 SUCKS EVEN MORE BALLS

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  39. Firefox does suck it should be renamed Crashfox!
    There is not a good one they all suck!
    one displays one doesn’t one loads frames one doesn’t
    I guess if everyone just sucked up microsfts ass we could all use BigBrothers IE

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  40. I thought I was having system issues when the upgraded FF 3.51 started waaaay too slow and then started crashing on a daily basis. After a brief search on the web I see that my worst nightmare has come true… Firefox, the one browser I could recommend with confidence has become like all the CRAP browsers before it, a bloated unstable useless POS! I can no longer recommend FF to any of my clients and I am not impressed with chrome or opera and someone please shoot me for saying this but IE8 is looking more like a winner with every crashing day. BTW I am running winXP home(cringe) SP3 and things were just great before upgrading to 3.5
    It is indeed a sad day for FF users everywhere…
    RIP firefox, snif.

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    • Whats wrong with XP home? I have it and its been very reliable and way more user friendly then vista or windows7. As for speed I never found it slow at all except a few non mattering things 7 honestly has over it but who cares if 7 shuts down faster, if I’m shutting down it probably means I’m not planning on using it anymore for a while. Don’t need to cringe xp home is just as good as any other OS and in many ways so much better. Try manually maintaining vista or 7 see how fun that is, those train wrecks are just there to make computer shops and expensive maintenance tools more money. If you see this again load 3.6. There up to 5 now and I wont budge. its allot less problematic then 3.5 was. 3.5 was shit.

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  41. You know you fail at life when you actually admit to using 4chan. You’ll be lucky if you don’t end up in a concrete barrel soon.

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  42. lol do you know how much memory vistas uses? If you dont want your windows to gang up with firefox and whatever over-memory-using apps you got running and throw a strike, I suggest you just switch to XP. And did you try Firefox on Ubuntu since you have it already? Yeah. VISTA SUCKS. PERIOD.

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  43. Something has changed for the better!!
    The latest greatest version(3.52) seems to have fixed my slow-down and crashing issues! I must retract my previous post, as I am once again on board with FF.
    And just in time ’cause I was about to install luna, having read a recent review that it kicks butt. I may still check it out for kicks.
    Anyone else happy with the latest update to Firefox?

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  44. I have check out Firefox v3.52 on at least 12 computers running Win XP SP3. The message below basically tells the sad story of Firefox’s ignominious descent into the primordial *browser* slime!

    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
    * The site could be temporarily unavailable or
    too busy. Try again in a few moments.

    * If you are unable to load any pages, check
    your computer’s network connection.

    * If your computer or network is protected by a
    firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is
    permitted to access the Web.

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  45. For those people, who actually read the blog, the point is Firefox USE TO be great and NOW it SUCKS!! Its not about how Firefox sucks compared to safari or IE….its has nothing to do with Vista or the programs being used…its about how Firefox went from a great program to a totally unstable piece of shit. So if you don’t like Vista, Firefox, PCs or anything else…then save your comments!

    I too use to love Firefox. I have always used it with Vista and never had a problem, until they started forcing me to upgrade to newer versions! I tried to not upgrade but then it got to the point where the program forced the upgrade…..and now it sucks….question is simply….why now??? Especially, at least in my case, where nothing else has changed?

    For me now Firefox always has an error and has to shut down….takes forever to open sites….my favorite add-ons just stopped working (mid version too…not after an upgrade). And when I compare page load times to Chrome or IE they always beat Firefox.


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    • Read theirs, Their POINT is that it may not be working BECAUSE of certain OS’s. Most their comments are valid and can be considered very helpful. certain versions of the browser’s may not like some things about certain OS’s either. Some people might have had better luck with other browsers on certain OS’s or certain machines, or set ups with the browser. Yes Vista sucked thats why its going out already so soon, 7 isnt all its hyped out to be either. BUUUT I’ve noticed some FF’s as the one I use actually boots up better on 7 over xp where explorer seems to have little effect. Though I still like XP over any other and firefox is still the best browser with a few exceptions and some glitches it could do with out. So mind your P’s and Q’s. Its more about the combination of hard and software then just the browser its self.

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      • P.S. Even though they are now up to version 5 I still only use 3.6 Even though they have win7 I stick with XP s.p.3 and do in fact have a machine with 7 and hate it. Only down side I have with xp FF 3.6 is slow load on FF boot up. Other then that and once in a great while crash issues its been very stable and very reliable. Add ons work like a charm and I have many, privacy and aesthetics. & its still the best browser but still a bit more problematic in crashing and over all function. So as you see it really is about the OS and the software that goes allong with it. quit your bitchin’ 😉

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  46. FF 3.5 really sucks, i’m using an Imac 3.06GHz and 8GB of ram and FF runs really slow, i cannot have more than 4 tabs open with ajax based sites because it slows thing down dramatically, in the other hand safari can handle lot, a lot of tabs running ajax based sites, what happened with FF?
    i hope chrome for mac will release soon…

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  47. Chrome’s taken the big lead over the last few weeks for me. It loads AJAX heavy sites almost twice as fast as Firefox 3.5. XP Pro here on only 1GB of RAM, and just running Firefox for 20 minutes uses 350MB and when visiting certain pages will continue eating memory until I shut it down and kill the process that will stay open for a couple minutes if I want it to close.

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  48. the only reason I use FF anymore is the firebug plugin. Otherwise I would use chrome.

    FF seems less responsive than it used to and the process doesn’t die when you close it out, so I have to open up task manager to shut down my computer. hard to know if it’s FF’s fault, plugins or Windows XP.

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  49. Use webkit browsers, banish IE, throw the new buggy Firefox back to the fanboys and Opera… oh well nobody cares about it anyways…

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  50. Chrome has also taken over for me, Firefox can’t even handle Facebook without crapping out. It lags, it even freezes up while trying to load YouTube videos. And no, it isn’t my PC that is the issue, this browser has become sh!t.

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  51. Firefox 3.5.5 SUCK DONKEY BAG.

    Everytime I have a graphic application open, Firefox crashes. Well, I’m a photographer and need to EMAIL and upload to websites.

    Suck it, Firefox.

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  52. Guys Guys stop shitting around Firefox is OK and i am no fan but i have had no probs with it so if ur pc is shit don’t scream at Firefox’s ass it just so retarded. vista, xp , or windows 7 it work fine so stop complaining if u don’t like it then just switch and save the trouble of posting ….. that’s right go get a life plz………..

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    • Its post like these that help people to know more about products and what they want to use. If you don’t like that then don’t come to these sites. You can’t rely on what the sites tell you, this is how peoe get out side info. Sites like these have saved my ass several times, then I find that products I avoid have caused friends of mine the same problems these sites mention. FF 3.5 did suck, 3.6 I still use, its great. FF has a habit of going from great to shit. its the way it is YOU get over it.

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  53. I hesitated to respond to this since this has post been going on now for almost 2 years, but just had to respond. Look at any Add-ons you may have for the memory drain, they are very useful, but can cause excessive memory usage. I have experienced Firefox 3.5 take up to 430 MB, but that’s with about 50 Add-ons. Some of those are memory hogs. I’m down to about 40 Add-ons and I’m running 4 tabs with about 175 MB memory usage. I can get it to go up to about 450 MB with 8 tabs open including a separate NBC News video window, with YouTube and Hulu all running at the same time. I will continue to trim the add-ons.

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  54. Every single person on here who idiotically yelled “Vista is the problem” needs kicked in the teeth.

    I quit using FF around the time you originally wrote this article because of the same reasons, and I was using three different machines (XP, OS X and Ubuntu). On my XP machine I switched back to IE.

    I now have a Windows 7 machine and an Ubuntu machine. The Ubuntu machine is running Chrome, the Windows 7 machine is running IE8. Both perform MUCH faster than FF.

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  55. Yes, I agree about Firefox. It used to be awesome, but even the latest version has so many issues, not the least of which is when I try to type text into a box and submit it (on Facebook or Blackboard, for instance). It either ‘freezes’ me out so I can’t even type in the box or won’t actually submit it. I had an issue with copying and pasting text into Blackboard text boxes, where things froze and I couldn’t type anything, and I had thought it might be a BB issues. It turns out that it’s a Firefox issue and works fine with other browswers. I can’t tell you how many programs or sites I use that say “will not work with Firefox.” Did they get new management, or are they being run by monkeys now? What’s up?

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  56. Sorry to be late to the party, but I think I know what your biggest problem is. If you were using Firefox, there were still bugs to be worked out – is better. Do not use Firefox 3. Like, ever.

    But if you want a really good browser? Opera or SRWare’s Iron.

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  57. Firefox does suck. I run it on a completely clean XP machine at work and it uses tons of memory, crashes. Some sites (our local boston.com for example) crash FF after 3 – 4 minutes. NO it is not a virus, porn, etc. FF has started to suck badly around 3.0.1. A shame because it was the best browser out there.

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    • I suspect that the reason boston.com crashes FF is because their sleazy web designers do not want you to use any security settings. The Globe has a large team of web designers dedicated exclusively to snooping on its readers and violating our security, but no one assigned to proofreading the articles.

      Every so often boston.com changes their scripts to prevent users from using it unless they open their system to attack.

      If you ever try downloading an entire boston.com web page with all of its accompanying files, you’ll see that it’s several megabytes, 90% of which is obfuscated javascript and obfuscated css.

      Fortunately, Boston has more than one newspaper.

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  58. I think it has to do with populariy. I’ve noticed lately the more open source software tries to cater to ‘idiots(no offense)’ the more likely they are to write effed up software. :\

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  59. Just out of curiosity, for those who blame the Firefox’s poor performance on Vista, please explain why so many Linux users are dumping FF for any other browser?

    Back in the day, Netscape (Firefox’s great great grandfather) put IE to shame but recently it seems the folks at Mozilla are falling victim to the same faulty trend-logic as Linux developers…. Progress for the sake of progress.

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  60. I put most everything on an external HD cleaned the internal HD reloaded XP FF still crashes. In spells sometimes a couple dozen times a day sometimes none.

    My favorite is losing an hour or two of composition as FF crashes very shitty indeed. I’ll be surprised if I finish typing this post before it crashes and loses it.

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  61. Same thing here. We’ve been talking for several weeks about how bad FF has gotten. We all run it on XP Pro. A number of different machines, some with tons of plugins and some with none, but all have constant freezing, lock-ups, crashes, delays, etc… Viewing PDF’s seem to be particularly buggy.

    Looks like FF got too big for their britches. Most of us have gone the way of Chrome at this point.

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  62. This page is one of the first hits on query ‘Firefox sucks’. Rant alert:

    I am about to dump Firefox. Once it was great, but it seems that with every update it has been getting worse and worse. Years ago I had many plugins running and this was on an old PC. It ran fine. Nowadays I have a very fast PC and only a few plugins run (because of the sluggishness), however, it just start to crawl after a while. Sometimes after hours, sometimes after minutes. Sometimes when visiting a page with a lot of multimedia, sometimes when visiting very simple pages. CPU usage is usually low when it’s starting to slow down, lock down or crash although the memory usage is huge imho. That still shouldn’t be a problem since the PC is loaded with RAM and there is plenty free.

    Other browsers work fine, drivers etc. are up to date, the HDD is frequently defragmentated, there is no spyware, bloathware or other crap installed and there are no unneeded services running. It’s Firefox.

    Maybe Firefox should return to its basics and leave additional functionality to plugins. Oh, and Firefox team: please do not advice people to upgrade when most of the plugins are incompatible. There are quite a few updates in a year and it is quite annoying having useful plugins disabled over and over again. Maybe an online plugin compatibility check to run first would be a good idea.

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  63. I was among the early adopters of Firefox.
    Currently, it is a worthless piece of sh**. Since version 3.5 came out, I keep having constant issues with it (Freezings, crashes etc.). I am running windows 7 64 bit with Quad I7 processor and 12GB of tri channel ram.

    Unfortunately, I am leaving. I have just installed Chrome which runs super fast (Probably for the next two years until Google will add more functionality and ruin it)


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  64. Damn, not! Firefox is becoming a horrible thing – just like Microsoft – everybody uses it and everybody curses it, because of the plug-ins available. Firefox is very sucky on Linux too. On any system shows most terrible results even compared to IE8.

    For defenders of the Firefox – guys, just run those two tests and you will see.



    Conclusion – Firefox must die or partly re-written as Opera 10.50.

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  65. Additions to my post above:

    By the way – Thunderbird sucks too! It crashes very often. Even Microsoft Outlook does not do that (every).

    I use FF and Thunderbird on both Windows (Vista) and Linux (Ubuntu).

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  66. I just wanted to leave a small opinion of mines. I had Firefox 3.6.3, and it uses a lot of memory and plus it slows down my computer’s performance everytime I use it. When it loads pages, it lags a lot. I have an old XP computer but other web browsers and stuff still work fine except for Firefox. But, on Firefox 2.0, I downloaded it off of http://www.oldapps.com/, and when I downloaded it, it worked perfect. No lag, but then it kept saying “Please upgrade to a modern browser” on some sites. I didn’t check the memory on the Task Manager but Firefox 2.0 seemed to load pages perfectly and fine. I do admit that since Firefox has been updating a lot, it’s been sucking a lot more. I’d say whoever Firefox is created by and who keeps upgrading it, stop and let’s go back to an old version of Firefox. (:

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  67. Firefox sucks a fucking giant one
    i was doing my online homework and sometimes firefox just crash on me, so i lose that 4 pages essay. So now every time i do a test i switch to internet explorer
    also, firefox cannot adapt to google wifi and show no responses, and errors all the time. The internet is slowed down because of firefox.
    the firefox folks should really give me a compensation or some shit for all the time i have wasted and lost on homeworks

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  68. I run windows 7 64-bit and firefox crashes all the time. Especially when viewing youtube videos. I’ve tried everything, including updating and downgrading my flash player, reinstalling firefox, and reinstalling my whole operating system. Time to do the right thing and switch to google chrome or IE.

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  69. I’m back to safari or even whatever other browser there is. Firefox is such an ass for fear of any website there is. Bye firefox… This is shit. Nobody’s going to steal my identity if I like to surf on the internet… I go to Mac. It works.

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  70. I was having a boatload of problems with Firefox.
    I ended up downloading Opera knowing not much about it.
    Well I am sold!
    Not one complaint so far!

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  71. So, Firefucks kicks ass because it sounds like fire fuck’s not fire fox. Don’t use tabs you fucking douchebags. Tabs will get you Phished. If you leave a tab open too long a Phisherman will replicate it and steal your identity you fucking morons. I have a highschool education and I make $200,000 dollars a year because I have the balls to open my own business. All you cubicle hamsters keep working for the man and me. I am the man. I forgot. So, just keep typing your little uninspired finger to the bone and keep lining my pockets with cold hard cash and I’ll throw you a bone once in a while like a trained seal. Firefucks kicks ass and IE is like all the little cubicle hamsters who keep the big balls business owners in business. Keep up the good work cubicle hamsters now get the fuck back to work! I have to talk on my cell phone and play golf.

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    • You make $200,000 a year, That’s supposed to impress me? The way you type, it sounds like your some 12 year old kid who’s obsessed with hamsters..I spend over 40K every 4 weeks paying wages to my orchard workers, all 15 of them, and thats just one business.. You make 200K a Year ? I SPEND Nearly 500K a year and thats just on one little orchard running fruit picking….Does that make my words more right then yours? No….

      Bottom Line Is, You are a American idiot or a nerd(pick one), who hasn’t finished his collage education… FIREFOX SUCKS, It Has Constant crashes.. Internet Explorer Sucks Too.. Fact is FIREFOX AND IE …THEY BOTH SUCK….

      So Do me a favor, if you cant stop saying your crap then shove a golf ball up your butt.

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  72. I’ve used Firefox on XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It isn’t the operating systems fault if another program takes up so much memory even for a single page. It also isn’t a computer manufacturer’s fault. Dell might be a shoddy piece of equipment granted, but they don’t make a program hog 30 to +200 megs. Don’t you guys even think about what you type? I also have had firefox problems on multiple types of computers. People need to stop defending firefox by blaming it on others.

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  73. 1) Nephets, you really are a pathetic little piece of feacal matter aren’t you. Come around here talking shit about your ‘high school education’ and ‘balls’ and ‘business’ details bitch? details?
    All I can say is I hope that the imaginary golf makes you deaf and the cell phone gives you a fucking brain tumour, you’re the worst kind of peck, get the fuck out dude. Go back to your cubicle and suck a dick you wanker. Hopefully the police will find your library of child porn and you’ll get shopped and raped by bubba.
    2) If you earn 200,000 a year why are you on a website talking about it? As if it actually means anything………go join a guild and get some gold you fucking fag.

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  74. I found out the problem with FireFox 3.6 using to much ram then crash was Google’s Search Engine. When i remove Google’s Search Engine (click down arrow located in the search box then choose “Manage search engines”), the problem goes away. I hope this info is useful.

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  75. I’ve used firefox basically from ‘day one’. It’s always been head and shoulders above any other browser. But the last few months….oh boy. It’s crap. What the hell is going on?? I run XP on one system, windows 7 on another. it runs equally badly on both. I thought I’d try opera as ‘once apon a time’ it was ok. It’s even worse than firefox though. Crashes constantly.

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  76. I use WinXP and just installed FireFox, used it for maybe 2-3 minutes before it froze, crashed, tried it again, same thing, removed it, still sticking to Opera. Years ago firefox was much better.

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  77. Firefox has lost it’s former glory. It’s main problem is with Flash. While going to another url while a flash program is running it takes a terribly long time to get to another page. I am running XP, not Vista, so I don’t think this is an issue with the OS. Safari and IE are running Flash very smoothly and it takes a snap to get out of it. It also has problems running scripts. It’s too bad really. Flash is cutting edge. I can’t image a website without it 10 years from now.

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  78. look.
    programs are tools.
    i was a champion of firefox over IE.
    now i am forced to change back to IE.
    what’s the problem?

    flash is another story.
    since adobe became the facist god of desktop publishing, flash is shit.
    all the lemmings are running to indesign.
    but that’s that’s another thread….

    just change back to IE.
    what’s the problem?

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  79. What’s funny is that this was back in 2008, and it is still happening in 2010. My memory leak spiked up to 400k. Everything gotten super laggy. I uninstalled firefox and I’m now using google chrome for everything. faster than IE, faster than firefox. Best so far.

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  80. Firefox has always gotten better (Imo).

    IE, even on my Core i5-430m CPU doesn’t work well enough. It’s so derouting and confusing. There’s not a menu with “File”, “Edit”, “Help” and such.

    Firefox still has those and I love it :)

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  81. I totally agree. I have had firefox 3.6 hit 800,000K + with just two tabs open, I was running it on windows 7 with 4GB ram. It definitely sucks now, I use google chrome and have had 30+ tabs before and not even the slightest slowdown, No joke. I hope firefox gets better!

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  82. I am REALLY starting to hate this company – by the people who do the DUMBEST of things, all in the contradictory framework of “community and volunteers” while taking shitloads of money from advertising…

    The issue – is that 99.9% of the time, I am printing to PDF, and I use the exact SAME setup EVERY fucking time.

    And the stupid cunts who put this program together – do not have;

    a) A default print to PDF – at a preselected range of settings – A4, page name in the header, dated etc (which is what I really want); and

    b) With what ever settings I select – as soon as the page has printed to a PDF document; the very next page that I want to print – well the settings ALL have to be reset.

    And apparently ALL YOU COCK ROACHES on the Google payroll – just don’t “GET IT” that selecting the printing settings, to machine or PDF and all the settings for that function – ought to be able to be selected and then set as the default printing standard……

    But NOOOOOO – you people are so stupid, that when I have to print off 100 pages I have to make 500 or 600 reselections of all of the settings that I want – per page, for every one of the 100 pages I print.

    And then rather than take responsibility for being such fucking idiots, you then put it on the consumer to go and put the issue in the community forum for “volunteers to answer” while you arseholes soak up the cash from Google.

    Corporate shitbags.

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  83. It’s a crap browser – simple. I mean I like it more than Googles IDIOT minimalist set up – because I have landed on my head too many times and hate trying to guess at things I rarely use and are hidden; IE – that is just a bag of Microsoft forced vertical integration into everything else Microsoft, and Opera – that is a neandethal set up if ever there was one….

    But when you go do a search on “Firefox is shit” and see the amount of sites that come up – and then compare your own experiences and the “Glowing Terms” that the people of the Mozilla foundation speak – of security, speed, stability etc…

    Once you get past all the phases of the moon patch up jobs and bullshit – your going to come to the realisation that the core issue is that THIS browser it’s self, and the way that it is programmed; this is the core issue.

    All this crap about broken profiles, javascript, flash, phases of the moon, frying the wrong side of the egg, aural cleansing, compatability with add on’s etc., etc., etc.. and of course the operating system issues – well I run Linux and this pus bag browser still bogs down to the roof…..

    The only solution is to have a premeditated act of killing the damned thing off – set up and running in the background….

    In Linux it’s Alt-F2, and the command XKILL, then place the RUN button to the right side of the slightly minimalised browser window.

    I think the same thing can be set up for Windows, with Ctl + Alt + Del, and have “Kill Process” set up for Firefox, with only the “YES” left to click on before you shotgun this pus bag browser into oblivion.

    Of course you could always come back to these forums and resort to waving magic beads, incantations, phases of the moon, astrological charts and putting the fist of Mars into the House of Uranus….

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  84. Sucks on my Win7, XP, XP VM, Server 2003 Vm. Not OS related. Browser started sucking in the recent years. Can’t handle videos either…

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  85. I tried Google Chrome but it lackluster; there is nothing different or better about chrome; it’s plain and useless.
    Internet explorer is fast but it always crashes.
    Firefox has a nice layout; useful features but it also crashes and is extremely slow.
    The best browser I have found is Opera; it’s got speed-dial, the largest browser view and it’s really fast. Also bookmarks are accessed on the left when you push a button to have them pop up as a list; which to me is easier to read and makes more sense than the traditional method.
    But opera has it’s problems too; mainly that not every website will work with it and it can be buggy. I am still waiting for some company to get it right.

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  86. FF is unacceptable. Hardly any plugins or crap enabled/installed, yet it starts to stutter after an hour or so. Memory usage is huge. Flash videos? Wait for a few minutes. Every update is Russian roulette and you’re flooded with updates. After Firefox updates some plugins are not compatible anymore. And sometimes plugins are updated after which the old and the new version are running simultaneously, creating problems. Think about that Java crap. It stinks like OpenOffice. By the way, do not think that things are updated automatically. There is a site on which you can check for updates. It gives you links (not to a new window) to vendor bloath pages where you can puzzle.

    Problems? Just browse to an impossible folder with 1000 files and delete some causing problems, or reinstall everything, or type about:config and pretend what you see was considered geek and kewl. In 1996.

    Firefox is about to be ditched here.

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    It’s used to be the best once, then, they wanted to make it all functional and cool, and that’s the result: SHIT! Shame on you who can’t program, at least don’t advertise it as the best, since it’s a pile of crap.

    Same issue with an assembled pc (not store bought) which runs all kind of games and apps wonderfully. Still, firefox crashes like 10-20 times a day or more, and right now… take a look what your wonderful program does:



    And it’s only firefox. All other software works properly in the exact moment I took the screenshot, also starting up new software works fine.

    Deal with it, you ruined that browser, and when i go complain in the official forums, all i receive is old shit like “BAWWWWWWW! It’s you who can’t use it, it’s not our fault, we can program! BAWWWWWWAAWAAAA!!!!!”

    One of the biggest fail ever, ruining a perfect software.

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  88. Firefox sucks so bad. I thought my computer was having a lot of bugs but it was Firefox that was acting so bad, constantly crashing my computer, always freezing up. I changed to Flock a newer web browser and I highly recommend it. It’s smooth and doesn’t crash. I don’t think I’ll use Firefox again it sucks.

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  89. FireFox acts weird:

    One website I go to has FireFox cutting off the website where it works just fine on IE.
    FF also does not let you copy and paste a quote like if you are replying to someone. :(

    At least they fixed the flash problem.

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  90. Firefox is the worst browser ever made!
    Its slow, ugly, unstable, and unsecure!
    Add about 4 plugins and its super slow takes it years to run, thats if it runs anyway xD
    Opera is much better.
    Its stable, secure, cool locking…
    I think its obvious why firefox 4 is copying opera so much. There are much more plugins for firefox, than there are extensions for opera, but while plugins slow down firefox, opera can maintain its speed with about 22 extensions running!
    Not to mention that opera has:
    A built in mail client
    and much more

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    • I agree. Now if only Opera knew how to effectively Market their product…That is the only thing holding it back from the mainstream. It is the superior browser right now.

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  91. Im a firefox fan for the most part and I use it by default on my desktop…but I cant deny that since version 2.0 a few years ago, Firefox has really turned into a pos.

    Memory leaks galore, Slow streaming videos, FF refuses to load new pages afterawhile [requiring ctrl-alt-del to kill the process]…Check, check and check.

    On this laptop I had to revert to using Opera…FF would run streaming videos at what seemed to be 5 frames a second [core I5 cpu here btw]. Swap to Opera and problem solved. FF once again, reared its ugly bug ridden head unexpectedly.

    As far as Opera goes – it IS a great browser, better than the rest. Beats out Chrome easily to. Its just not Firefox though…Which is why I still use FF on my desktop. I guess I am, like the OP is, effected by the marketing that Firefox has.

    To rephrase what he said –

    “The sad thing is, the cult of Firefox and all the “it’s faster, it’s better…” talk has affected me because even in the face of all this, I’m writing this using Firefox.”

    You and me both.

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  92. Jeez, god forbid a fat person could be into open relationships, right?

    I stopped reading after you started making fun of people who are smarter than you.

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  93. ie uses the same if not more resources they are just “hidden” from u since it shares some with other windows processes.
    all software is going to hell nowdays tho..
    developers seem to use the “modern hardware” excuse as a reason to optimize less. focus too much on looks and “ease of use/user-friendly” bullshit that just takes away from functionality anyways.
    i just updated to firefox 4 and got to say its not as bad as i thought it’d be…
    aint got shit on the mess skype and windows operating system has turned into…

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  94. American Spirits, especially the organic ones, ARE far superior to the major-brand cigarettes.

    Disclaimer: This was typed in Firefox 4.0.1 while smoking an organic American Spirit.

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  95. Firefox 4 and 5 are just dreadful, dreadful browsers. A constant slew of crashes, I’m luckiy if the flash plugin runs for more than a couple of minutes before bugging out. Also, why is Firefox 5 even Firefox 5? Surely it should be 4.5 at most.

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  96. I’m now on Windows 7 (64-bit) and on Firefox v5.0.1 and I have to say, every update just gets worse. Constant ‘Mozilla firefox is not responding’. On top of that, those idiot developers at Mozilla make it incompatible with comment boards on certain websites. Even Internet Explorer is more reliable than Firefox now. It never used to be like that.

    Just who are these stupid, incompetent Firefox developers anyway? I suggest the best thing they do is go back to basics

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  97. It’s sad to be moving to Chrome, but Firefox’s already on its 6th version and doesn’t look that it will get any better. Crashes are constant, always slow (like waiting 3 to 5 seconds to see what I’m typing) loosing good / essencial extensions support because of these unecessary updates.
    What Firefox’s devs were thinking? If they wish to copy chrome style and way of development, at least do it right.

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  98. A quick question to you guys:
    What would be the best browser to use?
    Any feedback appreciated.
    I’m on firefox myself and yes it does suck lately.

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  99. Pre-2004 in general software was pretty much engineering-oriented. It starts to suck when it becomes marketing-oriented (i.e. money-oriented) and dumbed-down and changed-around for no reason (i.e. Office 2007). Microsoft started this trend around 2006 (Windoze Vi$ta) then Google made the dumbing-down of things and change-it-for-no-reason the popular software thing to do (a different search or news layout every 10 months) and now Mozilla wants to make their software all about marketing now too (change revision “numbers” for no reason). Combine changing things for no reason with the lack of preserving options for keeping it the way it was, for those who want familiarity and a plain interface, then it becomes a product of software arrogance.

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    • pre 2004? Wow, you’re way young. You’re thinking pre 1986 there son. EVERYTHING changed when GUIs started taking over. Pretty much everything stopped dead in its tracks. You got the same dumb-ass software year after year with a different wrapper on it yelling “NEW!! IMPROVED!!”, just like the laundry soap commercials.

      Nope. Software development died in the mid 90s. I’ve been riding the train since 1974 and the ONLY interesting thing going on now is Ruby. Everything else is pretty much just a rehashed crock of shit.

      Incidentally, this also explains why FF is a piece of garbage. The current crop of developers are INCAPABLE of making it work right. They simply don’t have the skills.

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  100. Yeah, Firefox sucks balls now. I mean it is slow as hell. I feel like I am using a landline internet connection with it. Thank Goodness Chrome and Safari is out. Gonna miss the Web Developer tools on it though.

    FireFox = R.I.P.

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  101. Comodo Dragon, Chrome based file system, fires up quicker than any other browser. yeah..Firefox sucks. Stop milking my machine FF. C’mon already!!!

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  102. My firefox freezes 2 dozen times a day. Then after shutting everything down it comes up with the “Well This Is Embarrassing” and then I can restore and save documents.

    I work from home and have more then 3 basic windows open. Can anyone suggest a new browser that doesn’t suck over a hour a day out of my life restarting. All my virus scans are up to date. Help please!!

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  103. I cannot articulate just how much I have come to simply despise Firefox but of course all I ever get is the typical refrain from the fanboys.

    I’m running Win7 with almost 16 megs of board ram and it takes Firefox over 4 minutes to quit out of my task manager after I have shut down the program.

    It hangs up and freezes my pc something fierce and god forbid I watch netflix on one monitor and view a pdf in the other. Every time I try to do this and close the pdf file Firefox throws a fit.

    Well good bye Firefox. I’m heading back to IE. IT’s a far superior product.

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    • 16MB of RAM? What do you have? A 486 from 1993?

      The number of people on here who dont know the difference between kB, MB, and GB is astounding. You’re all a bunch of idiots and before posting maybe you should actually know what you’re taking about.

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  104. Most media did not report it but couple of years ago it was leaked that Microsoft and other companies have a technology called PRISM installed on Windows 8 that allows spying without you’re consent.

    Now why would they allow spying WITHOUT you’re consent? Hmmmmmmm. Perhaps to spy on you’re political keywords so they can be used against you when we become a Global police state?

    Since anybody who has a brain is angry with Microsoft their sales have plummet the last several quarters and even the *rose color glasses* reports are not so cheery.

    And Google Chrome has become the number 1 choice in web browsers which also connect to the NSA for spying.

    What’s all this got to do with FireFox sucking so bad you say? Well for the longest time FF was a BIG competitor to the big 3 and I am convinced that either the NSA and/or other companies are attacking FireFox trying to put the crew out of business so they will give up from being worn down.

    I am willing to bet that the Fire Fox team is being threatened verbally and in the cyber world with viruses and trojans hoping to make Fire Fox so unusable people will switch over to either Microsoft or Chrome which will again allow you’re search engines and anything else you do be recorded by the NSA.

    They are mostly targeting Conservatives and anybody who stands up against Oh Liar but eventually everybody is going to be targeted including the Liberals that are laughing this all off.

    So you’ve got nothing to hide you say? It’s not about what you’ve got to hide. It’s about not allowing evidence to be used against you for blackmail if you decide to ever protests against an issue.

    They can find a picture you entirely forgot about or something you might have said and later regretted but will always be used to make you look bad and discredit you if the government thinks you’re too much of a threat.

    That is why Fire Fox is sucking. We are getting ready for a Global Spying state all in the name of *protection* and other PC (Politically Crap) laws.

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  105. Firefox STILL crashes as of this posting. I’m running the latest update on XP SP3 (yeah I know, but I like it even though support is ending) and have a good processor with 4 gigs of RAM with the fix that allows XP to recognize MOST of it.

    I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to FF a few years ago, but now I love the add-ons that let you overcome hassles and such…. but it crashes for me literally dozens of times a day (I use it in multiple tabs something like 12 hrs daily). The closest thing to a “fix” I’ve come up with is an add-on that restores my crashed session automatically (better than the built-in one)

    Browsers should never crash, no matter what…. I sick of getting to know a browser only to find it sucks too….

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  106. Hey there just wanted to give you a brief heads
    up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.

    I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

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  107. 200MB???
    My firefox tends to have about THIRTY TWO GIGABYTE…
    All over the world, developers are becoming pure trolls.
    I have asked many devs, and never got an answer…
    Why do developer, for a few years now, mostly just destroy their project (Like firefox is getting slow and ugly), and yet still find the motivation to continue?

    If you hate the users so much, that you have to destroy your work, just kill yourself. We wouldn’t let ANYONE destroy expensive paintings i.e.
    Even if all of the Ninja Turtles* came, and wanted to ruin their paintings, because for some reason, now they hate the people they painted for… we would still not allow that. Those paintings have become part of the public, and now BELONG to the public.
    Nobody has the right to destroy such work, why is it different here, where it actually counts? Why would stupid art, with no use, be protected, while… mechanisms, that people use to live, are open for any kind of attacks, from their insane and mad owners? Imagine Bill Gates went into a hissy fit before he gave up, and destroyed all microsoft related software… Yea… why is that allowed? That’s like “allowing” someone to poison our water, just because he made the water pipes…

    This whole “backwards developing, scamming money from people, and going on” just needs to stop… When you develop something, that the public starts relying on, and you start becomming mad with power, you should just be removed. From the world if needed… You obviously hate people now, you should go to jail where you can’t harm anyone with your shitty updates!

    Damn scummy devs everywhere… Have not met a developer, who was not a complete asshole and thief in the last 5 years… All following the big scam god Gaybe Newel…

    *(I know that the Turtles didn’t do any paintings, but i do NOT know how to spell any Renaissance painters 😛 )

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    • Usually when people hate other people… they REALLY deep down inside HATE themselves!! Because guess what?? They are PEOPLE, TOO!! We are all ONE when it comes right down to it… and if you hate others, you HATE YOURSELF, as well!!

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  108. Firefox fucking sucks, 7 years after the post and ain’t none changed. This shit is full of bugs and suspect as all hell, and now we’re onto version number 35 or so, each update only seems to bring more problems and break things more. Fuck this thing!!!

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  109. I had all the problems I could stand for one day, today, with Firefox. I tested 6 different browsers earlier today. I just switched to Maxthon. So far it’s been flawless and extremely fast. I should have said, “Blistering fast!” – No quirks so far – It just works I work with primarily 4 different machines. All of them had issues of some sort with Firefox. I have installed Maxthon on all 4 machines now. I don’t get a lot of relief from memory issues, but at least it runs flawlessly.

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