Why Are Most Feminists* Ugly?

By Dan Y.

I started thinking about this the other day after watching a video on youtube where these two girls argued over whether or not beauty pageants are sexist and degrading to women. The two girls were students at The London School of Economics. One was a law student who had participated in the school’s beauty pageant and was, not surprisingly, pretty hot. The other was an undergraduate student and a member of the school’s feminist society. As you can probably guess, she wasn’t very attractive.

The feminist’s main point, probably recited verbatim from some textbook that she had read in one of her Feminist Theory courses, was that these pageants are bad because they encourage women to conform to a Western idea of beauty that is degrading and unrealistic. I think my favorite part of the video was when she tried to prove that these pageants had a bias for a “Western” idea of beauty by pointing out that there were no Muslims in the pageant. The other girl, who had participated in the pageant, interjected and explained that she was, in fact, Muslim. Hot Beauty Pageant Contestant:1 Whiny Feminist:0 You can watch the video here but it’s kind of long and boring:

I have two important things to note before I explain why most feminists are ugly.

1. You might have noticed the asterisk next to the word Feminist in the title. That wasn’t a typo. There are many different types of feminists and it is important to make distinctions when talking about them. In my argument, the word feminist will be used to describe feminists that try to make men and women feel guilty for having certain aesthetic preferences. They tell women who put effort into looking attractive that they are degrading themselves by conforming to a certain idea of beauty. They tell men that they are pigs for preferring a beauty pageant contestant to, say, a frumpy, bitter Women’s Studies major. My argument does not include feminists who are solely concerned with attaining equal rights to men; I don’t have any problem with them.

2. The logic behind feminists’ motivations for the behavior noted above can be best understood by reading “We Are the Sum of Our Parts,” written by Andy Fox.

I will try to paraphrase his post as well as I can. He does a much better job, though.

We all judge other people around us; we assign scores to the different qualities that we value for each person we know, usually subconsciously. We then value a person based on the sum of all of the values we assign to their qualities. For example, if we see a couple where one partner is significantly more attractive than the other, we assume that the less attractive one must possess other qualities that the more attractive one doesn’t. If they didn’t, their scores wouldn’t “add up” to equal each other. We’ve all thought this before, it’s ok; don’t feel superficial or judgmental, we all do it.

Many of us like to think that other people don’t use this cumulative approach when valuing us despite the fact that we do it to other people. Remember in grade school when your teacher told you how we are all unique and individual, probably using some stupid cliché about how no two snowflakes are alike? No one uses that philosophy when they decide how much they like someone. Sure, no two snowflakes are alike; some are way better than others.

So I’ve described how we generally try to be as objective as possible in valuing other people based on the sum of their qualities and made a claim that most women who try to guilt us out of using looks as a criterion for judgment tend to not be very attractive. It makes sense that someone lacking in a certain perceived quality would want to dissuade others from assigning value to that quality, and would want those who possessed that quality to be humble and not flaunt it. It also seems extremely self-centered and petty to try to convince others to think and feel a certain way just so we can marginalize our lesser qualities. Feminists’ cries of outrage at man’s obsession with physical beauty are not altruistic. They are not upset that women are degrading themselves; rather, they are upset that other women are benefitting from a quality that they don’t and probably never will possess. Their own perceived value relative to better-looking women will inevitably increase if looks are dismissed as unimportant.

The idea that it is immoral and perverse to judge a woman (or man) based at least partially on their looks has been created and perpetuated by these feminists. Striving to guilt people out of valuing something just so that you can benefit requires a combination of selfishness, didacticism, and moral self-righteousness that few possess. Have you ever been made to feel guilty about judging someone based on their intelligence, personality, taste or other quality? The reason why you probably haven’t is because no other group of people has (to my knowledge) ever tried so hard to stop people from acting on their preferences. Sure, many beauty pageant contestants might be shallow, self-centered and vapid. But have any of them ever tried to make you feel guilty about valuing another person based on some quality that they don’t possess? Probably not.

An even better question: Have any men seriously attempted to criticize other, better-looking men for benefiting from their looks or blame society in general for valuing an unrealistic idea of beauty? Maybe, but not in the same numbers and with the same enthusiasm as seen from women. Generally, us men don’t try to project our shortcomings on other people and try to blame society for creating standards that we can’t meet. For example, last year there was a movie about a whiny vampire that spent the majority of the two hours in the film talking about his feelings. The film is currently in third place for the largest box office opening weekend IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMA. One of the big reasons for it’s success is that the guy playing the vampire in the film is very attractive, and spends the majority of the film with his shirt off (I haven’t actually seen the movie, I’m making assumptions here). Were there any men complaining about the movie for objectifying the poor actor, degrading men everywhere, and setting an unrealistic expectation for beauty? I will never be as good-looking as that guy, and I’m okay with that. I guess some women are just more prone to developing inferiority complexes, at least when it comes to looks.

In conclusion, don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty about thinking that someone is attractive. We are all judgmental; if it is okay to judge someone based on their intelligence, personality, charm, etc., then why is it not okay to judge someone because of how they look? Feminists have been largely successful in making us hesitant to do this. Now that their ulterior motives have been revealed and their claims of altruism debunked, I think it’s high time we stopped worrying about what people will think of us for being judgmental and superficial. If you haven’t bothered to actually read any of this but are infuriated by the title, please don’t leave a comment.

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49 Comments on “Why Are Most Feminists* Ugly?
  1. like someone said on the original post of this, the problem is that their complex is cooked into their beliefs. They have to be able to recognize ugliness and beauty in order to call foul. They themselves are apart of the problem of pointing it out.

    On the other hand, I wish feminists worked harder to keep women the fuck out of men’s hobbies and activities. Sure its cool to see chicks at a sports bar but most of them are there annoying their boyfriends pretending to root for a team they dont give a shit about.

    Find your own hobbies and interests, women.

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  3. it’s all about breeding rights…
    females must maintain fuckability with all potential males… and if someone has to go down to narrow the competition… they’re going down

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    • Good point. Probably why hags are always talking about how dumb and vapid hot babes are. I mean, most of them are but when some hag keeps talking about it it just makes me think of what a hag she is and how she has pieces of oreo cookies projecting out of her hag mouth while she speaks.

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        • Lies and bad language….true…The U.S. helps to liberate the Iraqi woman…who has never had the vote or the right to not wear a burka and not one frickin’ positive word from the “libs” here in the U.S…..think of all the bras that can be burnt…Are they (libs)really interested in freedom for people who are female….They would shoot you and burn your house down in America to free their sista’s…but Iraq….fuck them …huh….guess because THEY ain’t American…their personal freedoms don’t matter

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  4. “Sure, many beauty pageant contestants might be shallow, self-centered and vapid. But have any of them ever tried to make you feel guilty about valuing another person based on some quality that they don’t possess? Probably not.”

    Oh, puh-lez. Those pretty but vain, shallow self-centered people comes in BOTH sexes, not just women. And none of them TRY to make you feel guilty, because they don’t have enough brains to do so. All their concentration is on, “me, me, ME!”

    Having said that, “pretty people” are the ones that, biologically, will win the race to pass on their genes. That’s the basic definition of an organism — something that reproduces. BUT then no apparent reason presents itself to trash less beautiful people — THAT is part of the “social construct”. If you were a sentient (conscience) animal and were less likely to be seen as mate material, wouldn’t you try to do something about it? (and I don’t mean plastic surgery) Turns out tho that there is usually somebody for everyone.

    One more thing: I will say that having been one of the beautiful woman, it’s been hella hard getting older. The prettier you are when younger, the more it sucks. One day, you are suddenly invisible and that hurts. So I can imagine it hurts all the way thru life for those who aren’t as lovely.

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  6. Exactly my thoughts. This is a great blog for sure – at least because it meets my criteria ;-)

    Seriously though: When women accuse me of being superficial because I openly admit that looks make up 50% of a woman for me, I simply reply with the truth: Namely that we cannot exist in this world solely with our MINDS and IDEAS. We friggin’ need our BODIES for doing work, eating, walking, and generally being healthy and supporting that altruistic MIND.
    So, you need your body JUST AS WELL AS you need your mind. Both are equally important.

    And that probably distorts my way of judging the beauty of a woman a bit: I don’t judge their bodies by “clichee” qualities (B00BZ), but by overall level of fitness and “healthiness”. I also prefer slightly athletic women. Go figure :)

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  7. Maybe I am self-centred, shallow and slightly wierd but I like my women hot. By hot of course I mean physically attractive but theres nothing better than a girl who will sit down with you drink a quarter of jack with you and smoke a fatty then talk about all sorts of shit. I like my women confident too, If she isn’t afraid to get what she wants, then thats sexy. I prefer my women to be forward. An anarchistic streak and blatant disregard for authority also makes them attractive to me.
    Is it me or do girls that fall into the rock chich category have more of these traits than ‘normal’ blonde-barbie robot army types. I also like her to be intelligent and if she knows how to be a bitch and do it well I’ll probably be attracted to her. I like my women strong, confident and adventurous. There are not enough of them like this. A better example is I want a girl who will drag me into the bedroom before I get a chance to do it to her. I remember this one girl I know. She listens mainly to rock, loves drinking (especially beer), wasn’t to good to smoke some weed with me, watched porn, could fix a car and even liked girls. She was smart too, almost too perfect. My friend got her anyways so I’m left with bitterness on the rocks with an extra slice of lemon.
    On the whole ugly feminist thing. What makes me sick about this issue is that if they weren’t fugly as hell they wouldn’t be feminists, they’d be exactly what they claim to hate but secretly desire to be. Its an inferiority complex of sorts. People are so hypocritical, feminists are some of the worst. Their entire theory is bullshit to make up for their own percieved inadequacy fortified by peoples own perceptions of the individuals in question.
    I dare some aMANda to prove me wrong, just because men don’t want to do you doesn’t mean you should hate them. Everybody hates rejection but feminists are an extreme of this.

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  8. Not enough women are real and honest these days. I mean do I have to buy you chocolate and take you out just to get a honest opinion. I still say women should be more forward about what they want.

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  9. “I guess some women are just more prone to developing inferiority complexes, at least when it comes to looks.”

    That is very true, due to society’s treatment of women. An example for me, is even a gorgeous beautiful woman will get airbrushed in a playboy or Victoria secret catalog. I’ve been enjoying the better side of being an attractive person, with a nice body and a pretty face, and I just really do not understand why they get airbrushed. Think of the most beautiful, hot, sexy woman you can, and chances are, especially if she is famous, she has had an eating disorder of some type.

    For me, if I see an attractive guy-I will look, and judge…but the second he opens his mouth and complete bullshit comes spewing out, he becomes significantly less attractive to me. I don’t see any men view women this way…but perhaps thats just one of the reasons blow jobs are so popular (besides feeling good)

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    • “That is very true, due to society’s treatment of women”
      I think this is one of the worst driving attitudes of feminism; women’s problems are all part of how society treats them. I think they women naturally have larger, more fragile egos that are more centered around their looks than are mens’. This is not due to society treating them unfairly, its just how women are. Any flaw in men is blamed on them “being men” whereas womens problems all have to reflect some injustice within society. Get over it.

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  10. Yeah I like the title of the video “Cute Asian Babe vs Ugly Feminist”. The feminist woman wasn’t at all that ugly to be honest, not all feminist women out there are ugly anyways and I’m a girl and I can’t stand feminist women and its stupid about talking about beauty pageants anyways, who cares.

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  11. SO TRUE, and I’m a girl, but I despise feminists – I WOULD LOVE to kick back and let men rule the world. Feminists are missing the point, probably because they are ugly, and can’t get a guy; therefore, they don’t want men to be in control. RHA-TARDS!

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  12. Feminism is, was and always will be just ugly girls getting back at everyone. Feminism ruined an entire generation of American women with this crap and it’s not getting better any time soon.

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  13. A thought out and reasoned explanation of some facts everyone already knew (even the feminists, though they wouldn’t admit it to themselves).

    The 2nd-to-last paragraph’s some bullshit. The recognition of the evil in trying to condemn other people’s values out of covetousness is Any Randian. Such motives are the basis of most laws and men possess them. Consider anti-monopoly laws and the plethora of bullshit business laws that hinder competition lest anyone succeed too much.

    Similarly, consider the vast array of government expenditures that present paying for worthlessness a virtue. It’d be wrong to let people who sold a valued product be rich; take their earnings and give it to some folks too lazy to work. But really, even those false morals are a shield for the politicians real intention which’s theft. Operating on such a large and public scale (even if the state denied a tax’s existence folks would notice they’re being robbed and word would spread) politicians tend to play it safe and offer some bullshit excuse for their robbery.

    The reason looks are protested so much by women is it’s where they derive most of their value.

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  14. I think you’re right. I also think you’re missing a couple key points.

    Of course we judge people on beauty, and no one should feel guilty about it. I like physical beauty in men and women, and I’m only hooking up with a guy if I think he’s hot (although like most women, I probably have a broader definition of hot than most guys).
    And yeah, ugly girls tend to get bitter and defensive, and yeah, some of them are lobbying to devalue a character they fall short on.

    Here’s the thing though. It isn’t just that beauty matters to guys who want to get in your pants (or not). It’s that it matters so freaking much pretty much all the time in every situation. Here’s a random example:

    I had a colleague, we’ll call her X. X was really hot – a perfect blonde ten. We’re working in an academic environment where the emphasis is on intellectual capacity. My colleague X is, in addition to being really hot, also really smart. But people have trouble believing this. Also, as the environment is mostly male dominated, no one can actually listen to anything she says to recognize that she’s really smart because they are mesmerized by her hotness and scheming to get in her pants. X dies her hair brown, wears bulky sweaters, X gets a pair of clear-glass glasses. Unfortunately, her hotness can not be disguised.
    My point is that this is a talented researcher who gets overlooked and underutilized because the men can’t notice anything except that she’s hot. It’s kind of the opposite of what you hear about in corporate settings (where the beautiful get promoted more) but still just as totally fucked up.

    It isn’t just about ugly chicks not getting dates. It’s about ugly and hot women being judged on looks *even in situations when beauty is not the appropriate criteria.* Call me or don’t based on how hot you think I am, but don’t decide you’re going to give me a raise because you think it’s going to get you laid. Maybe that fat chick in the office would be better at the job.

    So go ahead and rail against womens studies majors who want to make men feel bad for having eyes, but cop to the fact that sometimes men think with their cocks when they really shouldn’t, and yes, this annoys the fuck out of all women, ugly, hot and otherwise. Don’t be guilty of constructing a straw man argument.

    And some guy up there said this:
    “I think they women naturally have larger, more fragile egos that are more centered around their looks than are mens’. This is not due to society treating them unfairly, its just how women are. Any flaw in men is blamed on them “being men” whereas womens problems all have to reflect some injustice within society.”

    Again, there’s a little truth and a little bullshit in there. Men take a lot of shit, and I have real sympathy for that. But you just can’t pretend women and men are treated the same by the media. Look, when was the last time you saw some dude’s nutsack trussed up in speedo, pressed up against the hood of the new Ford truck? When was the last time you saw a dude’s nutsack trussed up in a white speedo in a steamy shower scene to sell shampoo? What’s that you say? Never? that’s right MF, never. Tits are used to sell everything on planet earth. Hot, preferably naked women drive the global economy. It isn’t your meat spread out on the buffet all day, every day, every where, all the time. It’s ours.

    So I would say, yeah, an environment like that can make women pretty neurotic about how they look.

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    • Really great post here, sorry I took half a year to see/respond to it. I agree with everything you brought up except for suggesting I made a straw man argument. I’m sure that many women lose out on career opportunities because their bosses (both men and women) make assumptions about them based on their appearance.

      But I wrote more about feminists trying to create the perception that it is bad IN GENERAL to have aesthetic preferences. Of course these preferences could be used unfairly to make decisions, but people can use judgments about anything to unfairly write you off. The fact that looks can be used to make unfair judgments about people in no way invalidates what I was trying to point out.

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  15. I have a friend who constantly complains that men are shallow and wouldn’t give her the time of day even though she’s a “great person.” Great, as in really nice, and (by my reckoning) great, as is really really big.

    The hypocritical part of it all is she insists on going after unquestionably attractive men, those GQ-bait hotties that every objectifying woman wants between their sheets. She bitches that they don’t find her attractive and spurn her advances.

    If she didn’t buy into the whole culturally-defined precept of beauty, she’d be going after the fatties and slobbish instead. So, she’s just as much a part of the problem that she vehemently bitches about.

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  17. I agreed with this article until one part: “Generally, us men don’t try to project our shortcomings on other people and try to blame society for creating standards that we can’t meet.” Maybe men don’t compete in looks, but they do with wealth and power. That’s why you see the bartender sneering at the woman with the CEO, calling her a “golddigger” as an automatic reaction.

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  18. Oh dear,

    Being a feminist has nothing to do with looks, feminists are as diverse as women are. Sure you might have met a few ‘ugly’ feminists – maybe they are just women who really don’t care about your unrealistic beauty ideal. I know some seriously hot feminists, and they’re even sexier because they are being sexy for themselves, they are confident, self assured and beautiful. You hate on the women’s studies major, but darling, you seem to be the one most in need of a few women’s studies courses. if you think a beauty contest is liberation, then you need to be shaken, seriously. Sure, everyone is going to be attracted to different people depending on what they are into, that’s totally fine, but the problem is when society tells you that only ONE type of woman is attractive that it becomes problematic. You don’t have to feel guilty about thinking a beauty pageant girl is a babe, but you have to challenge whether she is doing it for herself. If it’s for herself, fine, if it’s for male attraction, gross.

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  19. Feminists are generally unattractive because they can’t play “the game”. You know, “the game”. They know their efforts are futile and all the work to find some 7/10 guy isn’t worth it for them. They don’t got the goods, and they are sour about it.

    I, personally, don’t blame them. Life isn’t fucking fair, and who said it couldn’t be?

    Yeah, lets all be like our fucking grand parents and “suck it up”, look how fucking bitter and pathetic they turned out to be… real fucking winners.

    That shit doesn’t work for me… why the fuck live if you get screwed from the get go? Why have to endure that kind of suffering? So you can live a life making minimum wage, with an unattractive female who ends up picking up a nasty drug habit or worse… While fucking Miss big tits blondie here sucks her husband’s dick while they sail on the yacht he got by fucking someone over.

    yeah… lets talk about fair… life isn’t fair, but only because fucking selfish pieces of shit control everything. Only because bitches get born with tits bigger then GOD and they end up in a 10 million dollar home out in LA somewhere. Fucking bullshit.

    I don’t have a problem with femi’s, that’s their deal. I just wish they’d take off their damn strap ons before preaching.

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  20. First of all, good post. I was worried that you were going to turn out to be a typical “men’s rights” a-hole that thinks that laws against rape and domestic violence as well as laws keeping abortion legal are all somehow against men’s “rights.” Kudos to you for not being a sick, violent a-hole.

    In the post you put forth the question, “Have any men seriously attempted to criticize other, better-looking men for benefiting from their looks or blame society in general for valuing an unrealistic idea of beauty?”

    Perhaps men have not criticized other men for having good looks. However, men have criticized *women* for valuing men’s looks, claiming these women are shallow and/or materialistic.

    Even pop psychology continues to reiterate the crap theory that women are not visually stimulated. Everyone, including plain or ugly men, still harps and insists that good-looking men do nothing to turn women on. This is, simply put, a lie.

    Of course women find handsome men to be a turn-on. Unfortunately, men and other women bully that appreciation of aesthetics out of women before they grow out of their teens.

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  22. Hello I’m your stereotypical ugly/plain feminist. I’m not sure if I’m a feminist I don’t know a thing about it but I’m bothered in video games when the girl has to be rescued. Or when the girl is not the hero and centerfold of the story like Arcadia does that make me a feminist?

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    • I’m a feminist cuz my labias are hairy & i’m fat & i’m a truck driver. whatofit? obese diabetics needs love too.

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  24. I think you have some very interesting thoughts, although(and I may sound like a hypocrite to some people, but whatever), I disagree on certain points.

    I wish there wherent so much debate around this issue, but I think I have a clue as to why some feminists are up in arms over this:

    First, it seems to me that pressure on physical appearance is far more directed at women than they are at men. If you look at a womens magazine, we will discover that physical appearance is very much directed at their readers.

    If we look at mens magazines, we will see that beaty and physical appearance is not directed at their readers, yeat projection of women is extremely centered on how attractive they are.
    At the same time, look in the media, etc. Both men and women are frequently projected in a sexual way, yet, it seems that women are far more so projected in such manner.

    Im not implying that men arent projected in such a way, which to me is equally bad, I just wished that the media would not have such a narrow representation of people(especially women) in the media.

    This is just my pure observation on why I believe feminists are angry at beaty pagents.

    I agree, though, that we are all superficial at one point.

    But I sometimes get a little tired of just how superficial some people can be. Like the bullies I used to deal with in school.

    I also agree that first impression is always important. That doesnt mean you have to look like Megan Fox.

    Very articulate post, though.

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  28. most feminists are of the hard-boiled kind who actually have been jilted and are suffering from male hatred. then there are those who are lesbians at heart or simply plain promiscuous. if you were to pay attention to the changes these feminists have wrought or wreaked on society you can see that they are not all good. what about destroying the sanctity and stability of the family for instance. or the break up of the relations between the sexes so that rape and harrassment become the order of the day. hey, don’t get me wrong. i am all in favor of human and woman rights but as far as values go what is the use in their destruction. is nihilism the only solution. no, nihilism is not a solution rather it is a problem and a trap. no wonder many islamic females are ten times more satisfied than their western counterparts. they have the security of the home and hold great pride in the fact that they bring up morally upright citizens (their children). and besides when you do evil deeds you will become ugly indeed. most feminists are loud mouthed and obnoxious so they become ugly with the passage of time. a beautiful woman need not display such extremes of behavioral excess since she is already valued by society so she retains her beauty both inner and outer. women are meant to be loved and not understood. when you start to give women too much freedom you automatically convert them into prostitutes and temptresses. or even worse witches.

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  29. This article and others like this r stupid.
    Men have been against feminism, suffragettes and women’s right since the BEGINNING.
    Feminism came into the world because women wanted the right to vote, work and own propert and to just be treated like a human being.
    So how is it that feminism hates men wen feminism wasn’t based on misandry?
    Simple answer is MEN started the war against the ugly fat bitches that THEY HATE and those women retaliated.
    As an ugly fat woman myself I could care less if men don’t like me. I don’t like u bitches either.
    In my dialogue I will be using UG for “ugly girl” or “bitch” as men say and Man.
    UG: hey
    Man: (is silent)
    UG: can u help me with this heavy box please?
    Man: I’m busy.
    Now with a Hot Babe.
    HB: hi
    Man: helloooo Lady. How r u? Y r u carrying that heavy box? Let me help u.

    Any man would get upset if a hot woman gave any man the time of day and men almost always blame women for it but wen men ignore ugly fat bitches men almost always women.
    Just remember ppl…..MEN HAVE ALWAYS HATED FEMINISM and it had NOTHING to do with feminism hating men.
    I’m not saying that feminists arent ugly because most of them probably r if only they admit it so men can shut the fuck up already. If u don’t like feminists then y do u care if they don’t like men? If men don’t like ugly women then y do men care if they don’t like men? Shut the fuck.

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  30. My dialogue on y ugly women r bitter
    Ugly girl and man r in class together
    UG: can u help me with this problem?
    Man: just do this, this and that.
    Now with a hot babe
    HB: can u help me with this math problem?
    Man: of course. *has a smile*. Multiply the 2, carry the 3 and there’s ur answer. Anything else? Here, let me just do it for u
    Any one would get mad if u asked for help and got a short, unhelpful answer.
    Men in general don’t like ugly or fat girls. They like hot women. One of the problems is MEN have no sympathy. There’s nothing wrong with not liking ugly women. The problem comes wen u treat them like dirt. Wen u don’t help because they’re ugly. Wen u choose to hit them becauswomen to u. Wat I meant to say is is that they’re not women to u so u hit them. It happens all the time. An ugly bitch hits u u hit her back….but a pretty feminine woman hits u and u night not hit her back.
    It’s all about respect and that’s wat every woman wants but only pretty women get it and ugly fatties get shited on. Y should women dress a certain way to get respect from men or even positive attention? We shouldn’t but since men r naturally discrimintive women just have to deal with it.
    Just like that man that went into an all women’s gym and shot and killed some of the women because he couldn’t get a woman (a hot one of course)…men were quick to blame women but a woman cant get a man will also get blamed.
    Jet remember men……we did not start this. MEN DID

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