Who Reads Misanthropy Today? Someone In El Salvador?? Hot Babes?

A lot of times I skim through my statcounter logs to see what pages readers look at. All it tells me is their city and IP address and the OS they use and nonsense like that. Sometimes I browse through and try to imagine who they are. Thats why bloggers like comments so much: you get to meet the people who read your site.

Tonight I saw something alarming. Someone in San Salvador, El Salvador spent 4 hours straight reading Misanthropy Today.

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4 hours straight. Unreal.

Who are you?

This is the only way I can contact this reader, so please indulge me.

Are you the El Salvadorean version of me?

Are you a hot salvadoran babe with great taste?

(highly unlikely)

Please contact me via comments.


Someone claiming to be a woman living in Los Angeles contacted via my About page yesterday and said that I should be President, that she was in love with me via my blog, claimed to be a “sexy dark-haired exotic chick” and that she would like to go out on a date with me. I’ll keep you posted as this develops.

Not That Related But Interesting:

I found this old Mcrib Post where around this same time last year I started wondering if the Mcrib would come back. Read the comments from all the Ribheads, telling their stories and memories of mcribs. I was cracking up reading them.

If you read this site often, please post a myspace link in the comments or a pic or something.

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